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To qulify for W

The qualifying rounds at Wimbledon
We are having fun waiting on line on the shaded Queue: listening to Serena battling the lovely Maria on the speakers that lined the way. Man, their combined grunts rocked the world. Serena won the screaming match.
Those teens are having good time while their parents or their buddies are on the Q.

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Beijing naked

bj bike route auuuu ... not really naked ..

Wow …


Will their bodies painted too?

Yes Lee, please join them, or at least take some pictures!!! And be sure fly home on TPA – Terrorist-Proof Airlines. It will speed up your airport screen time.

Update: guess no one was really naked, only Speedos.

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Naked Russia babe on diaper

From Russia with Love naked gator
Wrong order of the words .. consider it’s London frame of mind at the moment. From Russia with Love, Russian babe gone wrong? Europe trash? Found Maria with diaper on bus stop at Wimbledon. What it IS?
Evian water is as good as baby’s errrr ?? The official sponsors at Wimbledon are tightly controlled – they striped Gatorade naked. Not sure why, perhaps Gator didn’t pay enough to be named as a sponsor? But athletes still like to drink it … so serve it without label. How silly.

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