Late again

One of our teammates was running late. The opposing team has a player came late too: the two actually spoke (asking direction) on the way to the club.
Three courts were very competitive. However, we lost 1D to a default despite of leading 9-6 in the tie break, over a line call dispute.

She said:

During the tiebreak, the player from Great Neck hit a ball, which was audibly called wide by our male player.The Great Neck team countered that an “in signal” had been made by our female player, which both players from our team immediately said was not the case. Our female player had to jump out of the way of the ball and explained that she was unable to make any call because while in mid air was unable to see where the ball had landed and had deferred to the player that was watching the spot of the ball.

He said:

Giselle and I were at the net and Giselle hit a volley very wide. The ball takes a funny bounce on the line, the guy calls it out and the girl misses the ball. I was watching her and the line and she immediately gives a flat palm signalling good. The guy becomes very loud arguing that he called it out. Nobody was disputing him but the girl then changes her mind and said he called it out. If she had called it out immediately then I would have moved on to serve again for match point.

The rule: All line calls must be made clearly and immediately. If there is any doubt, the ball is good. (A ball that is 99% out, is still 100% in).Hmmmm … was unable to see where the ball had landed .. hmmmmm …

The coordinator awarded the match to our opponent. Back to more problems

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