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Courts in New York and around ..

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Sportime at Roslyn

SNT @ Sportime at Roslyn
Landing Road,
Roslyn, NY 11576
Phone: 516.484.9222

Nine har tru courts (6 and 3) at this location; 3 more courts at near by Lumber Road.

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A friendship tested

We have a good win last Friday that propelled us to #1 for the time being with three matches to play on July. However this lead might have cost me a friend.

It rained just as we were getting to the NTC for our 7pm match. Friday evening traffic plus Mets was playing at the CitiField made the traffic terrible to negotiate. USTA didn’t cancel the match till the short thunderstorm crushing down at about 6:45. At about the same time, the opposing captain called – we’re friends. Our last hang out was the previous Saturday. I was still in the traffic on College Point Blvd.
“NTC has three indoor courts available, so can we play three first? One of my players is going to be late.”
My first reaction was, either we reschedule or we play all five courts. But being friend, it made me hisetated to say thing otherwise I’d say freely. I got to NTC by 6:52. All my players were there and the NTC have 5 indoor courts for 7-9 instead only 3. The cost would be double: $130 for 2 hrs which came out to $40.625 each player ($20 each for out door court). All my girls voted to play at 7. The opposing team turned it down.

There were other dramas. Actually being a captain one often needs to wear another hat among the more than dozen I described at the beginning: arbitrator. The lord has been blessing me for all those years so I did not put this one down since I never had to deal with mediating between my mates. According to my teammates who got there early they witnessed an ugly feud between two opponents resulting one cried openly.

Making the story short, when their 8th player finally arrived at 7:26, they immediately agreed to play at 8pm. It did not sit well with me. They waited for one player on the expense of my enitre team. One of my girls has to call her boss few times to delay her going to work that night. I always thought fairness and consideration come first. Of course there isn’t a rule dictating that we have to play instead rescheduling. However, our opponents first objected to then immediatly agreed to play was based on waiting for their late player is a very selfish act. Good thing we won convincingly: 16 points out of 22.

Today the coordinator clarified the situation for future reference:

Hello Captains,

I got clarification.  If the NTC offered indoor courts at the match time, then you were free to take them right away.  In that case, Xxx’s team would have been on the clock.  However, both teams agreed to wait until 8pm to play the match.

The coordinator added on 6/27:

Yes, if the NTC offered indoor courts at 7pm, then Xxx’s team would have been on the clock and the default time would have been the same 15 minutes after the match start time (i.e., 7:15pm).

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My singles career

June 20, 2012, NTC

Ok, I played (and lost again) only because we’re being good sports: one of our singles players is needed by her other team and since she’s referred to us by her captain, so we released her.

It’s extremely  hot and humid.  I got to a 3-0 lead.  Then didn’t know what happened next, I lost first set 6-4.  The second set I was 0-2, and was able to catch up to two games only.  I didn’t play well.  What a disappointment  to the team.  Sorry girls.

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Got a watch?

Our June 15 match at Cunningham Park.

The league has a strict rule against using mobile device on the court – can be seen as coaching. I don’t wear/bring a watch when I play tennis. So if the court/club doesn’t have a clock, it’s kind of tricky: how do you determine the time?

Our 2S was late: the traffic, she’s coming from the city, and the park is new to her, etc. When she finally finds us, it’s 18 minutes passed the starting time. How do I know? I consult my cell phone. The opposing team captain and her partner rush to the bench and check at their cell phone too.

Players arriving onto the assigned court more than 15 minutes after the match start time may be defaulted at the discretion of the opposing captain (having been so advised before the start of match play on that court.)

They decide to default us. I don’t know what I’ll do if I’ve to face such decision. Winning by default never feels good. But do I have an argument here – that you are not allowed to use phone yet you default my player by using it?

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How our girlie team is formed

Not sure what to name our team:
“Cinderella” – we almost didn’t have enough players for the first match
“Pretty Women” – really they’re all so beautiful, especially the few babes.
Early in the year one of my last year 3.5 mates contacted me to join their new team. I asked Yao about it and she said I could join hers. Then Jenn wanted to join. Then two more 7.0 mixed girls wanted in. Yao considered and eventually agreed to take four of us. Then a fifth girl fm the mixed wanted in. And Kristina said ok too. I totally understand Yao’s dilemma: there are simply too many of us. She has her own base players and could take only a few. So I decided to form a girls team for the first time. Yao was very nice about it and even sent one of her girls to us.

Initially, we took a vote as to stay or go. The result was 2:2.

When we decided to form a team, it’s relatively late and most girls have found team. We were hard at recurring and our first match looked like defaulting due to lack of players. Captain Fun Erwin referred his girls, so did league. Now we’re 15 player strong.

And doing just fine. And having fun too.

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