Bridge 桥牌, anyone?

I’m picking up this card game again, and have been playing the contract bridge once or twice a week. The players here don’t do duplicate bridge because each time, whomever shows up, starts the game. Set day and time but not players. Some times it’s only 1 table and other times, three tables.

The points, conventions & scoring

Fun way to Serious Bridge (1978) by Harry Lampert is a good book to brush up skills, or learning to play. It was published in 1978, 13 years ahead of the For Dummies book series.

The slams

The hands that made 12 or 13 tricks – pls ignore the titles

Girls’ night in

… some parties

  1. 2023 annual

没人打百分 (这该有多老呀 [偷笑])
只能打桥牌 … 更老 [呲牙]

临时抱佛脚 – 这本📖 不错 👍

… 每次开叫前 借用手指头数分
就没有 然后了 [偷笑]🤣
热情不减 [调皮]

Some terms – contract bridge glossary

  • game: 100 pts
    • 3NT 40 for the 1st trick + 30 each for the 2nd/3rd
    • 4 ♥️♠ majors 4 tricks × 30 points per trick
    • 5 ♣ ♦️ minors 5 tricks × 20 points per trick
  • double: game can also be made via a doubled or redoubled contract: e.g., 2♠ doubled is worth 2 × (2 tricks × 30 points per trick) = 120 points.
  • rubber: best of three games (a game =100 pts); a team which has already won a game toward the current rubber is said to be vulnerable
  • above the line

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