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Day 11 @ the Open

Two semis of men’s doubles at Louis Armstrong stadium:

American Rajeev Ram and Joe Salisbury defeat Robert Farah and Juan Sebastian Cabal 7-5, 4-6, 7-6 (10-6). It was a great match. The skeleton of fans were heavily Hispanics and they cheered wildly for the Colombian pair, but unfortunately they lost in the third set tiebreak (10-6). Ram and Salisbury won the final the following day at Ashe in two sets, two years in a row.

Jenifer Zhang umpired the Ram/Salisbury match. Are they the sharpshooters?


$24 salad – looking good. We got our food from Rongwang, decent but a little over priced.

We didn’t stay for the second match, Skupski and Dutchman Wesley Koolhof defeat Marcelo Arevalo and Jean-Julien Rojer 6-4 and 7-5.

We visited Amex Lounge / fan experience hub which is pleasant, as usual. Suntan lotion, nails, etc.


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Zhang vs Gauff

Day 8 at the US Open. Ladies’ round of 16. Zhang Shuai (1989-; 5’10”, 2003; $8.9m) is playing Coco Gauff (2004-; 5’9″; 2018; $4.8m) on the center court, the Ashe Stadium. So far it is a good match. Coco was born a year after Zhang turned pro.

Zhang’s career isn’t as promising as Coco’s. In 2016, she even thinking of retiring due to 14 failed attempts in the main draw. She took her mother to Australian Open … however, she beat Simone Halep in the first round and advanced to the quarter. The good result encouraged her to remain in the game, and won a couple of slam doubles (2019 Aussie and 2021 US) with Stosur.

Zhang vs Gauff (r of 16) is pretty good. Both plays well. Coco was born a year after Zhang turned pro. Zhang’s career isn’t as promising as Coco’s and she almost retired in 2016 due to poor results… Now, two slam’s doubles titles and, a very confident player. I watched Coco here in 2019 when she reached the 3rd round. It was a night game and we went nuts for her. She was little (only 15 at the time), reminded me of Degas’ Little Dancer. I didn’t realize that Zhang grunts too, till now.

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A wonderful flight

Delta flight DL1695 took off on time, on 7:10pm, just as the women’s doubles first round began. The Williams sisters play Linda Nosková (2004, 2019; $165,486) and Lucie Hradecká (1985, 2004; $5,989k), both are Czech.

What are treat! Delta streaming espn live.

However, Venus isn’t up to the task and is making unforced errors left and right. She isn’t moving at all, like a tree, as if to stand her ground; often caught unprepared.

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Serena won her first round

Serena played on the Day 1 evening session, beating Montenegrin Danka Kovinić (1994; 2010, $2.6m) 6:3, 6:3. Her fans packed her practice session too. Her blue skirt is pretty.

A Facebook post: top 10 best paid tennis players in the past 12 month; when Serena plays, the Who’s who / stars coming out to watch; Spike Lee is at the coin toss ceremony.

6-3, 6-3, not too much work for Serena.

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US Open 2022

This year’s Open is from Aug 29 to Sept 11, has $60,102,000 prize purse, with $2.6m to the two winners in singles. Last year was $57m/$2.5m, and 2020 was $53m/$3m.

Getting ready for the opening day, driving in the last nail

The biggest news is that Serena is retiring after this tourney. So, this is the last. Where she won her first in 1999, as a 17 years old girl – two weeks shy of her 18th birthday.

Perks from the sponsors

  • Chase Lounge is booked out solid: two days after they opened up for reservation. I thought I’m early.
  • Amex Lounge

A part sunshine, part cloud and part of rain. Declines figs freshly off the tree. We also got wontons & beancurd from Flushing.


We stayed in the Louis Armstrong, watching the pros practicing, also wait out the occasion rains.


A view of NY Mets’ Citifield from Armstrong Stadium. A nice tattoo on the coach’s arm.

The exit to parking lot, flowers and the benches by the City park courts that now used as the practice court for the tourney.

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My tennis rackets

I started to play tennis since 1986. And don’t buy many gears. Cleaning today, found some of my past rackets.

My first one was the most expensive one: a Prince that cost over $200 in 1986 and it was heavy. The only thing made me buy it was the look. I lost a radish Thunderbolt in the park.

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Two Germans reach their hight

Tatjana Maria (1987-; 2001; $3.5m) def her countrywoman Jule Niemeier (1999-; 2016; $343,672) in three sets. They hugged for a long time at the net, which is heartwarming. Maria has two daughters.

  • Serena (1981-) 1995-, 23 slams, $94.5m
  • Venue (1980-) 1994-, 10 slams, $42m
  • Graf (1969-) 1982-99, 22 slams, $21.9m

Look at the above stats, it’s hard to win a grand slam during their reign.

温网🎾 小威 第一圈就被一个名不经转的巴黎中国女打出局了 (没胃口说她 … 丑)
(最帅的是 Sampras 三浦斯 赢完第14个大满贯就宣布退休. 急流勇退 [强] 完美)
让其她娃娃们有个机会举举杯 享受享受赢的滋味儿 😋

这不 牛鬼蛇神粉墨登场 没贬义哈二个🇩🇪娃争妍 进半决赛
姜 还是老的辣
虽然年纪差好多 但赛后的拥抱好温馨
威威独霸网坛20多年 赢了23个
她姐姐大威 同期赢了10个
在她姐妹前是Steffi Graf 崮拉福 赢了22个 [苦涩]

毁了多少其她娃子们的梦 [呲牙]

㊗️[福] 福这个妈妈 更胜一筹[玫瑰]

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Two finals

I got up at crack of dawn to watch Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula (1994-; 2009; $4.9m) vs two French women Caroline Garcia (1993-; 2011; $11m) and Kristina ‘Kiki’ Mladenovic (1993-; 2009; $12m), but was disappointed after the first set: the two Americans couldn’t get their act together any more, specially Pegula being passed left and right in the alley.

The two French women came back strong and won. They’ve many similarities: both were born in the same year in France – from their names, their origins suggest Spain and Yugoslav; of similar high and physiques, and prize income. They deserved the win and $620,000.

Rafael Nadal def Casper Ruud (1998-; 2015; $7.5m) easily: 3, 3, 0. It’s Rafa’s 14th on the red clay and 22 overall. Their respective royal family came to cheer them on: King Felipe VI (1968-; since 2014) of Spain and H.R.H. crown prince Haakon (1973-) of Norway.


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Women’s final @ French Open

Someone happy 😊 some sad 😢 @ Roland Garros. So is the game. It was Iga Świątek’s second, Coco Gauff’s first grand slam final.

🇵🇱娃 干净 利落 速战速决 [强]

德加的小舞娘 一家人都在给她⛽️ 二个小弟好可爱. 加油 [强]

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The line calls at French Open

The second Wednesday in Paris. The line call continues to be a problem:

June 3 Fri, the first game of 3rd set between Marin Cilic and Norwegian player Casper Ruud (1998-; 2015; $6m). It was an OUT ball but the umpire ruled it was good, IN. The commentators noted the errors made by the umpires at French Open.

June 2: the 1st set, Coco Gauff vs Italian ah ah ah screamer Martina Trevisan. No call but Coco stopped play. It’s clearly OUT but the chair umpire, after a lengthy discussion, ruled it in.

June 1: the 5th set, 1 all, Marin Cilic (1988-; 2005; $29,829k; won 2014 US Open) hit a ball that was called out. The chair umpire got down, and ran to the point of contention, then confirmed it was indeed out. Cilic disagrees so much that Andrey Rublev (1997-; 2014; $11m) offered to replay the point. The tv replay shows the ball was indeed OUT.

Cilic: NOOooo way it was out … | hand and racket to thank Rublev |  … the hard stare …

The 5th set, 4 all, Cilic hit a ball that was called out. The chair umpire confirmed it was indeed out. BUT it was IN, IN, IN. The commentators giggled and said, it was the pay back for the above shot.


Although I’m glad that Cilic won but Rublev is quiet with a calm demeanor, very unnoticeable but likable, especially he offered the replay. Unfortunately his country under Putin is invading Ukraine, so I root against any player that has no national flag next to their names.

The first match of the day at Philippe-Chartrier was between two Russians, Daria Kassatkina defe Veronika Kundermetova. Both are quiet and quite good looking.

The winning streak 连胜纪录

Iga Świątek is having the time of her little life, winning 33 matches straight. Only behind the Williams’ sisters, Serena 34  in 2013 and Venus 35 in 2000. If she wins this tourney, she’ll tie Venus’.

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