Goalie Lundqvist

Rangers’ goaltender Henrik Lundqvist (1982-) had retired and his number 30 is officially retired on January 28, 2022. He was drafted by Rangers in 2000 205th overall and player for the team from 2001-2020. The first overall pick in 2000 was also a goalie by Islanders, Rick DiPietro – same position with two different career outcomes.

The goal keep cut a dashing figure in New York, always dressed to the nine. He jams with John McEnroe who presented him a guitar at MSG.

Mid pic: Hugh Jackman, John McEnroe and Lundqvist; R: Lundqvist, McEnroe Ed Norton and Joker 

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The fight strap

There was a movie named Fight Club (1999) with Brad Pitt and Ed Norton. In ice hockey, there is fight strap: a white elastic band attachment to the back bottom of NHL jersey. It measures 8.5″ x 1.5″, attaches to the pant, to prevent being pull off or cover their heads during a fight -:). Evidently, fighting is part of the game in NHL.

#79 Alexei Yashin (1973-) is one of popular players on Islanders’ team. He dated Carol Alt (1960-), a model.

What to do when you’ve too many gears – rackets, or team jerseys? Selling them isn’t a bad idea. The orange color jersey sold for $40.

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Attending my first Pickleball tourney

APP (the Franklin NYC Open, May 25-29) at Flushing Meadows, New York, the venue of US Open, home to tennis.

This is the first Pickleball tournament I attended. Nearly exactly eight year ago, New York Times had an article, A Funny Name, a Serious Sport. Pickleball, Anyone?

Well, they’re not exact has arrived but is getting notice. Many my tennis friends have taken it up and I was introduced to it by a tennis buddy. Today, I see plenty of my tennis friends there, most of them are volunteering. The ticket is $20 per head (with fees and sales tax comes to $22.5), through TicketMaster – for once, it doesn’t charge an arm and leg. For some reason, their scanner wasn’t working, so they let us in.

The prize purse is $125,000the largest prize purse of any pickleball tournament where no appearance fees are included.

The venue is hosting two events today. The other one is Yeshiva University’s commencement, which is taking place at Arthur Ashe’s Center Court.

The Globe Unisphere at the park, looks wonderful.


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Underwater headphone

Google ‘does Bluetooth work under water’ I get the following “Bluetooth does not work underwater. In fact, none of the wireless connectivities work under the water. The law of physics prevents it to do so.”

So be aware, how do you intend to use it – open ear wireless bone conduction headset ($89). For someone who walks in the pool, or do breaststrokes with their heads in the air, this device works, continuously.

1. When submerge, the connection is lost – can’t listening to books or news, but music, if you don’t mind the on again and off again.

2. I’m a lap swimmer (free style), breathe every four stokes on my right side. This turns out to be a little blessing because when I breathe, the right side (with the 3 buttons – receiver) surface hence reconnects again, however briefly.

3. The volume is low even I adjust to the fullest. It competes with the open space and other chatting walkers in the pool.

4. When I standing still and put my left (dummy side) into water while the right side remains in the air, the sound quality is ok, shutting out the chatters and the noise from my own strokes… which brings me to think, if the manufacturers design a new device with two dummy earphones, and putting the receiver high above the head/water, maybe this will work for swimmers or when submerge in the water.

5. I can’t do the flip turns now – it will fly off my head. I can’t push too hard off the walls – fly off too. Can’t jump into the pool…

Found my list toy [愉快]


昨天丢的. 想充电时才发现
电话去 回答 “没有”[凋谢]

俺物理不灵光 水是绝缘体 (?)
新鲜期一过 毛病就浮出水面
轻易掉: 不能翻身 也不能太用力推墙
小心翼翼的 慢慢的 … 还游啥泳呢?

今天游完 很开心 虽然不够快. 但能在20分钟 (20:57[捂脸])之内完成1,000 yard 还是开心🥳

心灵鸡汤 难怪运动员们 天天游 日日练的 [偷笑]

临走时 到前台试试运气
还没有问完 金发女伸手拿给俺

是喜是忧 只有俺自己知道 [捂脸]
听书是不行 只能断断续续听🎵

我有一个好主意喔[调皮] I’ve an idea 💡

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The Sixth Man, 2019

The Sixth Man (2019) by Andre Iguodala (1984-).

I picked this book randomly, without knowing who he is. His diction keeps me going. Then the stories. He raised many valid points and the writing is good (with Carvell Wallace (1974-).

不知道他是何方神圣 就开始听,也真够大妈的.

这本书和前不久 擅嘴巴/打脸王的自传 Will (2021) 都有一个特点: 严厉的外婆+注重教育的妈. (题外话: 爸爸都去哪儿了?)

很少留意🏀. 迈克尔·乔丹退休后 更是没了任何兴趣. Iguodala的书值得看/听 是他非常明确体系.
大学运动员要不要或者应不应该有收入,一直是个争论点. 他坦坦荡荡的阐述他的观点.
我听完后 看了些书评. 很多人说他的回忆录是关于种族. 不完全同意:也可能他善于隐藏? 比如他说 🎾 ⛳️ ⚾️ 🏒️ 可以随心所欲转职业 但是??🏈就不可以… 但没有中学大学的体育 🏀 他会不会也有今日? A问题好大 留给大人物吧 🤣

Chris Mullin (1963-) 是我们当地的🏀名人. 好像安居乐业在我们隔壁村 🇮🇪人堆. 时不时会撞见他. 一次他坐在我旁边. 大妈刚想问他 他就走开了. 大概是聪明😂

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The tallest and shortest

John Isner (1985-; 2007; $20m; 6’10″/2.08m) and Jack Sock (1992-; 2011; $11m; 6’3″/1.91m) are playing Santiago González (1983-; 2001; $2m; 6’3″) & Édouard Roger Vasselin (1983-; 2002; $6m; 6’2″) for the final. The prize money is $426,010, which is good (singles are $1,231,245).

Isner’s nickname is little tree. This is the first time I see him playing doubles. Sock isn’t a small guy but next to Isner, he looks like a kid. Reilly Opelka (1993-; 2015; $3m; 6’11″/2.11m) is another American who’s an inch taller than Isner. Here are a few visibly memorable photos by the nets, two are Diego Schwartzman (1992-; 2010; $11m; 5’7″), I saw on Facebook:


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Nadal vs Alcaraz

The second semi of Indian Wells is Rafael Nadal (1986-; 2001; $127m) vs Carols Alcaraz Garfia (2003-; 2018; $2.207m). Two years after Nadal turned pro did Alcaraz was born: two generations play each other. 

Can’t say I’m a fan because he represents brute force than finesse. And he grunts, however lightly. But he seldom if at all loses his temper on court, don’t remember seeing him smashes his racket or argues with the chair empire. 

During this tourney, Osaka (1997-; 2013; $20m) broke down again when someone, one spectator, called out “Naomi, you suck!” during her losing match to Veronika Kudermetova. She wanted that fan to be removed. Gosh. …  Mommy I want milk 🥛Mental toughness is part of the game, isn’t? Nadal says “We make money. And even if it is terrible to hear that … we need to be prepared for that.” 

A sensible thing to say. Thank you. Who doesn’t need mental toughness to accomplish anything? Can Serena collect 23 slams and Nadal 21 without their mental strength?  

🥛 妈妈我要喝奶

 心理韧性是人生的一部分. 不仅仅是运动员.
🇩🇪的 Boris Becker 说过 🎾第五局不是在打网球了 打的是心理战.

幼稚可笑 [呲牙]

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indian Wells Masters 2022

Indian Wells Masters (BNP Paribas), Apr 3-20.

Taylor Fritz defeated Russian Andrey Rublev 7-5 & 6-4 in the first semi match. The second is Nadal vs Alcaraz. I saw Fritz at US Open last year but didn’t much because my suddenly famous dad came and the whole section came to live.

The organizer avoids to display Russian flag. Audience is polite and there is no boos, unlike what Venue and Serena experienced in 2001. It left such traumatizing or agonizing feeling that Serena didn’t play there for the next 14 years.

只能看看 解解馋 [吃瓜]

红衣少年有点像 Tom Cruise 或者 那谁谁谁 (?) [偷笑]
年纪大 记不住
Taylor Fritz 赢了半决赛
去年🇺🇸网看他时 6⃣️ 犹爸来了
热闹非凡 简直没人看球了
孝敬他的🥟 包子都被陌生妞们秒扫光了 [偷笑]

4⃣️ 红衣哥打赢 Rublev 一个不讨人厌的🇷🇺. 主办方连人家的国旗也免了 够糟糕的.
看看你的臣民的处境. 观众还公平 没有人boo 嘘 一 好多年前 同一个地点 大小威的待遇可没有这么幸运 被嘘到 小威一气之下 14没有去打. 觉得那是明目张胆的种族 [弱]

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The end of a very controversial game

Photo courtesy: Guo Jian   

Beijing winter Olympic is over, China collected her most gold in a winter game: 9, ranking 3rd, one spot ahead of USA. NYT terms it the joyless spectacle (2022.2.20). WSJ “highlight its divisions” and “never do it again.”

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong’s performance, reportedly, was excellent. 👍 I just watched Anna Shcherbakova who won the gold on Youtube: she’s so beautiful, and couldn’t believe my eyes that not a single teammate congratulated her and everyone was consulting the little drug user: Anna’s Russian, isn’t she, for Pete’s sake?


Photoshopped? I don’t think she would do it.

奥运结束 🇨🇳最成功的冬季 👏🏻 奖牌赢排名第三 (🇺🇸小四; 女🏒️又输给了🇨🇦 😹).

新闻报道常规. 几乎被其它劲闻淹没: 谷娃娃转国和2金一银; 八娃妈和链; 🇷🇺 吃药娃和金牌; 贼眉鼠眼普京和乌克兰… 哦御 鹅的天啊 [捂脸] 明明是属于俺北京的二个多星期的荣誉和光芒 结果…

老贼也太不识相了 习大大的大爬他竟然敢集军闹事炒蹭热度 (阻扰🇺🇦加入北约)真不厚道. 听说大大还给刚刚赏了他一个1000亿美元能源协议… 这哪里是朋友呀!?

今天BBC报道 乌克兰🇺🇦总统跑去慕尼黑(享受起立鼓掌)捶胸顿足 指天画地的要求加入NATO北约…

蛋痛 蛋痛 蛋痛 [呲牙]

刚刚看了 灰姑娘Anna Shcherbakova [强] 比那个吃药 💊的漂亮多了 … 有没有看到她赢了金牌后没有队友祝贺她 [捂脸] 简直了

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The doping teen from Russia

The Russian gold medalist Anna Shcherbakova (2004-)

The Russians went to Beijing Olympics under the ROC banner (Russian Olympic Committee), a shell corporation for Russia due to drug scandal (csce.govIn 2016, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov blew the whistle on Russia’s state-run doping program,…). One would think that they’ve learned something … Then the scandal of figure skater Kamila Valieva (2006-) tested positive for trimetazidine on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, at her country’s 2022 Figure Skating Championships in Saint Petersburg, became known AFTER she helped to secure the Russian team gold medal.

Lonesome Dove

The scandalous decision to allow her to continue, not only angered the average spectators/couch potatoes like me but her fellow figure skaters as well: Tara Lipinski ( gold 1998) and  and Johnny Weir condemn the decision; Kristi Yamaguchi (1971; gold medal in 1992) weighted in, said she began to compete at age of 13 and managed it well.

Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that because of her age – 15, is protected and would suffer “irreparable harm” if not letting her to compete. What kind of bullshit is this? IF she wants world glory and decided to compete with adult, then she is under the same rules as everyone else, regardless in age.

In the end, the druggie teen lost, so did World Anti-Doping Agency WaDa and Court of Arbitration for Sport.

… and more …

One FB user wrote: “… Anna Shcherbakova delivered extraordinary performances placing first place in the women’s competition. At the completion of the event no one was embracing her. No one was congratulating her. No one was rejoicing with her. She awkwardly stood silent, alone and seemingly lost while her coaches abandoned her to console her distraught teammates. Just plain insanity. She just won a gold medal! …”

I watched her on Youtube, found her to be very beautiful and, it was a pleasure to watch her skate. …

Sorry have to ask, is she clean?

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