Vietnam, a history

Vietnam, A History by Stanley Karnow, published in 1983; this paperback revised edition was published in 1997.

p108 “A local caricature spoofs a Vietnamese who has been converted by French culture into a tennis player. In fact, many Vietnamese nationalists who opposed colonial rule were the products of French schools.”

Google translates: 当地有一幅漫画讽刺一名越南人被法国文化改造成网球运动员. 事实上,许多反对殖民统治的越南民族主义者都是法国学校的产物.

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Mission accomplished 挑战完成

The last few yards of Red Cross 15 mile June challenge!

The bulk 2,200 yd is done in 51 minutes (total 2,620 in an hour). The water temp is 82° (better than 85 or 86 … lol).

I swam daily since June 1, (except 6.16) 27,020 yards / 15.35 miles / 24,707 meters.

Music is Hilary Hahn‘s Tschaikowsky violin concerto.

… so the Paris Olympic (Fri, Jul 26 to Sun, Aug 11, 2024) is upon us. One sweet story: Erin Gemmell (2004-), the 19 years old just made the 200m free at the US swimming trail:

Women’s 200m Freestyle – FINAL 1 –

  1. Katie Ledecky (Bethesda, Md./Gator Swim Club), 1:55.22 2
  2. Claire Weinstein (Las Vegas, Nev./Sandpipers of Nevada), 1:56.18
  3. Paige Madden (Mobile, Ala./New York Athletic Club) 1:56.35
  4. Erin Gemmell (Potomac, Md./NCAP), 1:56.75

Her dad Bruce Gemmell was once, a coach of Katie Ledecky (1997-) and young Erin had been inspired by Ledecky so much, she turned out to be an Olympian herself. With Phoebe Bacon (2002-), the three are all from the same Stone Ridge school.

…ok, here is old me ⇓

Mission accomplished 😊

20天一共🏊‍♀️ 15.35哩
27,020 yd
24,707 米

巴黎奥运马上就要开始了 各种trial试训 都在如火如荼的进行中

女子200米自由式 已经出炉了
#1 Katie Ledecky – 1:55.22
#2 Claire Weinstein – 1:56.18
#3 Paige Madden – 1:56.35
#4 Erin Gemmell – 1:56.75

小4 娃的爸爸训练过#1女神. 二人也是校友. 4娃从小就迷恋#1. 现在二队友就要出征巴黎
小激动喔 [偷笑]

(小四的哥哥也是游长距离. 2012 伦敦奥运会1,500米 第九名. 2011上海 5公里队 得金)

🏊‍♀️周末快乐 [愉快]
多游多乐 [偷笑]

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Face the wall

It’s a kind of punishment for kids … I’m taking it today bec my serve hasn’t really improved.


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6-2, 6-2, 4-1 … drop your arm

With Bob B, Sha and John. It was a good match but we couldn’t play any more.
I went in early, as usual, to practice my serve … the overwhelming critics is: drop your arm!


一男娃问下星期六 …
… 看他好失望 (第三次约了) 就说 7:30 行吗?
小鲜肉说 7:45: quarter to
大妈问 court?
Quarter 和 court 有相似的地方吗? 而且我们是在讲时间
I’m losing it [Lol]
哦 那小鲜肉真鲜吗?
不是 … 是俺记不住他叫啥来着 [Lol][偷笑]

周末快乐 俺回家干活去



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Twin rainbow

Rain came during our second set, interrupting but entertaining us with two rainbows.

The morning tennis has become increasingly hot, even when we start at 7:30am, the sun is already burning down on us. So we switching our play to the evening. One obvious thing is I feel loaded: with food and drinks throughout the day. But it’s cooler and more comfortable.

Hope and I lost to Barb Dave G 4-6, and we were on serve at the second set when the rain came.

The water temp at the pool was 85°. I only managed 200 yards, it was way too hot.

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2,240 yd, 2,048 meter

A small record during the 15 mile challenge (in a long time): 2,240 yards = 1.2 miles = 2,048 meter, in the 20 yard pool:🏊‍♀️ 1:01 🏊‍♀️. (98% in breaststroke: the headphone goes on and off …) I haven’t swam this long in the pool for a long while. March 2nd 1.2m was open water. Time wise are similar.

Red Cross 15 mile challenge is pushing me, to exercise seven days a week – this is a first too.

2,240yd = 1.2miles [得意]
一小时一分钟 2,048 米, 98% 蛙泳

长度小记录 有几年没有游泳池2千米了. 三月初的2千米是海里 时间差不多
吃了半条黄油🧈二包饼干 😋

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The 2nd couple – mourning doves

5-3, 4-5, 5-0. We came back from 0-3 in the first set. The second set went down to the wire and I missed a forehand, that lost the set.


… and more serves: looks very wrong

The second pair of mourning dove is having a baby … incubating, again.

Another couple 不会是同一对吧?

第二局拼到最后 … 是俺的失误[Lol]

Did 340 yards of swim.


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8am starting time

5-0, 4-5, 0-5, Greg, Bob and Chris. The summer is here but we can’t start till 8am – kind of late. Guess rule is rule. The same old serve!

Swam 320 yards after tennis.


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Red Cross 15 mile swimming challenge log

Red Cross has a swimming challenge in June, again, and I’m taking it again. This is honor system and you do at your own pace and ability.

This time, I didn’t active fundraising. But if your charitable budget still available, please do consider making one.

Technical part of it:

  • 1 mile equals to 1,760 yards (15 miles = 26,400 yards), 88 laps in a 20-yard pool.
  • How I keep track: using Fitbit Versa 2. However, the watch isn’t the most realizable … sometimes it just stops.
  • Music: I listened to Beethoven’s violin concerto the most because I LOVE it, and it lasts about 45 minutes, which is about the same time I do a mile with breast stroke. Being geeky, here is an analysis of Henryk Szeryng, Itzhak Perlman, Clara Jumi-Kang and Hilary Hahn, playing this piece.
  • Headphone: X7. This brand’s quality is so so but inexpensive. It’s also the reason I do breast stroke, to keep my head above water most of the time for better sound. But this headphone can take flip turns but not backstroke.
  • Stroke: I do breast stroke most often.

My Log – in yard: starting time, temperature/water temp, music I listened, and cumulative total.

  1. June 01 500 yards
  2. 02 1,840 7:23am, 47 min; 80/83; Beethoven violin concerto by Perlman 2,340
  3. 03 1,720 6:38am, 45 min; 70/83; Whitney Houston; 4,060
  4. 04 3204,380 … 22,020 yards to go
  5. 05 1,700 06:45am, 45 min; 80/82; Beethoven violin concerto Perlman 6,080 
  6. 06 340 6,420 … 19,980 yards to go 
  7. 07 1,960 6:53am, 52 min, 78/82; Beethoven violin concerto Perlman; 8,380
  8. 08 2,240 6:52am, 1:01, 76/82; Beethoven violin concerto Hahn. 10,620
  9. 09 200 after 3-6, 5-7. 10,820 … 15,580 yards to go 
  10. 10 1,900 6:49am; 50 min; 76/82; multi composers; 12,720
  11. 11 1,660 7:38am; 43 min; 78/82, Mozart; 14,380 half way! 
  12. 12 1,800 7:06am; 48 min; 75/83, Mozart; 16,180 full fm rain 
  13. 13 200 8pm, 82/85; 16,380
  14. 14 2,140 6:45am, 56 min; 75/82; multiple; 18,520 … 7,880 to go
  15. 15 160 18,680 … 7,720 yard to go
  16. 17 2,360 6:40am 1:01; 75/81; Mozart; 21,040 … 5,360 yd to go
  17. 18 540 21,580; Brahms by Hahn. 4,820 yd to go
  18. 19 2,540 6:46am, 59 min, 75/81. Fischer‘s Tchaikovsky. 24,120; 2,280 to go
  19. 20 280 8:30pm 24,400; 2,000 to go!
  20. 21 *2,620 6:59am, 1 hr; 81/82. Hahn‘s Tschaikowsky. 27,020 yd / 15.35 miles  


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Beer Can Island, 2024

We sailed to this little island again, after exchanging the boat. I tried to swim (Red Cross 15 mile challenge: 500 yards that incl pool after tennis) but unable: too busy with boats coming and going, and jet skis.

2024.2.15 Beer Can Island Tampa goes up for sale, closes to the public: ‘All good things must come to an end’.

Beer Can Island – (survey: online and off)

Please visit our new website

Update: The current owners decided not to sell the island and will continue to push forward with zoning and improvements on the property. Memberships are now open.

Update: May 2nd 2024, We could not come to an agreement with Nick Lipidarov, If you mailed him a check, Nick has assured us that those checks will be returned to sender and not cashed.
If you are still interested in purchasing shares or investing into the current organization that owns the island please contact for further information.

Update: April 13th 2024, We have a new “potential” owner that wants the community involved, for a pledge of $1000 you can be a shareholder and own a piece of the island plus have a voice and a vote as to what the future looks like for the island. For more information please visit XXXX

Property Details:

Paradise island – Pine Key also known as Beer Can island is located in the middle of Tampa Bay 2 miles offshore from Apollo Beach and 2 Miles from Mac Dill Air Force Base. The buyer can rename the island if they so choose.

The most recent survey shows the island having an upland of 9 acres and a “shoal area” of approximately 60 +/- acres mainly to the south and west of the uplands.

Click Here for a copy of the Survey

Option to transfer Food and beverage licenses

… and more



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