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Fatso …

Recently, I noticed a little change in the active wear industry: they showcase the fatso next to the perfect bodied models. 

Isn’t this something to celebrate? 

Let’s face it : how many of us has the perfect body?

… that 99% body type get a spot on the commercial 👏🏻 Athleta is one of many active wear brand, nothing really special but by putting up a fatso is eye catching, simply great. Buy from it, Gap’s many brands.

哇 99% 的体型在广告上占有一席之地 👏🏻 Athleta (Gap’s) 是众多运动服品牌之一,没啥特别的,但是通过放一个胖子很引人注目,棒 🐂. 变粉 起买.

Happy Monday 

The skirt sells for $69 and the skinny short at $59.


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Rudy Giuliani

Rudolph Giuliani is seen here with girls’ basketball team, back in the days.

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Line call and 0-6

It’s not a good night.

A new player came to play. I served to ad court and my ball hit the doubles line. There was the sound and followed by the funny bounce. Yet, the new player called it out.

“Did you hear the sound?”


Sometimes I wonder if they play dumb to get away with it.

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50 shades of grey

All of us won a grey top -:)

6-4, 6-4, 4-4: a hard fought win.

I got hit for the first time as my partner was receiving the serve. I was too slow to move away. I told our opponents that they got the point but they didn’t believe me. Oh well … 

Question: During my singles match, I hit a ball to my opponent and it hit his shoe on the fly. At the time he was standing behind the baseline. My opponent said the ball was out and it didn’t matter that it hit his shoe because he was behind the baseline. I argued that if the ball hits a player or any part of his body/apparel with the exception of the racquet, the point is the hitter’s. Who wins the point?

ANSWER: You win the point. Rule 24i explains that a player loses the point if a ball in play touches the player or anything the player is wearing or carrying (excluding the racquet). Your opponent lost the point as soon as the ball hit his shoe. Code 19 requires your opponent to concede the point when this happens.

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Broken string 断弦

Another one hour hard hitting session, and my string was broken. Unlike many players, my string lasts forever. Some players like to have their racket restrung annually. I always re-string when it busted.

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Planting Fields

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Golfing, after a long while

It’s been a while for us, to golf.

This is what Tiger does

… and this is what I do or did… in my PJ, sorry.

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More matches

More 🎾 look-alike @ the US Open

Doesn’t Victoria Azarenka look like FB’s Mark Zuckerberg? She’s probably more man than him …  The match between Alex de Minaur of Australia and Deminic Thiem of Austria is pretty good … don’t you think de Minaur look like Hitler?


1⃣️ 盗图 [呲牙] 她也是妈妈 … 叫春的声音震耳欲聋. 比小扎还男人 😂 2⃣️ 希特勒了? 3⃣️ 为数极少的单反 [强] 秀秀气气的像谁? 希望他明天打死那个🇷🇺 讨厌鬼 [呲牙] 主持人问 “混双你会选谁?” “小威” [呲牙] 都有幽默

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3-6, …

… couldn’t have played worse …

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The swan lake 天鹅湖

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