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Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium

4751 Main St,
Jupiter, FL 33458

… more pix & videos on Google Maps, TA

We’re here for the Mets vs Marlins game on March 20, 2024. We were here last year to visit but didn’t attend a game.

It’s the spring training camp for the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, with 6,871 seats. This arena looks and feels slightly different from Mets’ training ground at Clover Park @ Port St. Lucie: compact and in the center of the town, Jupiter, where Tiger Woods and many other golfers live or lived.

Although it’s only a few steps away from the garage to the stadium, but they provide buggies to ferry us around. Bathroom doesn’t seem to have air conditioning. But I like this small scale events better than the full blown ones. Intimate and closer to the action.

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Mets beat Marlins 6-3

Mets beat Marlins 6-3 @ Cardinals Roger Dean stadium in Jupiter.

They scored first, ends up with 2 runs in the 2nd inning.

Marlins is pretty busy to have summit meetings (on the mount). Mets has its summit meeting after the rookie pitcher gave up 8 balls, which resulted in two walks.

We left the game at top of 8th inning and finished watching it on tv at Coolinary.

… and the national anthem


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Nassau County bars transgender athletes

New York Times: Transgender participation in women’s sports has been restricted in 24 states. Now, by executive order, it has been banned at more than 100 facilities in Nassau County, on Long Island.

Bruce Blakeman, the Nassau County executive and a Republican, signed an executive order barring girls’ and women’s teams that include transgender athletes from using county facilities. It was the latest effort in a nationwide push to limit transgender athletes from competing.

The order, which did not require the approval of the County Legislature, took effect immediately. It was not immediately clear whether Blakeman’s action was legal under the state’s human rights law.

His office said the ban would affect thousands of teams across all levels. Last year, the Big East Conference, which has 11 member universities, held its swimming championship in Nassau County. The Big East did not respond to a request for comment on the ban.

The reaction was immediate. Bobby Hodgson, the director of L.G.B.T.Q. Rights Litigation at the New York chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement that Blakeman’s order was illegal and that the organization would “consider all options to stop it.”

Jami Taylor, a political science professor at the University of Toledo and an expert on L.G.B.T. politics, told my colleague Claire Fahy that Blakeman had ignored both state law and a Supreme Court ruling, a 1977 case that allowed Renée Richards (1934-) to compete in the women’s draw at the U.S. Open. Richards, now 89, was one of the first openly transgender athletes in professional sports.

Assemblywoman Gina Sillitti, a Democrat who represents parts of Nassau County, said that Blakeman had issued the order to score political points. Blakeman was elected in 2021 after campaigning against mask mandates, which had angered some suburban parents and businesses during the pandemic. He also focused on crime and bail reform.

Blakeman, who signed the order at a news conference, referred to transgender girls who competed on women’s teams outside New York, saying that he wanted to “get ahead of the curve here in Nassau County.” The order does not restrict transgender boys and men from competing on boys’ and men’s teams.

When he was asked how many transgender athletes compete in Nassau County, he said he did not know. He also said, without citing a source, that fewer than 1 percent of the county’s residents identify as transgender and that he was not sure how many, if any, competed at county facilities.

Juli Grey-Owens, the executive director of Gender Equality New York, a group that took part in a protest outside the building where Blakeman’s news conference took place, said there were about 17,000 transgender people in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, which have a combined population of about 2.9 million.

She said the question was how many transgender athletes were even involved in local women’s and girls’ sports.

“Every time that question is asked, they come back with no answer,” she said, referring to proponents of bans like Blakeman’s, “because they have a solution looking for a problem.”

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Ayrton Senna, 1960-94


Brazilian F-1 driver Ayrton Senna da Silva (1960-94) was a respected driver whom we followed for a while. His statue at Copacabana Beach is the first thing we visit once in Rio de Janeiro.

… more pix n videos on Google Maps, TA


He won the F-1 World Drivers’ Championship in 1988, 1990, and 1991. Michael Schumacher (1969-) won 7: 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. Senna’s death certainly made Schumacher’s win that much easier. Unfortunately, he died young, on the race track in Bologna, Italy, of skull fractures, brain injuries, and a ruptured temporal artery. Italian Air Force offered to fly his coffin home but his family chose the home airline. He received a state funeral. (Gisele Bündchen catwalked at 2016 Rio Olympic … it seems Brazil lacks talent, oh well.)

One item on top of our agenda in Rio de Janeiro is to visit his statue on the sidewalk to Copacabana Beach; facing the Copacabana Palace, reportedly the best hotel in town. It’s a live size, he stands on top of the podium that he had stood for more than 40 times in his short career. His left hand is holding a Brazilian flag.

His figure is slim, compare to his fellows we see in 2024. The inscription reads “O medo me fascina”, which Google translates to fear fascinates me.


the evening photo was taken at 7:52pm on Feb 12. Unlike the pristine condition in the morning, empty bottles are everywhere.


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CABJ @ La Bombonera

Brandsen 805
C1161, Buenos Aires

Club Atlético Boca Juniors is their top pro soccer club, founded in 1905. It’s based in La Boca, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. La Bombonera (chocolate box) is the name of the stadium which was built in 1938-40. It has a museum and used as event venue: Elton John and James Blunt had performed there. CABJ plays at their new home

… more pix & video on Google Maps

We went there twice, happened to be in the neighborhood. The narrow street Brandsen @ Dr. del Valle Iberlucea is filled with fans and shops that rent the trophy, sell memorabilia or trinkets.

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To the driving range

Ok, golf – I’m continuing it, as of now, using borrowed club -:). This is the first driving range outing after the group lesson, which I feel was waste of time and money.

Watching the video, I think I need to rotate my shoulder more …

* first time to see YouTube video has red squiggly line to the lower right and they’re not listed on Channel content.

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Golf … the first time

My first lesson with a pro, at Ace. It’s an hour long session, with five players in the group. The pro did little other than showing us how to swing. When my friend asked him about another how to, he replied, “for that, you’ll have to take a private lesson when I have more time.” But he has plenty time, that he checked his phone often…

Looking at this drive video, one take away is to keep your left arm straight.

I don’t have my own set, have to borrow his. Looking at numerous clubs, I’m  lost. Actually, there are perhaps only three that being used often according to this 2023.12.01 post:

  1. Putter at 53%
  2. Wedges at 19%
  3. Driver at 17%
  4. Iron 4%
  5. The rest 7%

… so why do weekend hackers buy so many?

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Ray’s playoffs

Tampa Bay Rays’ first of three AL wild card game is pretty boring: they’ve 4 errors and scored no run. Texas Rangers scored 4 runs. They’ll play at the same time – 3pm on the next two days for game #2 and #3.

… a few more pix on X

To combat boredom, we ate a lot and drank a lot -:) … I even took a nap, in the stadium that is half filled.


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Rays @ Tropicana Field

My first Rays’ game.

The stadium @ 1 Tropicana Dr., St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Bay Area means SF or Tampa? 😂 The battle of the Bays

The stadium: it looks old, feels old and it is old. The name shows the age … nowadays, the sport arenas use the names, like Bill Games and Steve Jobs, -:) you get the picture. I wonder if the Field is ever used for circus, which I think is pretty appropriate.

The national anthem is so so

Ok, to the game. It’s an exciting game, Rays won 12-4. The 8th inning is something to remember for: they scored 9 runs, of which is the grand slam home run by the rookie Osleivis Basabe (2000-, Venezuela), who made ML debut early this month, August 13, to be exact. By now he has 8 rbi.

Below is what I wrote on my FB during the first innings …

Everyone loves Raymond

Parking lot directors: I asked them if I could bring my bottle of water in. They said only sealed bottles. And followed up with “if you’ve beer 🍻 you can leave them with me.” Little Irene “beer? I’ve whole bottle of grey goose.” I lied but they said they love me.

Seeing the fans in purple, I asked the gate checkers why don’t you direct them to another ball park? They so love me 😂

Ticket agents. As my better half busy conducting his transaction. Little Irene saw a couple of guys walked over who looked like have no clue. I told them “if you’re Rays fan, the tickets are free …” The agent was so not happy, kept saying, “look at me who wears uniform … trust me …” Guess it’s politically incorrect to say don’t trust woman … shouting match ensured 😝 ha ha ha

⚾️ what ⚾️? It’s only the end of the third inning 😂 long way to go 😭 the night is so young

@ 7:29 Rays ties the game at 2:2

Social Roost is really, will return.

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Miami Vice, 2023

Four sport events in a week, in and around Miami:

  1. World Baseball Classic: US lost the final
  2. Miami Open day 1
  3. Ice hockey Toronto Leafs vs Panthers: 6-2
  4. Mets’ training day: 4-4, a tie

Tampa has a few pro teams that are winning:

  • Buccaneers: 2 Super Bowls, 2002 and 2020 with the aging QB Tom Brady
  • Lightning: 3 Stanley Cups, 2003/4, 1019/20 and 2020/1
  • Rays (AL): pennants in 2008 and 2020

I think the best way to rise a city’s profile, is to have a winning pro team, imho.

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