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Miami Vice

Four sports events in a week, in and around Miami:

  1. World Baseball Classic: US lost the final
  2. Miami Open day 1
  3. Ice hockey Toronto Leafs vs Panthers: 6-2
  4. Mets’ training day: 4-4, a tie

Tampa has a few pro teams that are winning:

  • Buccaneers: 2 Super Bowls, 2002 and 2020 with the aging QB Tom Brady
  • Lightning: 3 Stanley Cups, 2003/4, 1019/20 and 2020/1
  • Rays (AL): pennants in 2008 and 2020

I think the best way to rise a city’s profile, is to have a winning pro team, imho

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The duckies are coming

Are they lovers or a couple? Do they look lost?

Won two out of 3 sets – Bruce the former 4.5, Allen and Greg.

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2-6, 6-4

A windy day. I’ve a slow start – too much tennis yesterday, losing 2-6 the first set, with one double.

Thanks to our neighbor who retrieved our 🎾… actually her 🐩 did. Before she found it, her dog did and took it into his/her mouth and won’t let it go.

After a brief struggle, she asked if we’ve an old 🎾 ball to exchange. We did. And apparently, the 🐕 agreed 😂 we continued with our game … 2-6,6-4. We’re identical twin with fancy color outfit, separated at birth 😀 👇

All have a wonderful weekend 😊

2-6, 6-4 双胞胎

趣事 🎾 被打出去了了
我们请她捡起来 丢回来
结果🐶先看到 就一口咬住不肯放
搏斗一阵后 妞问有没有旧的🎾拿来换

湿湿的 …球友们说 … 算了 别用了 [Lol][得意]
还不如留给人家 … 🐶汪汪
陪了夫人又折兵 [呲牙]

风大 乱鸡窝 [愉快]

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The Sweet Open

The Sweet Open (coach initially wrote sweat 😓… One letter different but actually both are good) is our first tournament. 13 men and two women players showed up. The coach has to step in to make the 8th team. We drew our partner from a hat 🎩.


Lucky me to partner with a good player. We won 3 and lost two to the coach/Stan team.

First match was against Craig/Dick. As Craig first serve to me went long, a ball rolled onto our court. I said “take two.”
He said, “seriously?”
“Of course, ball on court.” I said.
I’m wondering if these simple etiquette is being followed here. Silly me.

Second match was against Dennis/Pu. We ran into the bad line call again. My partner hit a lop that landed on the baseline: you can hear the sound and see the funny bounce. P called it out but Dennis said it’s good. Next up, my first serve was out in the alley but P played it. I lost the point. This is bad, so elementary school stuff. But we beat this team and again twice in a row – not sure how did this happen with eight teams draw. But I’m very glad we did. Cheater doesn’t deserve to win.

Our third match was again the coach team and we lost.

Fourth match was against Dennis/P. We won soundly again.

Next match was final against the coach team and we lost again.

The runner up prize is $50 … My first career win: I’m quitting my day job now …ha ha ha.

More on bad line calls here:

The usta has a mantra, that  a 99% out is 100% IN whenever I encounter a bad line call, and there are a few here, from the same player.

USTA has a couple of rules, too:

#1: if you don’t call an out ball immediately, it’s your opponent’s point. The hawk eye system honors this. When you circle a ball mark 3 times and asking if it’s out, every player knows what’s going on, call it IN and move on.

#2: if two partners disagree on a line call, it’s your opponent’s point.

Both rules, I interpret, are up holding the gentlemen or women’s game: when unsure, be courteous, give the point to your opponent.

You may say, come on old bag 👵, this is only recreational game. But, the fact that you’re chewing over a line call, shows exactly you care win or loss, that needs rule to play the game fairly. Let’s face it, without rules, how can you can play any game?

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Three firsts


I made my own tennis game today because I’ve been passively waiting for the call for the game to come. In the past few months, I played two games a week: in the beginning it was Sundays and Fridays, lately on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Today I add the third time of the week -:) … many players do two or three games a day!  I meant to hit but three neighbors came, so we ended up played two sets – women vs men. We lost 3-6 and 2-6 but I’m happy for not being bageled – ha ha ha.


We’ve a beautiful sunset, as I finished up my swim.

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The blue moon

Once in a blue moon is a common phrase, that means rarely.

Once in a blue moon 🌝 I can play 🎾 well [偷笑]
6-1 with Dave
6-2 w/ Chris
and 4-6 with Alan

今天打的好好 👍 风骚一下 💃

等月亮弯时 就是春节了 [色]

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My new group

The first time riding my bicycle to tennis, I was 8 minutes late to the game and got an earful lectures -:).

Played with two partners, 6-2, 6-4, 2-2 … wife came calling. Home made dumplings, fried tofu and Sichuan jelly – all my faves and yummy.

Showing off time [呲牙]

炫耀🦚炫耀几下 饺子 凉粉 越南炸豆腐  太好吃😋

新年 🎾 新欢们
俺和二个不同的搭档 6-2, 6-4, 2-2 老婆来捞人了

俺的新车 怎么骑都跑不快的那种 本来还心思思的想着去什么环岛啦 横穿🇺🇸啦 … 梦不要醒哈

挺像逃难的 梦醒啦 [偷笑]


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How’s my serve?

The first video of my serve after a 20 month hiatus. We’ve a few cold days when the temperature dropped below zero. Today is the first day that’s warm enough to play, and we’ve six players.

I won the first set with a girl, 6-2 but lost the second set with my colorful partner 3-6, though we were leading 3-0 to begin. As it happened, we’re all in black today – maybe we need to add some colors -:)

The pool temp is 76º: heaven on earth. I even found a little shy lizard buddy on deck, who keeps me company.

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Blinding colors 炫目的颜色

What did I do today:

Broke a recycled jar that I loved so much, moved it from New York … so I was heart broken 💔 and late to the pool.

Then when I rushed to the court, did I realize that I didn’t have my sneakers … so ran home to get them.

When I finally walked into the court, my identical twin chastised me for being late, ” … we almost left…” 😂

Then he saw my blinding top and I was instantly forgiven 😹 he had two layers of the flashy color 👍 that carried us, blindsiding our opponents and milked out a meager win 😀

4-6, 6-4, 10-5 (10 pt tie break)

Happy holidays everyone 🎄 🕎 💕 ☮️ stay warm

Someone’s toy – clean the lines.

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A great start

Jay and I got to a wonderful start, winning 6-2, serving well.

“Don’t give up, let’s take the second set too.”

“Ok.” I said to my partner as much as to remind myself.


One more game, we’ll bag the win.

However, the tide turned against us, continuously for the next five games when two spectators showed up.

At 5-6, we finally broke them and tied the set at 6-6.



Then … we lost it at 5-7.

Oh well.

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