Islanders won 3:2 over Lightning

What a game! Happy Father’s Day! We won last night against TampaBay Lightning, the best dad’s day present 🎁.

NHL 2021 playoff, game 4: Tampa vs Islanders. All five goals were scored on our side, which was pure luck. The Nassau Coliseum was rocking throughout the game, never has a quiet moment, yelling, screaming, chanting, cheering, cursing, singing, yes the fans made their own songs for the players. 

We tailgated. Ops Tampa sucks shirts lol…and the farewell to Nassau Coliseum. Jerseys are big business, even the amateurs buy them for their own teams.    


Although rained a little during but it didn’t damp our enthusiasm, the party ranged on till the game time. Not every tailgaters had a ticket. Some went along for a ride and party while others waited for the last second panic sale.

The warm up, the entrance and the national anthem and our three goals and we won.

Islanders’s three goals were scored by #12 Josh Bailey – our favorite, #13 Mathew Brazal then #17 Matt Martin.

Lighting up the Coliseum; the ice chicks in bikini are gone, replaced with cleaners in blue jumpsuits;  



As usual, Jon Ledecky came out to mingle with us. After the game was over, fans didn’t want to leave, continuing their tailgating in the parking lot. 

Tailgating is quintessentially 🇺🇸 and, 🇨🇦.
在队伍赛事或者摇滚乐会前的车尾爬非常流行 – 只要在有停车场的地方 – 城市队如纽约的Rangers, DC 的capitals, etc., 无此景.
好几年前 东岸几个中国留学生搞了个电影节. 俺正好有一个短片 就参加了. 第一轮就被淘汰了. 然后还不停的接到他们的电子邮件📧
“亲们 请删掉我 … 已经出局了“
“哦 您还有一个短片进了呀.”
这才想起来 等待期间 去看了🏈 半决赛 – 后来赢了超级碗. 无意录了一些车尾爬的视频 就拼成第二个短片去参赛. 长话短说 入围但没赢.

这种地方几乎没有中国人. 所以每次俺问能不能照照您 人家永远都是 “当然” 然后站起来 郑重其事的整理一下衣冠… 再然后总问问 要喝点什么 … 😂 最近沸沸腾腾的这恨那恨的有些匪夷所思, 别自己找恨… 冰球🏒️是四个主要职业球赛里唯一一个非常单色 从球员到粉丝. 一直以来都觉得人人都非常友善.

5⃣️ 连续赢了四年 然后干旱至今. 现在进了play off 可想而知粉丝们会多嗨. 比赛结束后 继续🅿️车尾爬 [偷笑] 昨晚的球队是去年的冠军. Go #岛人 [强][跳跳]

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