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I’ll have a nightmare

I’m glad that the 5’5″ biker won it again.  Her serve is not my favored, but the rest of her game is, especially her fluid single hand backhand – simply beautiful; should charge the net more!!!  Her opponent, the fake blond is just ..  every time there is close up of her, I have to look away to avoid having a nightmare tonight!  The biker’s outfit is baggy and the fake blond’s too tight which made her look like a sausage.  Little biker took home $1.4m for 6:1 and 6:3, less than 2 hours.  They should play 5 sets too!

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Which one would you pick?

cimg8364.JPGWhich one is more attractive to you???  Sandy’s orchard or Djokovic the Joker 地包天??   In light of my tennis misery, afraid that I’m developing a hobby – think of that, a hobby! – which is totally unexpected .. horticulture..  gosh my family is also in shock. 
Do I need a new interest?!?!  djokovic.jpgJust can’t image that I’m doing those sissy thing.  My eyes are glued to plants and flowers, check them out, buying .. the orchard (was it an orchard??  The bamboos are still alive .. in case you’re wondering of their fates … phew ..) I bought a month ago had died already, pretty much the same time that Sandy bought hers – look at it, her flowers are fat, juicy, and sitting pretty.  
Few weeks ago, Xiao Ping who has green thumb walked in and said,
“What? they all died!  How pitty.” 
She was sort amused that I’m doing those things now.  Yes, pitiful.  I just bought 2 more.  One is Cyclamen, I have no idea what it is, how to nurse it, except it needs sun  .. Golfer had always wanted to have a flower garden (for me to read my magazines and newspaper, lol) but due to lack of sunlight…  I’m buying things that requires full sunshine, neat.  What was I thinking???  
Back to US Open, Joker just won the semi.  To celebrate his win, he took off his shirt, so did his dad who also rally his friends on the stand to do so.  Ok, Dad, pls keep your shirt on.  Wondering IF  he beats FedEx tomorrow, is he going to strip?  Down to what?? :))

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Patience 屡教不改

One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.  A Chinese proverb.

I finally got a chance to practice my serve with new grip and arm twisting.  Even was only one hopper, but it’s good.  I’ve been serving that way, but during crucial moment, I’d resort back to my flat serve.

Jonathan and I lost to SAndy 6:3.  I said we’ll try to win once before winter sets in.  John is nice, never loses his cool, even when I make the stupidest mistake, over and over again.  Not even flinching.  Later Simon and I played Bob and Andy, lost 6:0.  I’ll hate to make excuses, but I was tired and my thighs are extremely painful, since last week.  Don’t even remember what cause that.  Anyway, Tony came as we were chatting and drinking, Simon was dishing his zillion-time advice to me, Tony said, “Simon, you’re a saint, a very patient man.  You’ve been playing with her since last year ..  I know this even I only played with her twice ..”  Simon laughed and took a drag at his little cigarette, “Sunny played with her even longer, and he said he wants nothing to do with her any more.”  Last time Simon joked to Golfer that he’s going to dump me soon if I don’t change.  Lord, isn’t tennis just for fun?  Do I really want that 4.0?  Can I play it like fun game without using my brain?  Lou walked in as they were Irene trashing, he defended me a little: we had a good game last night.  Each person has different take on my game, provides me with very different advice.  Sunny’s – keep you eye on the ball, don’t jump.  Simon says hit deep, lob.  Xiao Lee picks my jumping right away, shifting your weight.  Lou has his favored 1, 2, 3 method, only if I could remember.  Seriously, I get ready, wrist my grip, turn my body and shoulder .. all in preparation for a simply fore or backhand during couple of seconds of time.  Oh, I never shift my weight.  That’s a grave mistake.  Simon picks on my doubles game than my form more.  Why do I still love playing?? 

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My tongue needs a massage

How much can I eat?  Let’s see what made me so bloated during the two semis (12:15-5:30): cantaloupe, lox n bagel, 烩饼 (sorry you have to be Beijinger to know), ice cream, wine, kimchi, grapes, cranberry juice, water, beer .. not in that order.  And I finished 1/3 bag of watermelon seeds that I bought for the card game – forgot to serve.  My tongue is in pain now, my lip is dry.  They both need a massage, :)).  After tennis or swimming, I crave spicy and soupy food, especially when the weather is humid. 

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Djokovic 地包天

djokovic1.jpgPumpkin was watching men’s semi when I got home, homework spread out in front of her.  Wow.  “I like this player” she pointed to Djokovic.  He’s cute, witty, has a pair really good looking eyes, and 地包天too, lol.  Whatever the reason, I’m just glad she’s watching.  “Would you like to watch with me?”  Nay, I’m fine here.  So we watched separately.

She tried out for the tennis team yesterday.  Won both matches.  35 mean gurls/ popular gurls/normal girls jockey for the 18 slots.  Unfortunately the swimming and tennis are still jamed at the same time.  She’ll have to make a decision soon.  Good luck baby!

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