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Goalie Lundqvist

Rangers’ goaltender Henrik Lundqvist (1982-) had retired and his number 30 is officially retired on January 28, 2022. He was drafted by Rangers in 2000 205th overall and player for the team from 2001-2020. The first overall pick in 2000 was also a goalie by Islanders, Rick DiPietro – same position with two different career outcomes.

The goal keep cut a dashing figure in New York, always dressed to the nine. He jams with John McEnroe who presented him a guitar at MSG.

Mid pic: Hugh Jackman, John McEnroe and Lundqvist; R: Lundqvist, McEnroe Ed Norton and Joker 

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The end of a very controversial game

Photo courtesy: Guo Jian   

Beijing winter Olympic is over, China collected her most gold in a winter game: 9, ranking 3rd, one spot ahead of USA. NYT terms it the joyless spectacle (2022.2.20). WSJ “highlight its divisions” and “never do it again.”

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong’s performance, reportedly, was excellent. 👍 I just watched Anna Shcherbakova who won the gold on Youtube: she’s so beautiful, and couldn’t believe my eyes that not a single teammate congratulated her and everyone was consulting the little drug user: Anna’s Russian, isn’t she, for Pete’s sake?


Photoshopped? I don’t think she would do it.

奥运结束 🇨🇳最成功的冬季 👏🏻 奖牌赢排名第三 (🇺🇸小四; 女🏒️又输给了🇨🇦 😹).

新闻报道常规. 几乎被其它劲闻淹没: 谷娃娃转国和2金一银; 八娃妈和链; 🇷🇺 吃药娃和金牌; 贼眉鼠眼普京和乌克兰… 哦御 鹅的天啊 [捂脸] 明明是属于俺北京的二个多星期的荣誉和光芒 结果…

老贼也太不识相了 习大大的大爬他竟然敢集军闹事炒蹭热度 (阻扰🇺🇦加入北约)真不厚道. 听说大大还给刚刚赏了他一个1000亿美元能源协议… 这哪里是朋友呀!?

今天BBC报道 乌克兰🇺🇦总统跑去慕尼黑(享受起立鼓掌)捶胸顿足 指天画地的要求加入NATO北约…

蛋痛 蛋痛 蛋痛 [呲牙]

刚刚看了 灰姑娘Anna Shcherbakova [强] 比那个吃药 💊的漂亮多了 … 有没有看到她赢了金牌后没有队友祝贺她 [捂脸] 简直了

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Indian Island yoga

This Suffolk park is little known but wonderful, for hiking and yoga on a sand bar.


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Hudson Highlands

Went to hiking at Hudson Highland with a friend and two of her friends, one is a yoga instructor. I haven’t practice yoga in a few years and forgot the proper way of doing some poses. This is a great touching up trip for my yoga: importance of Continuing Ed lol

Some multiples


… and a few single


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Planting Fields

Another visit to Planting Fields and yoga

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A sex scandal: Peng Shuai and Zhang Gaoli

Reuters reports “BEIJING, Nov 3 (Reuters) – Former world No.1 tennis doubles player Peng Shuai, one of China’s biggest sporting stars, has publicly accused a former Chinese vice premier of forcing her into sex several years ago in a social media post that was later deleted.”  Chinese tennis star accuses former vice-premier of #MeToo abuse, headlined the Guardian.

The VP in question is Zhang Gaoli (张高丽 1946– ). Peng (彭帅 1986-) had achieved doubles ranking #1 in 2014. She never won a grand slam in singles. I remembered her the best was her semi final at US Open, against Caroline Wozniacki, refusing to retire. I thought it wasn’t fair and sportsmanlike. And, it was totally not cool. … SO, USTA was willing to bend the rule for her in 2014 but now, merely seven years later, in 2021, is willing to pull out of China?


… and yes, WTA pulled out of China in 2022, may return in 2023, per CEO Steve Simon.

~ Guardian: WTA boss placing principle ahead of profit in standing up to China
~ Time: His Fight for a Chinese Star
~ cnn: IOC’s call with Peng Shuai ‘very much orchestrated’



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Mary Carillo objects

This HBO Sports humorous short film is really funny: Got No Game with Paul Mecurio (1960?-), the lawyer turned comedian: Race in Sports.

A group of men are dividing up the sports by race, then came in Mary Carillo, to serve coffee and rejecting the notion that women can play sport, such as tennis that their breasts get in the way of backhand and pregnant 9 months out of a year …

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Is this a discrimination?

Sport bars is a major scene of New York, or any big city. This Bravo Pizza (360 7th Avenue @ 30th St.) displays almost all the logos of New York teams but Islanders. I know it’s Rangers’ territory but …

  • Rangers
  • Yankees
  • Mets
  • Jets
  • Knicks

Where is Islanders?

Some other bars we used to go: the Blarney Stone, Triple Crown, Mustang Harry’s  …

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Long or short?

I thought I knew swim well but that proved me so wrong when I first arrived in the US, Honolulu, Hawaii: the Olympics size pool, in fact, was less than half the size of 50 meters (25 yards is ). I was mortified and disappointed. I argued with the hotel … you know where that would lead to. Poor as China (in 1986) and tiny as Hong Kong, all our pools were 50 meters. I couldn’t imagine the richest country is so cheap on the pools. Yet, they manage to produce huge among of elite swimmers. 

I found the following on FB, regarding the long and short course swimming feuds:

Coleman Stewart ‘Cannot Understand USA Swimming’s Reasoning’ for Short Course Worlds Snub
By David Rieder/Swimming World 28 October 2021

In his first ISL match of the season, Coleman Stewart crushed the world record in the short course meters 100 backstroke. But despite all that, he was not named to USA Swimming’s team for the Short Course World Championships in December in Abu Dhabi, and Stewart is not being shy about his frustrations with the process that left him without a chance at a world title.

After USA Swimming’s announcement of the teams bound for Abu Dhabi Thursday afternoon, Stewart posted about his disappointment to Twitter and Instagram. He wrote, “I was not offered a spot on the short course worlds team by USA Swimming. As the current world record holder in a short course event, I cannot understand USA Swimming’s reasoning behind the decision.”

Stewart went on to criticize USA Swimming for picking short course teams based on long course results, calling it “an outdated selection process that has worked in the past, and may continue to work due to the depth of our swimmers, but it leaves off some of the best swimmers America has to offer. USA Swimming has a history of only caring for their top-tier long course swimmers, and leaving multiple short course American record holders off the team has only solidified this in my opinion.”

Previously, Stewart had revealed on the “Inside with Brett Hawke” podcast that he had not heard from USA Swimming about Short Course Worlds. Both Stewart and host Brett Hawke expressed surprise and frustration about the situation, especially considering his remarkable efforts over the past few months.

On August 29, Stewart swam a 48.33 to lop a quarter-second off Kliment Kolesnikov’s previous record, just one day after he clipped Matt Grevers’ previous American record in the event. Stewart, a former standout for the NC State Wolfpack, went on to have consistent success in the sprint backstroke events all season while representing the Cali Condors. He scored three wins in both the 50 and 100-meter distances plus one win in the 200 back during his month-long stint in Naples, Italy.

However, USA Swimming selected its team for Short Course Worlds from its official 2021-22 National Team, which was based entirely on long course swimming. According to the organization’s website, the National Team includes “the six (6) athletes with the fastest times in each individual Olympic event, from the combined results of all USA Swimming or FINA sanctioned competitions, will be named to the roster.” In many events, that resulted in a group similar to the top six finishers from Olympic Trials making the cut.

A group which, by the way, did include Stewart — just not for the 100 back. At Olympic Trials, the 23-year-old from York, Pa., tied for fourth in the 100 fly, missing the Olympic team by about six tenths, and he took eighth in a very tight 100 free final, coming even closer to making the team with six swimmers selected for relay purposes. But in the 100 back, Stewart placed 10th in the semifinals in 53.91. In comparison, Trials runnerup Hunter Armstrong swam a 52.48, and the sixth-fastest American in the event long course, Matt Grevers, has a top time this year of 53.18.

So based on those criteria, Stewart was never going to be selected for the 100 back. Maybe the 100 fly, should enough swimmers decline spots, but those spots went to Trials runnerup Tom Shields and the versatile Michael Andrew, the No. 2 swimmer in the country this year.

The truth is that Stewart is correct in his assertion USA Swimming has never prioritized Short Course Worlds. It has been years since a short course selection meet was held, and usually, the spots go to whichever top long course swimmers are interested in attending. That comes at the detriment of swimmers who excel in short course but are still seeking a long course breakthrough — like Stewart and Beata Nelson. Nelson had eight individual wins for the Cali Condors this ISL season, and in that span, she broke the American record in the 100 IM (57.90) and fell just a half-second short of Missy Franklin’s decade-old record in the 200 back.

Nelson would undoubtedly be a gold-medal contender in Abu Dhabi, but instead, the American representatives in the 200 back will be Rhyan White and Isabelle Stadden, and Melanie Margalis and Abbey Weitzeil will swim the 100 IM. The first three are excellent swimmers in their respective events, but none have been racing in the ISL all year and accumulating valuable short course meters experience. Weitzeil has been in the ISL, but she is a sprint freestyler, maybe good for a 50 fly thrown into the mix.

Most years, the Short Course Worlds are sparsely attended among American and international swimmers. Short course world titles and medals simply do not carry the gravitas of their long course cousins. Same thing with short course records, since many top athletes never mess with short course meters. In 2021, the will be even more down than usual following off the Olympics and the COVID-19 pandemic. Australia has already announced it will not send a representative team.

Still, the selection criteria just lack some logic. Especially with so much more short course meters racing to be had in this age of the ISL, why not give the best short course swimmers in the world a chance at some international glory, a chance to bolster their résumé and maybe pick up some cash along the way? That’s a chance that Stewart and others would certainly sign up for.

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 Yoga at Lake Minnewaska

A few minutes yoga at Lake Minnewaska @ New Paltz


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