My backhand 反手

Craig likes my backhand and told everyone that I have the best bh among students he ever coached. Ok, I didn’t make this up, it caught on video, lol.  Yesterday after our lesson, Slowpoke took her make up lesson with him, and he praises her backhand too, so was Mark, who’s son AJ was taking the lesson with Slowpoke.  Mark was bit intense and was very quick to point out her left arm when she hits forehand, then apologized to say he shouldn’t.  Relax, what’s the big deal? lol … Craig thought some other coaches taught her that forehand, “I’m not getting into that … “  Apparently he felt pretty strong but also hesitate to correct.  That’s not true, Slowpoke developed that on her own.  I’ve been trying to break it for a while, still in hope that she’d get ride of it soon.

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