6-2, 6-2, 4-1 … drop your arm

With Bob B, Sha and John. It was a good match but we couldn’t play any more.
I went in early, as usual, to practice my serve … the overwhelming critics is: drop your arm!


一男娃问下星期六 …
… 看他好失望 (第三次约了) 就说 7:30 行吗?
小鲜肉说 7:45: quarter to
大妈问 court?
Quarter 和 court 有相似的地方吗? 而且我们是在讲时间
I’m losing it [Lol]
哦 那小鲜肉真鲜吗?
不是 … 是俺记不住他叫啥来着 [Lol][偷笑]

周末快乐 俺回家干活去



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