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$28 and a win

King made $28 profit off AMZN and she finally won a match, in doubles.  But a win is a win.  Hooooorrrraaaay …. wtg …. !!

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Her first match

cimg4521.JPGSlowpoke played her first match.  When I went to fetch her, arriving at 3:45pm, she’s serving for the match at 5:4, took first set with ease, 6:3.  Then the momentum changed – was I the curse?  The other girl started giving bad line calls .. and took the 2nd set at 6:4; and the 3rd at 6:3.  Both girls were exhausted.  They began the day at 9am, finished the last point at 4:47pm.  I was surprised at how few double faults did she have.

It’s tough one hour for me, watching your kid losing, especially when she should have won.  I sat motionless, but did find faults with the other girl, few calls were clearly wrong.  But it’s the experience Slowpoke has to learn, if she wants to play: part of the game.  Obviously she doesn’t have the mental strength the other girl has.  I know how intimidating to be out there alone, facing a friend or foe. The lunch was awful, according to her, (One other friend said other wise, lol ) “just some junk food, hot dogs, burgers ..”  Any pasta?  Yes there’s pasta, but tastes terrible…

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Kiddie stuff

Few kids’ small bags at the camp this morning..

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Oui Wii

cimg4437.JPGOne of Kinglazy’s gifts is Wii.  It’s cool.  Trust me, coz I don’t play any video games.  From Nintedo’s Super Mario to XBox ..  I know lots girls (women) play, with passion, but to me, it’s waste of time, :)).  Now, although I dont have time to waste, but I like to play Wii .. sports.  Tennis, baseball (great that you get to bat all the time) … it’s all generic, wait till they get licenses for the major league sports, we might get to play FedEx, Sampras, Anna K, :).  I joked that now I can play tennis every day.  Kinglazy dryly commented, “Mom, you’re playing everyday.”  Ok, so I can play twice a day now, rain or shine.  Wii can do so much, soon it’ll do dinner and house cleaning too.

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An ugly man


The Hall of Shamer

I applause those immigrants with fortitude making it in this country, I loath others who expecting a free ride.  Working the system is smart, but taking advantage is entirely another matter.  I’ve just met an ugliest and rudest man yesterday, on the tennis court: he’s playing with this youngster using a few very old balls, the color of the earth.  My newly opened Penn 2 balls looked crispy and bright.  As soon as they arrived, we found our 3rd ball is missing.  We first looked to my left asked the two girls if they had our ball.  No.  Then we looked to my right, waited till their break, asked politely if they had our balls. 
“No” scolded from the older man. 
Simon was taken back at the hush tone.  We looked around bit more, then saw the older man holding 3 balls, one bright mixed with couple of oldies. 
“Pls, check if you have a new Penn 2 …”  Simon said to him.
“Go away.” He told Simon. 
I couldn’t exactly know what he’s talking about with the heavy accent (Russian?), but have good idea what he’d said.  So I told the youngster,
“Pls, ask your grandpa to give back our ball.” 
The youngster said something in their native tongue, and he still refused. 

Simon started walking into their court and he got agitated and telling Simon to get lost.  Now I was mad and felt violated.  Did he think he could just walk into the court, and playing with other people’s balls?  Didn’t he have any of his own?  Pun aside, he might get a lot of free rides from Uncle Sam, but Auntie Irene wasn’t willing to provide him any.

Sports, or tennis in particular is very gentlemanly game, we go out of our way to be courteous to other players.  Here he’s, boorish and disrespectful.  How could he gets to that age without acquiring a little grace and manner?  What kind of the world did he grow up?  As we were conferring, Xiao Lee showed him our remaining 2 balls,
“Look … see if you have Penn 2 ..” 
The monster grabbed one from Xiao Lee’s hand and walked away! (Xiao Lee with all his hitting power, did nothing … was powerless, lol) … in the end, the animal returned our ball.

I’ve been playing on the city parks for a long time and never ever encountered such thing!

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New Orleans 1992

For some reason, I didn’t find New Orleans’ taste particular appetizing, despite we ate out day and night – we fared far better at Newport RI.  We stayed at the French Quarter on Esplanade Blvd.  The jazz bars were great, Golfer got to watch the playoff between the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls.  Michael Jordan and the Bulls went on to win the second straight NBA championship. 

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Bill Gates goes back to school

The most famous drop out is getting his degree, from the best known university.  In this Time interview, Lev Grossman wrote about his subject’s social skills, and “There are tales, probably true, of his brutally breaking down employees in meetings.” … Last time we were in Seattle with my Uncle Jimmy and his family, my kids didn’t remember the skiing at Whistler, but Aunt Winnie’s vivid recounting of her boss Bill.  Pumpkin was impressed. Her big eyes lighted up,

“Really, you’ve met Bill Gates?” 

Oh yes, Aunt Winnie went on mimicking in high pitch voice,

.. that’s the silliest idea I’ve heard …” 

Supposedly silly means brilliant in Gatesdom in their brainstorming meetings.

Talking about ski .. since the Whistler, my kids refused to go: northeast small mountains are, well, just bit too small for them and bit too icy too.

I don’t have qualms when my kids tried something then later abandoned it. But ski is very hard for me to let go: I sweat the most for it. Golfer is a fine ice hockey player but refused to ski (don’t understand .. men are all from Mars probably). So it rest on my shoulders alone. I had to lug all the boots and skis when we didn’t stay at ski-in ski-out resort. Once a chubby mother walking behind me in the Poconos, seeing all the equipments on me.. sighed

“Oh mother .. !! Where is the Dad ??”

I turned around (almost knocked her out) .. replied ..

“Home alone.”

Golfer went to only handful trips. The lunges are mostly manned by women, chatting/knitting, Golfer would be the only man there with a beer, 万绿丛中一点红.
For a while, King said ski was his most favored sport. That made my day .. Well, no one said I have to take them to ski .. no complaining, just few bit cheated.

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The FedEx

I hope not, but the French Open looks like is over, won by Nadal, with his grunt, animal like speed and force, despite Federer’s spectacularly fluid single hand backhand.  The clay had eluded Sampras too.

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The pickle

Justine Henin won the French Open easily the fourth time, beating the pretty Ana Ivanovic.  Although I love Henin’s game and the way she moves around the court, but I have to admit she reminds me of a pickle, :), as the #1 player she could only get Adidas.  I bet Ana would do much better in endorsement corner even she was beaten. … Oh hell, Mary Pierce looks like a grandma already!

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5, 6 n 6

03.jpgOk, 3 sets, 7:5, 7:6 and 7:6, Roger advanced to the final; I’m having a pretty do trading day too.

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