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Stiff back day

Played back to back: last night and this morning – haven’t done this in a long while.

Still trying to work on my forehand and serve, while my backhand is kaput, totally undependable. … and my lower back is in mild pain.

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Serve: left arm stays up

… the blurry video shows: my left arm stays up longer … but my torso doesn’t turn much …

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USO 2023: racism at work? Coco vs Siegemund 

US Open 2023, the first night. Chair umpire, Marijana Veljovic sits over the first round match between Coco Gauff  her German opponent, Laura Siegemund.

  • multiple time violations
  • sitting down when it isn’t allowed

Coco’s situation brings up Zhang Shuai’s last month and Serena’s in 2004 where and when USTA apologized – wasn’t that a little TOO late?


This is so wrong and unfair. The chair empire should be dismissed and shouldn’t be used again. This reminded me of Mariana Alves in 2004 on Serena’s due to horrible line calls.

The fact the chair empire has an absolute sway/power on such high stake marches is just unbelievable. There has to be a better way for such unthinkable behavior of the empires.

Fire her.

Never use her again.

I actually watched German’s post match interview: she’s a good actor and dreadful player.

Here is 2004 New York Times coverage on Serena’s match

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My serve … arm’s up

A few players have pointed out that my tossing arm should stay up, till I hit the ball. I tried but it isn’t working for me

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A lobster day … Fritz, PegulaA lobster day …

🎾 9-7. One set. 1.5 hours. One ace to the T, and three deuce court baseline lobs. I’m the last one to serve, and everyone holds their serve, except the last one – so I def face a little pressure.

AM is def better time to play than the afternoons.

今天是高球日 三球同一位置: 笨人偶尔也有好运气🍀 👍 俺是最后一个发球的…鸭梨山大

Rosé: Summer in a Bottle 2022 Côtes de Provence from Wōlffer Estate vineyard in Bridgehampton – Sagaponack, LI, New York. 

It’s also a good day for the Americans at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati – Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio. It started in 1899 – a long time ago -:). One of the warm up tourneys before the US Open.

Taylor Fritz and Jessica Pegula all advanced.

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Afternoon games

I definitely play better in the morning than the afternoon or early evening.

The last few matches played at 6:30pm weren’t enjoyable – I was tired, didn’t move and mis-hit a lot … overall not a good match.

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A perfect game

Feeling good and played well.

On my first time serve, I won a love game on my first serves – four great first serves.

Do people get guilt, sometimes? A little embarrassed for overwhelming others? I sure did. And I think champions never do, otherwise they won’t be at the top, winning all the time.

Mental toughness is also part of every job/thing we do.

It’s a wonderful game for all, I’d say. But toward end of the third set, one of the new guy displayed discontent and I let it go.

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Zhang Shuai retired in tears

A panic attack (惊恐发作) forced #2 seed Zhang Shuai to retire at the first round @ 2023 Budapest Grand Prix. The cause was a bad line call when the ball was clearly on the line. 9:20 unedited video. However, the chair umpire Laura called it out when she went to the court when pointed to the wrong mark: a similar scene? Recall FO 2021

I’m so glad Zhang protested. However, the umpire insisted and supervisor – also a blond woman said it was not her call to call a ball in or out.  “That’s the way it is.” @ 1:00

Zhang is heard saying toward her box, “没有办法打了, 没有办法打了!“ 

The conduct by the Hungarian tennis player Amarissa Kiara Tóth (2003; $35,778 as of 2023.7.26) has stirred controversy online with a few players voiced their support openly for Zhang. Toth is disgusting by erasing the ball mark and raising her arms to celebrate soon after Zhang shake hand with her to retire. What’s more disturbing is the Hungarian tennis association defended her by saying she’s only 20 and this is her first WTA tourney – what a lame excuse.

LOL: Hungarian GP wrote “… A Hungarian tennis play may not have behaved correctly in all situations in his first WTA main tattle match, but he did not do anything that could be described as being dishonest. … The Chinese are manipulating the world with a manipulative video”

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Too hot to play

I played tennis last Sunday at 6:30pm and today at 7:30am. Both days were hot, in the 90s and humid. My sweat is raining down like a broken dam. The swimming pool temp is also very high, uncomfortably high.

🎾 Three 3.5 and one 4.5 on Sunday July 9

地球的吸引力🧲 好像特别强 [Lol]
肯定是大地🌍的错误 [偷笑]

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