6-1 w/ Golfer

I’m a little deflated on getting rid of my waiter’s tray when serving. I know all the theory and tried to do the right thing. BUT unable!

Tell me, why do I want to get rid of the waiter’s tray?

The iffy weather ruined our regular lineup. I ended up practiced for an hour then played doubles with Golfer, vs Matt and Sally. We won 6-1 without a double – the third time in a row. But I’m not too happy. I’d rather lose, with doubles but with correctly motion/form!

  1. 6-4
  2. 3-6, 3-6

In the video, I’ve

  • hammer grip
  • holding up the racket – salute/birthday hat position
  • swing … why do I change back to waiter’s tray?

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