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The national anthem 国歌

I love many national anthems. Top the list is the The Star-Spangled Banner, China’s March of the Volunteers 义勇军进行曲, which I was born to listen; and the French La Marseillaise

Many sporting events starts with The Star-Spangled Banner:


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The tallest and shortest

John Isner (1985-; 2007; $20m; 6’10″/2.08m) and Jack Sock (1992-; 2011; $11m; 6’3″/1.91m) are playing Santiago González (1983-; 2001; $2m; 6’3″) & Édouard Roger Vasselin (1983-; 2002; $6m; 6’2″) for the final. The prize money is $426,010, which is good (singles are $1,231,245).

Isner’s nickname is little tree. This is the first time I see him playing doubles. Sock isn’t a small guy but next to Isner, he looks like a kid. Reilly Opelka (1993-; 2015; $3m; 6’11″/2.11m) is another American who’s an inch taller than Isner. Here are a few visibly memorable photos by the nets, two are Diego Schwartzman (1992-; 2010; $11m; 5’7″), I saw on Facebook:


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Nadal vs Alcaraz

The second semi of Indian Wells is Rafael Nadal (1986-; 2001; $127m) vs Carols Alcaraz Garfia (2003-; 2018; $2.207m). Two years after Nadal turned pro did Alcaraz was born: two generations play each other. 

Can’t say I’m a fan because he represents brute force than finesse. And he grunts, however lightly. But he seldom if at all loses his temper on court, don’t remember seeing him smashes his racket or argues with the chair empire. 

During this tourney, Osaka (1997-; 2013; $20m) broke down again when someone, one spectator, called out “Naomi, you suck!” during her losing match to Veronika Kudermetova. She wanted that fan to be removed. Gosh. …  Mommy I want milk 🥛Mental toughness is part of the game, isn’t? Nadal says “We make money. And even if it is terrible to hear that … we need to be prepared for that.” 

A sensible thing to say. Thank you. Who doesn’t need mental toughness to accomplish anything? Can Serena collect 23 slams and Nadal 21 without their mental strength?  

🥛 妈妈我要喝奶

 心理韧性是人生的一部分. 不仅仅是运动员.
🇩🇪的 Boris Becker 说过 🎾第五局不是在打网球了 打的是心理战.

幼稚可笑 [呲牙]

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indian Wells Masters 2022

Indian Wells Masters (BNP Paribas), Apr 3-20.

Taylor Fritz defeated Russian Andrey Rublev 7-5 & 6-4 in the first semi match. The second is Nadal vs Alcaraz. I saw Fritz at US Open last year but didn’t much because my suddenly famous dad came and the whole section came to live.

The organizer avoids to display Russian flag. Audience is polite and there is no boos, unlike what Venue and Serena experienced in 2001. It left such traumatizing or agonizing feeling that Serena didn’t play there for the next 14 years.

只能看看 解解馋 [吃瓜]

红衣少年有点像 Tom Cruise 或者 那谁谁谁 (?) [偷笑]
年纪大 记不住
Taylor Fritz 赢了半决赛
去年🇺🇸网看他时 6⃣️ 犹爸来了
热闹非凡 简直没人看球了
孝敬他的🥟 包子都被陌生妞们秒扫光了 [偷笑]

4⃣️ 红衣哥打赢 Rublev 一个不讨人厌的🇷🇺. 主办方连人家的国旗也免了 够糟糕的.
看看你的臣民的处境. 观众还公平 没有人boo 嘘 一 好多年前 同一个地点 大小威的待遇可没有这么幸运 被嘘到 小威一气之下 14没有去打. 觉得那是明目张胆的种族 [弱]

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