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My first pickleball playoff

😊 made into my very first pickleball playoff: 16 players in seven rounds. I won 29 points (winning team awards the difference of the two scores; losing team receives 0). In the play off – the 8th round, three big boys took 🥇, silver and bronze medal 🥉 … little Irene left empty hand 😂 (wait a second – I can always change my gender … right? 😆 😂)

I played probably less than 10 times in total, even counting in the few times in new Yoek, and am still making elementary mistakes, like volley in the kitchen and hit a return without bouncing, … on top of it, my hitting arm is in pain. Having missed last tourney, I decided to play no matter what. (Not play, my ❤️ will be in pain … so two pains vs one pain, a simple math 🧮) Glad I did. A little improvement: can manage the scores without mistake 😊

Big hearty thanks to all my eight partners!

All have a great Memorial Day – very grateful to those who served!

The result

  • #1 Mary 11-0 vs Linda and Melany
  • #2 Angela 4-11, man n Mary
  • #3 Linda 5-11,  Bob n Angela
  • #4 Bob 12-10, Mary Marc
  • #5 Marc 10-2, Linda n guy
  • #6 Smallot 5-11, Melany and Bob
  • #7 Melany 11-4 Marc and Angela
    I won 29 points ⇑ before the playoffs ⇓
  • #8 John, 5-11, Bob & Wilson

打进第一个匹克球 (?) 决赛 [得意]
不打心会痛 所以 忍痛上阵[偷笑]
能够进决赛 狠高兴☺️
要求不高时时开心 [呲牙]

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The mornings & sun rise

An early bird … getting up early, seeing different scenes at the same locations:

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NY Mets @ Clover Park

31 Piazza Dr.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Will return.

Mets’ training days are played here. We passed by Cardinals’ in Jupiter which looks rather minor. This one for the Mets is pretty major.

It’s my first time to a training game and like it a lot. The park is intimate compare to Shea and now Citifield. The bathrooms are plenty and clean. Food smell rather good – given the fact that I just had a huge meal. Staff is courteous.

Tonight’s game vs St. Louis Cardinals is a tie: 4-4.


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A kinder group of people

The pickleball players in my community is defiantly kinder. I played with there today for the first time and every one of them was courteous and willing to give me pointers. Compare to my last play at a neighboring compound, where the opponents faulted me, of course rightfully, for my volleys in the kitchen – they wanted to win that badly, on player who is very raw and inexperienced – doesn’t know much about the game. Sports do give a pretty good read on a person.

I got wins laying with Joe and Barbara H: thanks!!

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The line at the top

Climbing the Everest isn’t lonesome sport anymore, for some years, if not decades. Lately, I’ve been seeing photos of the climbers waiting in lone long line to get to the top. Any fun?

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Dawn, dusk and yoga

Before the sun rise and set in November

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Yoga on the deck

A glorious day, at sea, unfortunately – would rather have it when we have excursion …

I ended up led a short yoga session – ya, me leading, can’t imagine but I did. I think everyone is trying to do something.

All the photos are taken by ship’s photographer, thank you!


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Yoga in Canada

Did a few poses at Akpatok Island, Canada, with mud boots, life vest and the parka. It’s polar bears territory, so our armed guards ask us to have the life vest while on the beach – so we can run or evacuate immediately should a bear appear.

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Goalie Lundqvist

Rangers’ goaltender Henrik Lundqvist (1982-) had retired and his number 30 is officially retired on January 28, 2022. He was drafted by Rangers in 2000 205th overall and player for the team from 2001-2020. The first overall pick in 2000 was also a goalie by Islanders, Rick DiPietro – same position with two different career outcomes.

The goal keep cut a dashing figure in New York, always dressed to the nine. He jams with John McEnroe who presented him a guitar at MSG.

Mid pic: Hugh Jackman, John McEnroe and Lundqvist; R: Lundqvist, McEnroe Ed Norton and Joker 

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Association of Tennis Professionals, is the men’s tennis group

WTA wiki, Women’s Tennis Association

  • Grand Slam (4)
  • WTA Finals (1)
  • 1000 Tournaments (9)

ATP Challenger Tour has 175 and 125 series, with 175 and 125 ranking points to the champions respectively. 

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