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The journeyman


Yan Zi and Mark Knowles
Chan/Chuang vs Mattek/Mirza
Those two doubles/mixed doubles matches at Louis Armstrong stadium were more interesting than the singles at the center court, not all baseline.  I first saw Mark Knowles in Dec 1992 when he turned pro, at the Bahamian Open (yes, there’s a such thing), Aaron Krickstein was there too.  Over the years, Mark never rose higher than 96 in singles but #1 in doubles, made over $5.5m in prize, the epitome of the term journeyman.  They lost last night, netting like $15k or $30k.  Mixed doubles get paid the least since they only play 2 sets.  If it’s a tie then they play a super tiebreak 10 points to decide.

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A suite deal


I got a suite at the US Open, watched half Djokovic‘s match against Monaco yesterday afternoon – too boring, all baseline, like an identical twins.  Not sure how often the center court is used throughout the year, but the decor at their suites are decent, I’d say better than the MSG, the Gardens’.  The forceful sunlight and cool air con made it just so much more desirable and enjoyable.

The first thing pops into my mind when I entered is the round table: perfect for a card game, baifen or bridge 🙂

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