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Jennifer ScholleFew issues ago, Maxin featured James Blake’s girl friend, Jennifer Scholle.
Called me unsavvy or out dated, whatever you desire, but I couldn’t understand why on earth would she want to do that?
And he let her?
Look at her fake boobs.. .. they’re fake, aren’t they?
Would Tim Henman allow his g/f to post in such way?
Ya, right, you can tell me that she has every right to do thing she pleases …
Equal right.

Roger Federer looked snappy and sharp (pick him to win).
Agassi’s match was rather, well, dull.
Oh well.
Miss Pete.
He retired four years ago.
4 years?!

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The Bookstore

DSCN3446Barnes and Noble at Lincoln Center

Ever since they could voice their likes and dislikes, bookstore has been my kids’ top destination. The other day, Martin the coach commented that King is nature to tennis, even he’s out of shape and tired, but he never gives up. Pumpkin on the other hand has the attitude as if she’d rather be shopping. When I related this comment to her,
“Shopping?” she rolled her eyes and replied
“I’d rather be in a bookstore.”
Bookstore it is. Today we the girls went there again, for solid 3 hours. I often joked that I’ll pack her a lunch box (plus diaper .. JK .. but just how early on they wanted to go ..) and just leave her there for the day. In fact, they often tell me to go away (guess I’m too embarrassing for them) and will call me when they want to leave.
When we got home, Golfer and King were home from the movie. When King heard we went to the bookstore, he was upset.
“I wanted to go too!”
Oh, sorry honey, next time.
“But I told you yesterday.” He insisted.
Oh boy. Actually he was right. My fault, either over looked or forgot. My senior moment got in the way, -:(
We have no life at home, going to book store is such an exciting trip ..

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Sunny the Postmaster

I played one set of doubles against Sunny and company this morning and lost 4:6. If were not for King’s friend’s bar mitzwah party, I’d played another set. Couple of serving games I played were clean and smart, yes I was concentrating and thinking. And I won few long rallies from baseline over Sunny. He’s impressed and I was more than pleased, especially the winners off my forehand.

Sunny is 4.0 player who loves to coach. Competitive but fair, he carries his small frame tall with a big mouth to match. When I first join this Hong Kong AM weekend group 6 or 7 years ago, I didn’t have forehand. Few good players in the group are all likely to offer some advice but Sunny is determined.
“80% game is won by forehand.” he stated.
So we worked on my fore hand.
“Don’t jump …. stop pushing …. hit with your fore hand ….”
He’d hiss like a drill sergeant, and made sure I knew if he’s disappointed with my play. Few times, he even walked off the court in the middle of a doubles game.
I was fine with this kind of abuse, since I enjoy playing with him or against him. I didn’t mind at all.
Not everyone shares my point of view.
A tall Chinese girl who I never played with before, said to Sunny after a lousy game from me ..
“She’s so nice, doesn’t talk back.”
Sunny was mad and walked away.
“I don’t dare.” I joked. Her little eyes enlarged considerable. Sorry if she didn’t get the joke.

Another time Sunny and I were playing against an older Caucasian couple. As usually, he’s non-stop giving me advice and showed little temper when I missed few easy shots. The lady finally had enough of this, called me over to the net,
“honey, don’t let your husband do this to you.”
I was pretty miserable at that moment, nothing seemed going my way. But her comment cracked me up, Sunny neither my b/f nor hubby.
I teased her, “mama, be thankful that he hasn’t walked out on me yet.”
For a brief second she was totally stunned at my timidity.

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