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6-2, 6-2, 4-1 … drop your arm

With Bob B, Sha and John. It was a good match but we couldn’t play any more.
I went in early, as usual, to practice my serve … the overwhelming critics is: drop your arm!


一男娃问下星期六 …
… 看他好失望 (第三次约了) 就说 7:30 行吗?
小鲜肉说 7:45: quarter to
大妈问 court?
Quarter 和 court 有相似的地方吗? 而且我们是在讲时间
I’m losing it [Lol]
哦 那小鲜肉真鲜吗?
不是 … 是俺记不住他叫啥来着 [Lol][偷笑]

周末快乐 俺回家干活去



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Twin rainbow

Rain came during our second set, interrupting but entertaining us with two rainbows.

The morning tennis has become increasingly hot, even when we start at 7:30am, the sun is already burning down on us. So we switching our play to the evening. One obvious thing is I feel loaded: with food and drinks throughout the day. But it’s cooler and more comfortable.

Hope and I lost to Barb Dave G 4-6, and we were on serve at the second set when the rain came.

The water temp at the pool was 85°. I only managed 200 yards, it was way too hot.

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The 2nd couple – mourning doves

5-3, 4-5, 5-0. We came back from 0-3 in the first set. The second set went down to the wire and I missed a forehand, that lost the set.


… and more serves: looks very wrong

The second pair of mourning dove is having a baby … incubating, again.

Another couple 不会是同一对吧?

第二局拼到最后 … 是俺的失误[Lol]

Did 340 yards of swim.


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8am starting time

5-0, 4-5, 0-5, Greg, Bob and Chris. The summer is here but we can’t start till 8am – kind of late. Guess rule is rule. The same old serve!

Swam 320 yards after tennis.


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8-6, 3-2

A few serves and good warm up, . I served out the first set with John, (regular games), my only hold of the set; with one double fault. The second set with Larry I did a little better; held both my serve.

… the good warmup

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Hair bang 刘海

2-5, 5-1, 4-5, with Bruce, Greg and Matt.

Many guys like to hang their towels by their waist – never see a female does that. Most of them put in front. Today Greg put on his back. As he was waiting for my partner to serve, I see clearly the long towel was swinging from left to right. Hair bang came to my mind. Then thought about our Beijingers slang for it: 屁帘儿, butt’s curtain.

I was amused by the slang laughed to myself. Seriously, I only found it funny now. What had I been doing for the past 60+ years?

Thinking deeper: we take thing in, usually at its face value and not to think too much about it. At least I was like that.

continue my serve

北京人也把刘海 叫“屁帘” … 这哥们的屁帘经常在中间

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The backhand: keep left arm straight

Keep your left arm straight – one school says so. Mine, apparently is not.


Gary who was late, Hope who saved the day by coming, Matt and I played in peace: the two pickleball courts next to our Court #5 are empty.

… two serves


… a long warm up


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4-5, 3-5

Graham, Bob and Brad, all was good and fun, and a little British history. I couldn’t serve out the first set, and lost in the second.

… any progress in serving? Guess not


… and more disappointment

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5-2, 2-5, 5-3

Never felt this tired before: didn’t want to move by the third set.

got a few practices of serve before the game.

… and the last game

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Blue sneakers 3-5, 4-5

My most recent acquisition pink on blue K-Swiss, is the most comfortable so far, and they match my pinky tennis balls. The older K-Swiss is ok.


Asics was from last year, hardly wore.

Adidas on the right is quite few years old because I liked it so much, that I bought four pairs: two white and two light grey. This is the last of four. They’re narrower than most.

Interesting to note, the left two pairs are one size different but they measure the same when stand side by side. Oh well.

Played with Matt, Hope and Jim, who might not play any more.

A new pair of sneakers 👟 pink on blue

终于攒到点钱 买了双鞋. 可惜俺的粉球就剩最后一桶了. 又是个… 就没有然后了的故事… 相信嘛 二个男娃赞我的新鞋. 他们怎么会知道? 不成 他们很注重细节 [Lol]  OR… 一定是俺天天穿的像个叫花子[闭嘴]

…the coach is showing me how to serve


.. and how I actually serve in the games


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