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My tricycle – a lesson learnt

Early last year, a neighbor on FB posting her red tricycle (Schwinn? couldn’t remember the brand) for sale, for $250, with very little mileage on it.

I haven’t bought a bike in a few decades. So I looked on Amazon and found a couple of good looking bikes for about $300.

My mistake #1 is not knowing anything about tricycle market and wanting to buy; #2 when would one buy thing from lower end?!?

I committed to all of the above lol

Many neighbors bought their bikes, especially tri on Craig’s List (still going strong, apparently!)

Unbeknown to me, the $300+ amazon bike came UNassembled – I was wondering how would amazon ship the tri.

The instruction is generic and very unhelpful. I got lost after step 2.

SO … little Irene called a bike shop to come to assemble. The cost? As much as the bike itself. Hey … I got to visit the mobile bike shop. It’s pretty cool.

… And, it goes very slow, no matter how hard I paddle.

Ok, the bottom line, or the only point I could praise my bike, is, it has two baskets (adding a basket is easy …), SO … it’s my SUV to travel cross country!!! Oh boy… self pacifying.

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Peking Bicycle Co.

An interesting photo, found online: don’t the time.

云飞自行车行 sold Humber cycles, which was founded in 1868 in England by Thomas Humber.

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Bicycles in Late Qing

A good post on bikes in China: 晚清一辆自行车价格不低于50两银子,七品知县一年俸禄不够










  • 自转车
  • 单车
  • 脚踏车
  • 踏板车
  • 踏车
  • 足蹈车
  • 钢丝车
  • 洋车
  • 洋马
  • 洋驴















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What’s he thinking?

If I were to run a European tour and here is an American who had won my tour 7 times in a row, I sure would welcome him coming out of retirement and compete again.  Right? Besides, the Yankee offers the huge market that other wise might be somewhat closed.

What is Lance Armstrong thinking to return? Winning that 8th title? Without his former team and mates? His stake is high. If he lose, the media and nay sayers would jump on him that since the drug testing is more sophisticated now that he has to ride clean .. .. Or he’s over his prime .. .. I could only think that he loves the sport and also wants to promote his agenda, which he could find any other platform to do so but he chose cycling.

What is Jean-Etienne Amaury thinking by claiming Legstrong had “embarrassed” the tour?  Doesn’t he recognize the fact that it’s Legstrong that attract so many Yankees that other wise wouldn’t even glance at his direction?  I for one, would not if were not for Legstrong.  The sissy Europeans could not keep me in front of TV.  Non of them are even as half good looking as Legstrong.  Thick head.


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Lance Armstrong

Why the French love to make themselve so hard to be loved? Lance Legstrong has decided to compete in 2009 of the tour he had won seven consecutive times.The new boss, Jean-Etienne Amaury who became president of the Amaury Sport Organization this week, replacing Patrice Clerc, told French sports newspaper L’Equipe on Saturday, "We can’t say that he has not embarrassed the Tour de France, as he has had a quite a complicated history with it.” And went on to say that “today’s tools in the fight against doping are different”

Why can’t the Frenchy get over with it and admit Lance is the greatest? If anyone who doesn’t know the history, when Lance was diagnosed with cancer, he was riding for a French team, who unceremoniously dropped him. After the cancer, Lance fraught his way not only back to riding, but won that country’s most prestigious title, seven times in seven years. I see sour grapes. Where is the human decency, and the so called old world, oppps .. I meant the Old Europe (that made popular again by Donald Rumsfeld in 2003 ..) charm, generosity and courtesy?

Lance said "The last time I checked I won the tour seven straight years and was never once found to be guilty of doping despite seven years of intense scrutiny,” Armstrong said. “Not to mention that my team of 25 riders over those seven years was also never found to be positive. We won clean and fair."

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Chivalry in cycling

Wow .. Lance Legstrong is going to compete for his 8th in 2009 Tour. He’s one of my favored athletes. I found him to be handsome and inspiring. His stoic look or determination made him all the more appealing. Surprisingly the few comments about his return were rather negative.

I got little inspired and took out my rusty bike for a spin.  Before the summer, I wanted to take it to the shop for maintenance and cleaning.  But never made it.  Have to pump some air into the tires before riding.  Felt so good.  My biking skill is at minimum, given the fact that every Chinese knows how to handle one.  Yishi could knit a scarf while I fumbled with it.  Couple of burly men walked around me when they saw me coming today, 🙂 .. that’s how lousy I’m as a biker.

Always wondered, 1.3b people, not one of them could compete let alone to win the Tour de France ??  China should have asked him to lead or train a Chinese team right after his retirement last year .. ..

I remembered him waited for Ullrich in 2001 (to get back on his bike after a fall ..) and Jan Ullrich waited for Lance in 2003.

“If I would have won this race by taking advantage of someone’s bad luck, then the race was not worth winning.”

Winning the race fair is important. Alberto Contador didn’t in 2010 and took some heat .. well, maybe under different circumstance.

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