6-4, 6-3

I’m back in business -:): got my serve and backhand back; the forehand, what forehand? -:(((
🎾 6-4 and 6-3 [得意]

60度 长裤背心就都出场了
就俺还是烧包 – 裙子 [捂脸]

尤其是今天 发球赢了好多分[跳跳]
亮点是 … 正手还是不行[闭嘴]

🏊‍♀️ 525米 🏊


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Dawn, dusk and yoga

Before the sun rise and set in November

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Getting my serve back!

Ok … I think I’m in business again -:) and found a steady partners!

The four of us played last Sunday, at which time, I still couldn’t serve and hit. (3-6, 6-4) However, I went to a clinic Friday (11.11) and worked hard on my problems. This morning, I seem to getting into the game again. Just as we were leading 3-1 and 30 all in the fifth game, rain came down hard. Oh well. Next week, I guess.

I’m just happy that I can win point on my serve, again.


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TGH Ice Plex

10222 Elizabeth Pl
Tampa, FL 33619

This facility is Tampa Bay Lightning practice rink – they won the Stanley Cup in 2004, 202 and 2021. One big difference is, it has a bar on site.

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My first pickleball paddle

The very first time, playing it with my own niupipo paddle -:)

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My first tennis

After 19 months hiatus, I’m on court again -:)

It’s round robin. However, my timing is completed off: can’t serve, can’t hit and simply can’t play!

A wonderful weekend

一年多了 🎾 都快不知道这是啥了
朋友的杰作 几十年没有吃过了😋

美滋滋的 💃 得瑟一下


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Yoga on the deck

A glorious day, at sea, unfortunately – would rather have it when we have excursion …

I ended up led a short yoga session – ya, me leading, can’t imagine but I did. I think everyone is trying to do something.

All the photos are taken by ship’s photographer, thank you!


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Yoga in Canada

Did a few poses at Akpatok Island, Canada, with mud boots, life vest and the parka. It’s polar bears territory, so our armed guards ask us to have the life vest while on the beach – so we can run or evacuate immediately should a bear appear.

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A true Polar Plunge

Itilleq, Greenland. Population 89.

Initially, our ship Vega planned the polar plunge off the beach at Itilleq. However, the low tide made it impossible – the shells are too cutting. So, after they scouted a few other possible sites (all have the same problem), they called it off.

Irene is NOT giving up.

“Let’s go back to the ship and jump off there.”

Plunge is plunge, not walk into. Beside I don’t think walking into freezing cold water is appetizing, nor feasible.

An hour and an emergency meeting later, they announced that at 5:30, polar plunge will commence, from the ship.

HOOOOOray, we let out a huge cheer at the pool.

THANK you Sarah Scriver, thank you captain, and thank everyone who made this possible.

First thing first. I’ll have to sign away my little life. Dr. David Botero and his bag is on deck, should anyone is have medical emergency. Have a drink. Ok, they said the shots are for after. I’ve none of it: I’ve to have it now, just in case I plugged to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or the cold water stops my beating heart … at least I’ve my last drink, -:)


… the short walk down and being leashed (in case of a cardiac arrest …), … and I actually made it back -:). I did a short swim but have to turn back, 1) there are more people waiting to do the plunge; 2) it’s bit too cold.


Before and after the polar plunge
Sign your little life away
Have my last drink
Doc is on hand


(有莫有发现老了 连屁股也没有了 [调皮] 跑题了)
花发和俺一起 做了很多不能写的事儿 [闭嘴]

🚢 真心不错 绞尽脑汁搞活动
本来是计划在伊蒂莱克海滩下水 但低潮 割脚…
俺说 回船上 跳吧

所以紧急会议后 … 严阵以待 如临大敌
还是十分感谢船和工作人员 [Salute]大赞 [强]

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Swim in the Arctic

Ilulissat Icefjord

I know it’s more like a tube, but the ship Vega calls it swimming pool. So pool it is. It’s one of the most striking pools I’ve done swimming.

We’re departing from Ilulissat Icefjord, the capital of icebergs, in the world. Town of Ilulissat of Greenland has more sled-dogs than humans.



The colorful pool – what’s the matter, the white and blue paints come off, no matter what time of the day. Maybe they were so in rush, didn’t even wait for it to dry? Hope the paints are not harmful.

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