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Only 5 players showed up for work tonight.  When there is too many people around at the badminton, you’ll have to wait for your turn.  But when there isn’t, you don’t get pump up as much.  It’s only Simon and I.  We played for a good 20 minutes before Sammy and his wife showed up.  Then John.  So Simon and I played 4 sets against Sam/John.  Was good.  We lost 2nd set (was down 12:1 but  we chased hard, lost 15:9 eventually) and won the rest.

It’s humid and hot.  During the water break, John talked about his daughter who’s going to college next Sept.  She wants to go to Harvard, “she likes the atmosphere of Boston..  but she won’t do any extra preparation .. has too many other obligations at school.”  Although she had perfect scores on SAT II, but only has 2100 on SAT.  “I’m thinking NYU or Cooper Union .. .. but if the tuition is an upward $40k at NYU, then I’d rather it be Harvard .. but I don’t think she can get in ..”  Whatever, I’m just listening. 

Boston is a great city, a college town.  It’s my distant #2 choice after NY to live.  Heidelberg is another cool college town, so is Cambridge (UK).   Geneva is also a good place to live, it has water for summer and ski is just short drive in the winter time .. but for a Chinese or Asian in that matter, US beats out Europe by a large margin.

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