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Giants is leading 7:0 at half time.  LT is there!!  Wow .. he still pretty much looks the same.  It’s been long time, then was all about LT .. and the Eagles had Randall Cunningham, big deal that he could run.

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Pumpkin played her first doubles match against another school, lost 6:4.  Very close, it could have gone either way.  Tough love.  She just got home, a long day, almost 12 hours.

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Short hair is cool

cimg8045.JPGI took them a while ago, thought to share it here .. Serena had her hair short, pretty slick.  That reminds me I need a hair cut too.  Pumpkin keeps telling me I look nice in long hair, the length belows the ears is long in my dictionary.  I much prefer a boyish cut.  But feeling the weight of the hair on my neck and shoulders are nice too.  Crew cut won’t accomplish that, :).  Ok, how about getting a wig or topee?


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Sammy’s arsenal

cimg9082-2.JPGFrom China with love. 

Babolat (Nitro), a French brand but made in China: inconspicuous stylish and exquisitely made.  Sammy is a hot head in finding the thing, “You can’t find this one in Hong Kong.  I had to ask a friend of friend who got it for me in China.”  700 RMB, about US$100. 

cimg9085.JPGA pair of fake.

‘How can you tell?’  Easy, YY doesn’t even produce this model.  Oh, the Chinese just made this up and paste YY on it?  Sammy gave me the look, ‘dumb question.  They counterfeit everything ..’ 🙂  it’s dumb, I was just thinking out loud without going thou my brain. 🙂  Are there any counterfeit tennis racquets??

cimg9086.JPG A couple of real thing.

‘Paragon sells for about $250-$350.  I bought them in HK for half the price.’  His fat blue bag has tons of goodies. He likes to have us try his new toy.  Jordan loves to, even uses his during the competition.  He offered me the Babolat yesterday.  It felt good and I loved the look.  He gave me the usual dirt look: omg, she missed the point again.. 🙂 ..  I haven’t been to his club in Chinatown for a long time.  Now that summer is almost over, he told me that the club meets on Mondays and Fridays.  I’ll go, except the parking is bit hard.  One less incentive was he likes to drag us to the 港式西餐, the HK style of Western food eatery.  Sammy, can we pls have dinner at the real places, like either Chinese (since we’re in Chinatown) or Italian (little Italy is just around the corner) .. he’d gave me the dirt look, :).

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Moon cake


The moon, the moon .. the roundest of all.  Only 3 showed up at the badminton court.  Gosh.  John offered me a moon cake/egg/bagel = beat me 15:0.

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Love Thy Neighbors II

Had friends over for dinner.  When conversation drifted to our neighbors, tennis .. .. I told them about my calling police at the court.  To my surprise, one of them said,
“The first court?”  More of a statement than question.
“Yes.  How do you know?” I asked.
“Oh, they did that to me/us few times.”
My jaw dropped.
“What did you do?”
She replied, ‘no big deal, I moved to the next court.’  She then went on to assure me that this kind of thing happens all the time and the police know about it.
This sounds right, because I remembered when the cops got to the court, they didn’t do any investigation or interrogation, just told the kids to leave.

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The figure skater


The trophies at the rink ..

Weekly skating has just resumed.  The group is getting larger than the last season.  I’m happy: she’s doing something other than lingering at the Malls or on the street.  She loves to skate when she hardly knew how to walk.  The very first time I took them to ice skate, as soon as I laced her up, she got on her feet and ran toward the ring while King was whining hurt.  It’s a nerve rocking moment, two toddlers on hand, being a lousy skater myself, with one gone who had never skated before and one hemming and hawing his heels, I was lost. .. Now all she needed is a ride there.  Soon enough that either King will drive her there or she drives herself there, or elsewhere. 


When I went to pick her up, she split from her group.  Handed me a bottle of drink in dark color, went to change.  I don’t drink soda and have never bought a bottle of soda.  They were only offered water, juice and milk since they were born.  During birthday parties, they were kind of odd balls who asked for water when coke or pepsi were available.  I don’t understand, why would parents allow their young kid drinking such thing!  If all parents stick together, the birthday party places would not dare to offer sodas, correct?  Of course I also understand one day they will drink it, if they so desire.  But so far they haven’t.  The first time they had the taste of the soda, they claimed, “yuke, it’s spicy!”  Without looking close at the label, I said ‘now your diet include soda.’  She looked at me with a smile, ‘no, I don’t drink soda,” then looked at the bottle, ‘oh, Mom, it’s ice tea!’  Whatever, they all looked alike, suspiciously dark, 🙂 – how about soy sauce???  She hugged me, ‘mom, you’re so obliviou to the world!’

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The footballers and the cheerleaders

The footballers and cheerleaders usher in the autumn.  The summer is over.

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You can be dumb as dirt but still attend Stanford University if you can
hit a golf ball 300 yds:

Michelle Wie already has played her first round at Stanford — but not
for Stanford. According to Golf Digest’s web site, the 18-year-old played nine holes Monday at Stanford University Golf Course, accompanied by her parents. Freshman were to check in Tuesday, with classes starting next week.

Golf Digest also reported that while Wie is required to live in a
dormitory on campus — a rule for all freshmen — her parents have
rented a house nearby. Wie cannot play for the Cardinal because she
turned pro two years ago, although she will be allowed to use the course
and the practice facilities. 

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Yuppy 3:1 again

Had a very exciting night of badminton.  Simon and I played Jordan/Michael, and Charles/his buddy who’s very skilled player.  Either they’re sleepwalk or I really played well, we beat Jordan/Michael twice – the 2nd set came very close, actually we were down 7:1; and Charles/buddy once, 2nd set lost in tie break.  I did put a little pressure on myself.

Jordan is an 11th grader and on school’s badminton team.  He complained that he doesn’t get enough time to sleep, “I only slept 3 hours on average.. have to work after school.. so much homework ..”  What do you do?  I tutor younger kids.  For $15 an hour.  King came home today, as usual, without any homework.

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