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The last game of the year – 2023

my grip – index finger is still apart  

Played an excellent match today, with Cheri vs Jing and Punny: 6-3, 6-4. All played well and had good time playing it.

I’ve two doubles in the second set. Disgusted! After the game, I videoed my serve and … the waiter’s tray is still there and the grip is still wrong.

A few photos of Federer’s serve – it looks like his index finger is slightly apart also; and the snap.

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The last swim of 2023

My second medley, in correct order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

One of my goals of the year is to swim the butterfly.

… and …

I did. One goal fulfilled.

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Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

6-4, 6-1, 3-6: one ace (on a 2nd serve to the deuce court alley) and two doubles.
Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

Don’t know… maybe trying to better myself? The road is long and progress is slow. But I’m still trying, even the waiter’s tray is still there.

Why fix it if it ain’t broke?… 可以解释为 别多手 或者 没坏就不要修…
本来可以靠发球赢很多. 现在一心想改进 结果失误太多
(不过也一个ace …)
… 一根筋 继续改进 虽没啥长进

歌是George Michael 的 True Faith [愉快] … I have faith to be the better me [偷笑][捂脸]

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3 3 3 4 again

Girls night in, two interesting hands.

Bidding correctly is important: I tend to bid low, to feel my partner’s hand, or give her/him a chance to bid too. But many times, I don’t get to rebid when three passes occurred. Like this hand. My rho opened with a pass:

R1: p, 1♦️ (me), 1♠️, 2♦️
R2: 3♣️, 3♦️

Luckily, the bidding went on after my initial 1 diamond bid, which should have been 2♦️ bid.

This hand is identical to the last time at the club, 3 3 3 4, with 11 hcp, with the same partner:

R1: p, p (me), p, 1♦️
R2: p, 2♣️, p, 2N

By passing the first round, I’m telling my partner that I don’t have an opening hand, 12 to 13 hcp. She bid 1 diamond. The second round, I changed to clubs, which is my best suit, telling her that I’ve 10 points and club is my best suit. She then bid 1NT.

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The grip @ serve

Although David G and I lost to Dave H and Cheri 5-7, 4-6 and 6-7 (5:7), down to the wire, but I picked up one good advise on serving: the grip – holding it like a hammer.

Again, I practiced serving before and during the game; and working on forehand as well. Served an ace on my 2nd serve, and 4 doubles. 

… waiter’s tray is still so prominent …

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Best suit vs responding

Playing at the club today, I’ve this hand – 11 hcp, 3 3 3 4, responding to my partner’s opening bid of 1 diamond.

The bidding:
R1: p; p (me), p, 1N
R2: p; 2♦️; p; 4♦️, ppp

In fact, I should have bid 1NT or 1♣️, which is my best suit. Essentially, it boils down to my best suit vs response to partner’s bid.

Per Linda: If I have 4-4 diamonds and clubs I will start with clubs. If I start with diamonds it is because I have 4-3 or 5-3. So, knowing that we don’t have an 8 card fit in clubs, why bid them? If I have five of a minor, then I can rebid that suit because you can open with 4 or even three.

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My first medley IM

🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄 peep!

A yucky day, our 9am tennis is rained out. So I stayed in the 80° pool for 0.5 mile. I also swam and recorded my very first individual medley, with the wrong order. The correct order is butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Guess I don’t watch enough swimming events, or watched but not paying close attention. Oh well, senior moment.

By the way, relay order goes differently, by speed: backstroke breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle the.

🎄 🎄 🎄

☔️ 🎾没的打 只有泡池子了

闲得慌 游了第一个 IM 混合
嗯 顺序错了 [偷笑]

8️⃣8️⃣一下 应是: 蝶 仰 🐸 自由[呲牙]

继续努力 大妈加油 [调皮]


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Correcting my forehand

My forehand has been working for me pretty good lately, but not all I do is correct. Improvement is in store for me.

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Too much …

Girls night in, I played the most hands, to a point I felt a little guilty. 8 hands each with two different partners, I played 3 each, total six hands.

The 1st hand, it went from pass to 4 spade.

My partner opened with a pass, who has 7 hcp, and six spades. I’ve 11 hcp, 1 void. When my rho followed up with 1 heart bid, which is my void, I took a chance to respond with 1 spade bid. Although I’ve five clubs but I don’t feel comfortable to go to level 2, when my partner passed.

The bid:

R1: P, 1♥️, 1♠️, P
R2: 2♠️, 3♥️, PP
R3: 3♠️, 4♥️, pp
R4: 4♠️, ppp

… unfortunately, we made only 8/2, down 2.

The 3rd hand: after playing the previous two hands, I wasn’t going to bid again. But got this good looking hand: 17 hcp, 7 card suit, 1 singleton and 1 doubleton. The bid:

R1: 1♦️(me), 1♠️, P, 3H
R2: P, 3N, PP
R3: double, ppp

If they don’t clean us up with club, we’ve good chance to def the contract with my seven diamonds and one ace which could use it to transfer to diamond, which I did. We made 7 tricks.

My question: could or should I insist on diamond? For defeating a contract wins no under the line points.

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Serve: leg work … Sherri

Still working on my serve. Today, I practiced with my leg work. Although lost 4-6 and 1-6 with one double, I’m pretty happy. The stop and the waiter’s tray will be next.

A temp player, high school coach Sherri joined us. David and I lost 4-6, and she suggested battle of sexes. Unfortunately, we lost 1-6 to the boys, even there were many deuces, but we came up short. Over all a very good match.

4-6, 1-6, one double – why did I stop, and the tray [捂脸]

临时漂亮4.0女娃 (那个1 就是我们女对男的结果 她提议的… we’ve many deuces but came up
short [呲牙])
她是中学的教练 觉得她3.5 更合适: 稳但没什么武器


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