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21 miles in June

Hooray I got in 37,020 yards / 21.03 miles of swim this month.

It started when I signed up the Red Cross 15 mile swim challenge, which I fulfilled on June 21st, with the longest swim of 28 times in the pool this June: 2,620 yd / 1.49 mile.

Michael Douglas or Gordon Gekko once said that greed … is good. I think challenge is even better.

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2’06” – 100 yards

A pretty good timing for the first 15 minutes @ 2’06”, without trying hard in free style, without missing a single flip turns.

The second half of swim is breaststroke, at 2’38” per 100 yards.

Total yardage is 1,660, which brings up to date in June to 32,460 yd. 1.56 miles to go for 20 miles mark.


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Yellow River piano concerto

This is one of my two faves fm China, and a good companion in the pool. Unfortunately, the good recording / live performance is poor – wrong notes are prevalent (which is ok in the water…). The concerto is about 20-24 minutes, so after two, I’m pretty much done my swim: I’ve no problem to listen to it back to back – I’m a bore.

I’m always moved at the end, when East is Red comes on. Looking back at the childhood melody, the feeling is mixed. Out of blue, I googled it today, 黄河钢琴协奏曲 东方红, saw a few posts asking if it ruined the concerto by adding the East is Red.

zhihu 有去掉“东方红”版的钢琴协奏曲《黄河》,至今记得一个可能粗俗但非常精辟的评论,说这个版本的感觉,就好像前面一直弄得很爽,爽到快要出来的时候突然萎了。


某李小龙纪录片中,一个来自白人女演员的著名评价是,李小龙让中国男人有了种(he put balls on Chinese men)。当然,这里指的是在西方的荧幕上。李小龙之前,好莱坞荧幕上的华人男性除了傅满洲那种神秘邪恶的大反派,基本上就是贼眉鼠眼、男人的各种能力都不行的怂蛋。李小龙在他短暂的生命中直接完成大逆转。他让功夫片成为热门,他自己成为荧幕上最能打的人,让白人花钱买票看他揍白人,还为之叫好。这甚至影响出一波黑人崇拜李小龙的风潮,视李小龙为精神导师,拍摄黑人功夫电影(这曾是一个重要的电影类型)。


The few I’ve been listing to: (Can’t find one by Lang Lang – thought he’s the perfect one to play this. Li Yundi won’t, imho)

  • Zhang Haiou 张海鸥 2022 w/ Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra
  • Lu Jia’s in 2022
  • Vladimir Khomyakov 2019 w/ Ningbo Symphony 钢琴协奏曲
  • Victor Ong 王俊霖 2017
  • Rueibin Chen 陳瑞斌 2017
  • Yin Chengzong
    • 2024 @ 国家大剧院音乐厅
    • 2021 w/ Suzhou Chinese Orchestra 苏州民族管弦乐团
    • 2019 w/ Shenzhen 深圳交响乐团
    • 1970?

I saw Yin Chengzhong twice in New York. Once at an up state church in 1987, and then Tully Hall (the smaller one auditorium at Lincoln Center; he was hired by a travel agency) in 2015.

这二天的长距离都是1,560 纯属巧合. 今天慢了四分钟 因为中间🎵停了 上岸弄 Youtube (只会用油管) 无意中看到 人民音乐家冼星海… “人民”是啥意思呢? 黛安娜也自称是 people’s princess 前者不知所措 后者觉得很陈词滥调.

非常喜欢黄河钢琴协奏曲 是俺泳池里听的最多的 老柴的第二. 原因之一是没有好的录音/现场 错音符多如牛毛 (不知道为什么没有朗郎的)… 每次听到最后的东方红太阳升时 都热泪盈眶
通常早上去游 游完后正好太阳开始升起 – 倒是不觉得是败笔
几年前看到70年代纽约时报报道 称此曲是垃圾

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Vietnam, a history

Vietnam, A History by Stanley Karnow, published in 1983; this paperback revised edition was published in 1997.

p108 “A local caricature spoofs a Vietnamese who has been converted by French culture into a tennis player. In fact, many Vietnamese nationalists who opposed colonial rule were the products of French schools.”

Google translates: 当地有一幅漫画讽刺一名越南人被法国文化改造成网球运动员. 事实上,许多反对殖民统治的越南民族主义者都是法国学校的产物.


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A new foursome

Played with Gary, Lou and Pete: 2-5, 2-5, 3-2 on serve when we decided to quit. I’ve one double.

Did 360 yards of swim.

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Mission accomplished 挑战完成

The last few yards of Red Cross 15 mile June challenge!

The bulk 2,200 yd is done in 51 minutes (total 2,620 in an hour). The water temp is 82° (better than 85 or 86 … lol).

I swam daily since June 1, (except 6.16) 27,020 yards / 15.35 miles / 24,707 meters.

Music is Hilary Hahn‘s Tschaikowsky violin concerto.

… so the Paris Olympic (Fri, Jul 26 to Sun, Aug 11, 2024) is upon us. One sweet story: Erin Gemmell (2004-), the 19 years old just made the 200m free at the US swimming trail:

Women’s 200m Freestyle – FINAL 1 –

  1. Katie Ledecky (Bethesda, Md./Gator Swim Club), 1:55.22 2
  2. Claire Weinstein (Las Vegas, Nev./Sandpipers of Nevada), 1:56.18
  3. Paige Madden (Mobile, Ala./New York Athletic Club) 1:56.35
  4. Erin Gemmell (Potomac, Md./NCAP), 1:56.75

Her dad Bruce Gemmell was once, a coach of Katie Ledecky (1997-) and young Erin had been inspired by Ledecky so much, she turned out to be an Olympian herself. With Phoebe Bacon (2002-), the three are all from the same Stone Ridge school.

…ok, here is old me ⇓

Mission accomplished 😊

20天一共🏊‍♀️ 15.35哩
27,020 yd
24,707 米

巴黎奥运马上就要开始了 各种trials 选拔赛都在如火如荼的进行中

女子200米自由式 已经出炉了
#1 Katie Ledecky – 1:55.22
#2 Claire Weinstein – 1:56.18
#3 Paige Madden – 1:56.35
#4 Erin Gemmell – 1:56.75

小4 娃的爸爸训练过#1女神. 二人也是校友. 4娃从小就迷恋#1. 现在二队友就要出征巴黎
小激动喔 [偷笑]

(小四的哥哥也是游长距离. 2012 伦敦奥运会1,500米 第九名. 2011上海 5公里队 得金)

🏊‍♀️周末快乐 [愉快]
多游多乐 [偷笑]

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Face the wall

It’s a kind of punishment for kids … I’m taking it today bec my serve hasn’t really improved.


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6-2, 6-2, 4-1 … drop your arm

With Bob B, Sha and John. It was a good match but we couldn’t play any more.
I went in early, as usual, to practice my serve … the overwhelming critics is: drop your arm!


一男娃问下星期六 …
… 看他好失望 (第三次约了) 就说 7:30 行吗?
小鲜肉说 7:45: quarter to
大妈问 court?
Quarter 和 court 有相似的地方吗? 而且我们是在讲时间
I’m losing it [Lol]
哦 那小鲜肉真鲜吗?
不是 … 是俺记不住他叫啥来着 [Lol][偷笑]

周末快乐 俺回家干活去



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Twin rainbow

Rain came during our second set, interrupting but entertaining us with two rainbows.

The morning tennis has become increasingly hot, even when we start at 7:30am, the sun is already burning down on us. So we switching our play to the evening. One obvious thing is I feel loaded: with food and drinks throughout the day. But it’s cooler and more comfortable.

Hope and I lost to Barb Dave G 4-6, and we were on serve at the second set when the rain came.

The water temp at the pool was 85°. I only managed 200 yards, it was way too hot.

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2,240 yd, 2,048 meter

A small record during the 15 mile challenge (in a long time): 2,240 yards = 1.2 miles = 2,048 meter, in the 20 yard pool:🏊‍♀️ 1:01 🏊‍♀️. (98% in breaststroke: the headphone goes on and off …) I haven’t swam this long in the pool for a long while. March 2nd 1.2m was open water. Time wise are similar.

Red Cross 15 mile challenge is pushing me, to exercise seven days a week – this is a first too.

2,240yd = 1.2miles [得意]
一小时一分钟 2,048 米, 98% 蛙泳

长度小记录 有几年没有游泳池2千米了. 三月初的2千米是海里 时间差不多
吃了半条黄油🧈二包饼干 😋

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