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Storm Sandy

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Crocheron Park



125th Place and 33rd Road
Bayside, NY

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Dan was on men’s 4.0 back in 2000 and 2001. He quit playing because he said there were too many cheaters. After I convinced Sean to join the team, he agreed to give it try again in 2010. It’s a good nine years gap but after he finished self rating process, he got a 4.5 rating. He appealed immediately. Although there is a rule that self rated player can not appeal or can not appeal down (?) .. I heard there was a trouble that one team got canceled at the very last moment and my first Manhattan team filled the void. Whichever the case, Deb granted him a 4.0. He didn’t play for the 2011 season, and when he registered for my 2013 LI 8.0 team did he realize that he’s a 3.5 now.

What’s going on?

Wish I know.

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Calm before the Sandy

Peaceful before the storm Sandy touched down


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a court near by

the entrance ..

.. when heading north on the road

keep going ..

.. when heading south

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2013 Manhattan meeting

Wai and I find a table that is rather empty and sit down. Introducing ourselves to the tablemates. This charming young man asks,
“Are you Irene Eng?”
Ohhhh no, what trouble am I in?
“…. yes …” I admitted sheepishly.
“You just signed on to my Meetup group.”
Which one?
” .. filming .. ”
A small world -:). He’s a school teacher but loves .

Does this helmet look familiar?


Sean Tracy

Oct 25, 2012

Oct 25, 2012

the room

a room with a view

 .. the empty plate

.. the empty plate

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A good Friday and a black Sunday

The Friday night tennis was under way. The lighting is great and the surface of the courts are nice too. We celebrated Ken’s birthday after the game, with Tony’s Honey.

Sunday was another story: I was on the losing end yesterday since 10am, till 10 pm. I did not win a single set, oh well. SNT filled six courts. The club’s renovation is done pretty nicely but the surface of the court, at least on far end of Court 1 was uneven. The matches were very competitive. Few of us stayed to chat till I had to go to drop off our young babe.

The SNT is fcfs and it pains me to have to deal with too many players with too little courts situation. But unfortunately the other group that usually needs two courts has reserved four for 10/28, one is season till 9pm, which left me with only four courts. Oh well.

Ken’s birthday

Friday Oct 19, 2012

lost and ?

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A nice day for fishing

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Long Island 2013 8.0 mixed

The 2013 LI 8.0

  1. Nov. 18, Sun 7-9 pm at home v 9 Nassau Indoor, Julia Adwar; 3-0
  2. Dec. 9, Sun, 3 pm; Rockville, Christine McAuliffe, 11v6; 2-1
  3. Dec. 23, Sun 7-9 pm, at home v 2 Blue Pt, Kara Parker; 0-3
  4. Jan. 13, Sun, 7-9 pm,at home v 4 Carefree, Jim Dileo, 3-0
  5. Jan. 27, Sun, 6-8 pm, Blue Pts, Colondona; 2-1
  6. Feb. 15, Fri 8-10 pm, ST Massapequa, Ann Reid, 3-0
  7. March 2, Sat 7-9 pm at home v 10 Nassau Indoor, Chris Morales, 2-1
  8. March 15, Fri, 7-9 pm, ST Syosset, Dawn Schosberg, 1-2
  9. March 30, Sat, 12 noon, Blue Pt, Steve Subject, 2-1 forfeit 
  10. April 5, Sun, 8 pm, Carefree, Gabe Raneses, 2-1
  11. April 28, Sun 7-9 pm, at home v 7 Long Beach, Anthony Cristi

Nov 18 (rescheduled fm Nov 11) 

Our division by team and by points.

Playoff: May 5 at Bluepoint

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