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Pool at Sofitel

The swimming pool at Sofitel is bit small and can certainly use some cleaning. The moldy tiles or the grout is pretty disgusting.

There is a full time staff watching over the gym, sauna room, and the pool. They/he bring drinks to the pool side.

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Gabriela Sabatini played here

Sabatini (1970-; 1985-96; $8,785,850) was born in Buenos Aires. She played two finals, won US Open in 1990, and lost Wimbledon (1991), both against Steffi Graf. Her highest ranking was #3, reached 1989.

On the bus tour we saw two red clay tennis camps. She lost 5 French Open doubles SF (1985, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992) and 3 final (1986, 1987, 1989) at Paris’ Roland Garros.

The youngsters play well

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6-1 w/ Golfer

I’m a little deflated on getting rid of my waiter’s tray when serving. I know all the theory and tried to do the right thing. BUT unable!

Tell me, why do I want to get rid of the waiter’s tray?

The iffy weather ruined our regular lineup. I ended up practiced for an hour then played doubles with Golfer, vs Matt and Sally. We won 6-1 without a double – the third time in a row. But I’m not too happy. I’d rather lose, with doubles but with correctly motion!

In the video, I’ve

  • hammer grip
  • holding up the racket – salute/birthday hat position
  • swing … why do I change back to waiter’s tray?

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… is there a game, and where?

Waking up not knowing if I’ve a game and where to play. Senior moment. But glad I clear all that up and how up on time.

🎾 6-0, 6-2, no double (w/ Hope & Al; Kurt) – my second game in a row without a double fault; and my first serve % is high [跳跳][玫瑰]… but but but … the waiter’s tray may still be there

老年痴呆 醒来不知咂回事儿 不记得有没有🎾打 在哪儿打

🏊 气温50多度 水温 77 爽

他说每次游一小时 [强]

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Windy; no double

A very windy day due to tornado, one other tennis group canceled but we soldiered on. 5-0, 5-4, 2-5. No double fault, which I’m very happy. I thought I did good with hammer BUT the waiter’s tray is still there!!!

On one of my down the T serve in the second set, even I thought was about to go out but it landed inside – most likely due to the strong wind. Both opponents called it out. Although I protested but I proceeded to take the 2nd serve. One lesson, never call a line before the ball actually landed.

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Lazy susan do over; kiln

I’ve done a turntable (rotating tray) mix and match but don’t like what I made. So today I made it again … the 2nd set of lazy susan, with Potter’s Choice Dark Green PC-45 glaze.


… and lay the pieces into the kiln:

… my first lazy susan pieces, Potter’s Choice Seaweed PC-42 glaze:


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Fishing on the Tampa Bay

I’m no expert on fishing, but among the few fishermen by the Tampa Bay in Saint Pete, as we walk toward Mahaffey, only one is using light-tackle spinning/rod and reel, which I consider fishing, the rest are using cast nets on the Tampa Bay. Is this even legal? One throw, they come up with multiple fishes. Gosh … the fun is gone or even more fun this way?

The fish in the video is mullet.


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Swimming in the rain

Ok, is this wet enough? So just you know, the rain drops can be pretty painful when landing on your head and lip.

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5 4 3 1 jump

My first hand: 13 hcp, with one singleton. My lho starts bidding:

R1: p, 1♦️, p, 4♦️.

We made 5.

opening jump

My thinking goes: both opponents passed and my partner has at least 13 point. One of the players said, the max jump I should have, is 2 or 3. I did consider to go to 5. But with only 1 ace, I only bid 4.

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7 3 2 1

The first game in 2024. I’ve 13 hcp, 1 singleton and one doubleton, 7 diamonds.

The bidding:

R1: 1♣️ p, p, 4♦️

It tells me my lho has 13+ pt, my partner and rho  have less than 13. Point wise, we might be pretty even but my 7 diamonds and singleton and one doubleton are advantageous. So I jumped to 4♦️, fearing a pretty even hand would not go to the 2nd round. I’d like to go for the game but not knowing my partner’s hand, I settled for less. We ended up making 11/5.

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