Girls night in bridge

A night of exciting bridge: all girls, and many interesting hands.

It’s the first time I bid 5 →

  1. Pass – my right hand; 1♣️ me; 1♦️; 2♣️
  2. 2♦️; 3♣️ me; 4♦️; pass
  3. pass; 5♣️ me

And I made it.

This hand, my right side opponent opened with 1♣️ – this is my suit as well: 6 clubs and total 14 hpc plus a singleton. I chanced it by bidding 1♠️ and made it.

Ira’s opinion:

You have two options: double 1C or pass. The double tells your partner you have opening points and the opponent took your bid, therefore your partner if possible make a bid; passing forces the left side opponent to bid or pass or lets your partner to bid. If everyone passes, you play 1C and most likely opponents will go down.

Below are some interesting hands

… more

  1. 3 3 3 4
  2. Long suit wins in NT
  3. A dream hand: 26 pts




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