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One punch, banned for life

I got the news that Tampa Bay Lightning had defeated New York Rangers in Game 6 (best of 7), 2:1 at the Garden as soon as I got out of the concert. It’s their 3rd year in a row into the Stanley Cups playoff. They have won the last two, 2020 and 2021.

A short video soon made the run on the internet: a Rangers’ fan (James Anastasio, 1993) in a red jersey sucker pouched a Lightning fan in blue after the game. The result came swiftly, and severely: he’s charged with two counts of assault and disorderly conduct and harassments by the police, and banned for life at the Garden.

In contrast, Tangshan bbq restaurant’s brawl was multiple men on one woman, and no one dared to stop the men.

Man on man
One punch 🤜
Banned for life

男对男 一拳 一辈子

星期六晚上 佛州的🏒️在纽约 打赢当地队 连续第三年 晋级决赛.

散场后纽约队粉红衣男 忍受不了佛州粉蓝衣男的兴奋, 回身敬了他一拳
结果 特别快 也简单明了
运动场也随即出声 🈲️此粉终生不得再来

这几年他们的职业球队不是赢冠军就是进决赛 不得了 忙得不亦乐乎

Happy Monday

啥黑社会 白社会的
是什么样的社会 容忍 姑息男人不仅打女人 还群殴一女人?
没有人敢去阻止 只能说明更严重的问题
“你没有伤她 为什么送她去医院”

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The fight strap

There was a movie named Fight Club (1999) with Brad Pitt and Ed Norton. In ice hockey, there is fight strap: a white elastic band attachment to the back bottom of NHL jersey. It measures 8.5″ x 1.5″, attaches to the pant, to prevent being pull off or cover their heads during a fight -:). Evidently, fighting is part of the game in NHL.

#79 Alexei Yashin (1973-) is one of popular players on Islanders’ team. He dated Carol Alt (1960-), a model.

What to do when you’ve too many gears – rackets, or team jerseys? Selling them isn’t a bad idea. The orange color jersey sold for $40.

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Lake Morey, VT

After skipping in 2021, and a postponement, the pond hockey tournament is finally underway this weekend. Whiskey Jack Daniel’s is a prominent sponsor. The local news WCAX in Fairlee has a segment on them.

Friday and Saturday’s weather is cloudy and pretty nasty. Sunday is a better day, sunny and mild.

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UBS Arena, NY Islanders’ new home

2400 Hempstead Turnpike
Elmont, NY 11003

2021.12.10, Genesis concert

It has a sticker price of $1.5 billion, opens for business on Nov 20, 2021, Empire State Building is putting on the colors to celebrate. As a side note, Islanders has not yet to win a home game (as of Dec 12, 2021).

Nov 20, 2021

Our first venture there, December 10, 2021 for Genesis concert. ⇓ There seems four entrances: three are for special guests/corp sponsors, the privilege few. Dime (Savings Bank) Club, Amex, etc. The main gate for us, is next to the bar, Belmont Hall. The seats are comfortable.


The food courts look substantial. Next time I think I’ll skip the Belmont Hall, head to the food courts/markets directly. There is a Chinese booth, MoGu Modern Chinese Kitchen. One of the items they sell is “air baked popcorn wontons’ which uses air fryer. A staff is doing the explaining, which I think is less effective than giving out samples. Ok, what do I know.

新球场虽然还没有完全竣工 但是已开始使用了. 比以前的好很多… 但岛人直到目前尚未赢一场 😂 不知是不是王嘉廉下了诅咒🤪
球场里的东西花样多也好吃过酒吧里的. 居然看到一家中餐 用 air fryer 炸混沌. 有个男人在解释 – 不如送些品尝 会不会更有效?
自从大麻合法后 质量明显的提高了好多 闻起来香香的 😁

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Gears: what to wear?

In sports, gears not only refer to equipments, such as tennis and badminton rackets, baseball bats or, ice skates, bathing suits, but outfits too, like team jerseys, t-shirts, caps, hats, headbands, etc.

What to wear??

… before going to a game can be a torturing decision, especially when you have a ton of that player or team’s gears.
看球赛 🏒️ 穿球衣. 只是件件都不好看. 苦水里泡大的娃和甜水里长大的娃 好像就是不一样 🥲. 胸前那个徽和咱们的补子有的拼: 一品清官? 要不九品芝麻官😉


岛人队的主要股东, Katie Ledecky 🏊‍♂️ 的叔叔Jon 喜欢和粉丝们互动,赛前赛后都会在门口伺候: 合影签名 high five. 俺谢了他说 ‘祝福你和Katie!’ 他好鸡冻喔, 搂着俺 “thank you thank you!” 虽然是她第三个奥运会 觉得她赢🏅️的机会非常大, 问题是几个.

他的卖主 Charles Wang 王嘉廉(1944上海-2018纽约) 刚刚买了岛人队后也被粉丝们媒体追捧,人气旺盛好一阵. 老王也曾经在门口服侍粉丝们:握手. 有时还带着他的小儿子. 只是他可能缺少一点激情还是他木纳的外表吧 有点岔路, 格格不入的感觉.

老王曾经的宏伟蓝图是把岛人球场周围改建 高大上的商业区 酒店, mall, ballpark, etc 成为拿骚县的新中心. 商场和官场不太一样 也可能他的政客体量不够. 长话短说 几经缩水 还是胎死腹中.

岛人球场破破烂烂 需要更新 最后只好搬家. 唉. 在布鲁克林打了几年. 那个球场非常不好 我去了二次就不想再去了. 前天的比赛是在旧址 Nassau Coliseum 会是最后一次了,有些依依不舍. 下一季岛人会返回长岛 但是在另外一个地方新建的球场打. 有些唏嘘 搬来搬去瞎折腾. 老王的蓝图挺好 没有被采用 小原因之一我觉得是种族.

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Jon Ledecky, 1958

The owner of the Islanders, Jon’s uncle of Katie Ledecky, the legendary distance swimmer. He bought out Charlies Wang in 2014 and became the majority owner since 2016. Fans love him too.

What to wear to a game is a headache: too many outfits to choose from.


We went to Giants’ play off in 2012 … then they won the Super Bowl. So will 2021 be the year for both of them, especially for Jon – I’ve no doubt that Katie will win more gold.

看球赛 🏒️ 穿球衣 只是件件都不好看. 苦水里泡大的娃和甜水里长大的娃 好像就是不一样 🥲. 胸前那个徽和咱们的补子有的拼: 一品清官? 要不九品芝麻官😉

岛人队的主要股东, Katie Ledecky 🏊‍♂️ 的叔叔Jon 喜欢和粉丝们互动,赛前赛后都会在门口伺候: 合影签名 high five. 俺谢了他后说 ‘祝福你和Katie!’ 他好鸡冻喔, 搂着俺 “thank you thank you!” 虽然是她第三个奥运会 觉得她赢🏅️的机会非常大, 问题是几个.

他的卖主王嘉廉(1944上海-2018纽约) 刚刚买了岛人队后也被粉丝们媒体追捧,人气旺盛好一阵. 老王也曾经在门口服侍粉丝们:握手. 有时还带着他的小儿子. 只是他可能缺少一点激情还是他木纳的外表吧 有点岔路,格格不入的感觉.
老王曾经的宏伟蓝图是把岛人球场周围改建 高大上的商业区 酒店, mall, ballpark, etc 成为拿骚县的新中心. 商场和官场不太一样 也可能他的政客体量不够. 长话短说 几经缩水 还是胎死腹中.
岛人球场破破烂烂 需要更新 最后只好搬家. 唉. 在布鲁克林打了几年. 那个球场非常不好 我去了二次就不想再去了. 这次比赛是在旧址 Nassau Coliseum 会是最后一次了, 有些依依不舍. 下一季岛人会返回长岛 但是在另外一个地方新建的球场打. 有些唏嘘 搬来搬去瞎折腾. 老王的蓝图挺好 没有被采用 小原因之一我觉得是种族.

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Islanders won 3:2

What a game! Happy Father’s Day! We won last night, the best dad’s day present 🎁.

NHL 2021 playoff, game 4: Tampa vs Islanders. All five goals were scored on our side, which was pure luck. The Nassau Coliseum was rocking throughout the game, never has a quiet moment, yelling, screaming, chanting, cheering, cursing, singing, yes the fans made their own songs for the players. 

We tailgated. Ops Tampa sucks shirts lol…and the farewell to Nassau Coliseum. Jerseys are big business, even the amateurs buy them for their own teams.    


Although rained a little during but it didn’t damp our enthusiasm, the party ranged on till the game time. Not every tailgaters had a ticket. Some went along for a ride and party while others waited for the last second panic sale.

The warm up, the entrance and the national anthem and our three goals and we won.

Islanders’s three goals were scored by #12 Josh Bailey – our favorite, #13 Mathew Brazal then #17 Matt Martin.

Lighting up the Coliseum; the ice chicks in bikini are gone, replaced with cleaners in blue jumpsuits;  



As usual, Jon Ledecky came out to mingle with us. After the game was over, fans didn’t want to leave, continuing their tailgating in the parking lot. 

Tailgating is quintessentially 🇺🇸 and, 🇨🇦.
在队伍赛事或者摇滚乐会前的车尾爬非常流行 – 只要在有停车场的地方 – 城市队如纽约的Rangers, DC 的capitals, etc., 无此景.
好几年前 东岸几个中国留学生搞了个电影节. 俺正好有一个短片 就参加了. 第一轮就被淘汰了. 然后还不停的接到他们的电子邮件📧
“亲们 请删掉我 … 已经出局了“
“哦 您还有一个短片进了呀.”
这才想起来 等待期间 去看了🏈 半决赛 – 后来赢了超级碗. 无意录了一些车尾爬的视频 就拼成第二个短片去参赛. 长话短说 入围但没赢.

这种地方几乎没有中国人. 所以每次俺问能不能照照您 人家永远都是 “当然” 然后站起来 郑重其事的整理一下衣冠… 再然后总问问 要喝点什么 … 😂 最近沸沸腾腾的这恨那恨的有些匪夷所思, 别自己找恨… 冰球🏒️是四个主要职业球赛里唯一一个非常单色 从球员到粉丝. 一直以来都觉得人人都非常友善.

5⃣️ 连续赢了四年 然后干旱至今. 现在进了play off 可想而知粉丝们会多嗨. 比赛结束后 继续🅿️车尾爬 [偷笑] 昨晚的球队是去年的冠军. Go #岛人 [强][跳跳]

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West Point v Sacred Heart

Tate Rink
West Point Academy, NY

Tate Rink is a 2,648-seat arena. Seats are only on both long sides. It’s very intimate and I enjoyed it enormously.

I thought, WP would win easily but it wasn’t the case. It’s their 3-game series and WP has lost the first one the night before. Within minute of the start, they scored, and by the end of the first period, they led 2-1. In the 2nd and 3rd periods, they constantly icing bec SHU played better. But in the end, they managed to win 4-3 in the (4th five on five and 5th period is 3 on 3) 6th period shootout. The shootout that sealed their win.


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Out door ice hockey

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Ilya Kovalchuk returns

He was the 1st overall draft in 2001 by Atlanta Thrashers. At renewal of his contract in 2010, he reportedly turned down 12-year $101 million or 7-year, $70 million contracts, and was traded to New Jersey Devils, and by the summer, he agreed to a contract 17-year @ $102 million with the Devils. Then he chose to retire, leaving behind $77 million (for the next 12 years) – so he could play for Putin @ Saint Petersburg – Putin’s hometown.

I’ve joked in 2014, that he should check Putin’s reputation and bank account. Soon, the oil dropped and Putin couldn’t pay … Yahoo reported 2016 that he has to play in China. LOL. Seriously, China?

Anyway, starting this 2018-9 sesason, he returns to USA, playing for LA Kings. Looks like the American dollar is far better than Russian ruble.

他是2001年的第一次总选秀, 被亚特兰大鸫鸟队选中. 据报道, 在2010年续约时, 他拒绝了12年1.01亿美元或7年7,000万美元的合同. 结果被踢到新泽西州的魔鬼队, 签订了17年合约, 1.02亿美元. (比原队少好多). 然后… 然后… 5年后他选择退休 (走法律空隙的那种), 因为他想替普京效力@圣彼得堡 – 普京的家乡.

我那时说过: 也不查查普京的为人和他银行户口 … 然后 … 然后 …普京变成穷光蛋 没有钱付. 习大大说: 过来, 我们有钱 …  在中国打的实在不过瘾. 然后… 然后…现在又灰溜溜的回来美国. 看起来美元远远好于俄罗斯卢布.

挺精神的小伙子 怎么这么 …

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