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So Putin

I saw this video as soon as I opened YouTube. I didn’t see this match – odd hours from the down under. So I watched. The quality of the video is excellent. However, it’s in Russian and … as if Maria was dominating.

Just whom do you think you’re kidding?

Serena beat the screaming sugar 18 times in a row. And you don’t show the winners Serena hit one after another? So Putin.

US isn’t perfect but they are the most fair. I’ve never heard one sided comments from the American sport casters. I still remember one tourney I watched in Frankfurt. The English commentator would be silent when Pete Sampras made a great shot, which were often during that match.


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Pond hockey Festival

The winter ice hockey take it out doors and into the river or lake. This is at the 1000 Islands in upstate New York at Clayton, NY.

image image image image image image

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US Open and Citi Field: blue skies and white snow

The NTC and Mets under the snow.

image image image image image image

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The hockey nomad goes to Russia

This documentary about a Canadian musician and fan of ice hockey (Dave Bidini)  who went to search for some action in Russia is pretty good, 52 min long YouTube. It’s made in 2005. The little cute blond boy who lost his brother, in the interview is Evgeny KUZNETSOV, the Washington Capitals’ forward now. His view of How We Play Hockey in Russia, written Dec 28, 2015.

Tales From Abroad: Russia by Ryan Whitney, a retired pro, on Jan 11, 2016, told his short tenure in Russia. “NHL is heaven.” oh my.

And the ice hockey stickers on the car windows.

IMG_0899 IMG_0898

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The Chinese pair advanced

They’ve similar physique and played a closely contested match. The Chinese team led 5-3 in the second set but lost at 5-7. Their outfits are nice. Two women’s doubles team – One pair has something on their back and the other front. Good match to watch @ Australian Open 2016

image image image image image image

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Zhang Shuai won, after 14 tries

She never won a grand slam in her 14 attempts (here US Open in 2009) and was thinking of retirement, hence invited her parents to the party. As it turns out, she keeps on winning. Now into the quarter after beating Keys who’s injured.  Two girls wore the same outfit.

image image image image image image

This year’s Aussie Open is the reddest I’ve seen so far. Maybe the Australians love red, down under.


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A double header @ Equinox

At a little past 9am, I quit the class and went to shower. I thought at that odd hour (no class ends at 9) the showers should be wide open but they weren’t, except the last two (on either side), with weak water pressure. I decided to wait. – she did it again in November.

There are seven showers at the club. Five on one side with extra space by the door and two mini stalls on the opposite side. The glass doors clear enough too see the silhouette when the bather stands closer.

I waited for about a minute and felt the No 2 shower was empty. So I knocked on the door. Twice. When I pulled it open, saw five towels on the white stool.

By the way, it irate me when I see people using so many towels. What on earth do one needs five towels for?

By the way 2, compare to when I first joined a little over three years ago, the shower water pressure were much stronger.

imageI put the towels back to the table and went in to shower. Hung my gym shirt on the door knob (inside), on top of the white towel (see the pix –>>). When I was almost done, someone opened the door.

“Oh, ” she said.

I was startled. The last time someone opened my shower door, at least, she knocked.

“Where’s my towels?” she asked.

I felt my blood was curdling.

How rude could she be?

I went to the manager, told him of her intrude and weakening water pressure. He called in a guy who’s in charge of maintenance. They both concluded that her conduct was unacceptable and they would talk to her. Mr. Manager said to Mr. Maintenance to go up with me.

I was dismissed and feeling terrible to be shown the door this way.

Just, what could and would a man do in the female locker room?? And I don’t believe the club doesn’t know the water pressure. My neighbors never shy away from voicing their minds.


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Christopher Morley park tennis

image500 Searingtown Road
Roslyn, NY 11576
(516) 214-1900

It’s kind of new, started in 2014 or so. Five har tru and five hard courts. The two buildings are not connected. The office and bathrooms are in the har tur building.

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I need a rest

Walking up to the second floor at the gym Equinox, this gentleman caught my eye. He’s sleeping comfortably and securely on a machine that usually makes us sweat. Having a sweet dream? Rest assure.


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Lost, again

Good lord I just can’t win, losing 4 and 4 as a sub. Artie broke his #8 and #9 ribs on the left three weeks ago and he’s back playing. His doc suggested six weeks of rest.

Court #6 has extra lines which are off putting. It offer video analyzing for $20 per session, I think? Cameras are mounted around the court.

Off the GCP at exit 9 (west bound), it looks like USTA is building another small stadium.

image image image image image image

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