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Football in Wuhan!

My heart goes out to Wuhan, China and the world. Be strong!

From the following report, I just learnt that China has football too. OMG. And on the virus, the few facts are:

  1. … rapidly spreading coronavirus that … put the global community on high alert.
  2. two-week quarantine
  3. Wuhan coronavirus … was first recorded in early December 2019. This Chinese doctor tried to save lives, but was silenced. Now he has coronavirus

CNN For those in quarantine at this air base, it’s Zumba classes, sandwiches and hours of downtime

Updated 2:15 PM EST February 5, 2020

It’s a beautiful morning at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County, California. A handful of people are out and about on the grounds, including 27-year-old Jarred Evans. After his morning run, Evans may settle in with his laptop in the hotel where he’s staying on base and do some work for his business. If he were so inclined, he could even go to a Zumba or kickboxing class to pass the time. For the most part, though, he and everyone else at the hotel are keeping to themselves.
They are under quarantine, after all.
Evans and 194 other people were evacuated from Wuhan aboard a chartered flight on January 28th to escape the rapidly spreading coronavirus that has claimed hundreds of lives and put the global community on high alert.
The passengers from Evans’ flight are one of several groups of Americans that have been evacuated from Wuhan. So far, about 500 Americans have been ferried out of the country on chartered flights.
Groups of Americans arriving from China have been taken to military bases, hotels or other sites to wait out a federally-mandated 72-hour waiting period.
From there, it’s a long and sometimes monotonous waiting game. The March Air Base evacuees aren’t beholden to any schedule, except for meal service times, twice-daily medical screenings and morning meetings with the CDC.
Two weeks in limbo
The 195 people on Evans’ flight were ushered to March Air Base for their quarantine, one of the five military bases now being used for such purposes. A few hours after their arrival. a passenger from the flight was caught leaving the base, prompting the CDC to extend their quarantine.
So, Evans and some of his fellow evacuees are whiling away the hours until their two-week period ends.
“Everyone is doing pretty fine. People understand that the quarantine is necessary,” Evans tells CNN. “The CDC is doing a good job keeping us busy and giving us all what we need.” On-site CDC case managers were able to ship Evans’ laptop to him so he could work. Children under quarantine have gotten toys to play with and can participate in organized activities to burn off their nervous energy.
However, the evacuees aren’t able to leave the grounds of the base. No one else is staying in the hotel where they’re being housed. And every day plays out under the watchful eye of CDC staff.
“We get medical checks twice a day — in the morning and at night. In the morning you get your temperature checked,” Evans says. “We have a meeting at 10 am every day. It’s with the CDC, some of the medical officials who here on the base and also with the CDC case managers.” The case managers are there to attend to the evacuees’ needs, whether they be practical, like a work laptop, or more mental health-oriented.
Citizens under federal quarantine are entitled to basic needs, like food and medical care. Evans says the food is nothing fancy, but it will do, and it’s free. Breakfast is usually something like eggs, sausage and a muffin, and lunch could be a sandwich with chips and a pickle.
Playing the waiting game
Evans, who played football at the University of Cincinnati, moved to Wuhan two years ago to play football for the Chinese National Football League’s Wuhan Berserkers.
He’s facing a decision that a lot of other evacuees are probably weighing as well: Where to stay in the states while Wuhan battles the deadly virus that originated within its borders. Evans lives in Miami, but is originally from New York City, where he owns and operates a rideshare company. He’ll probably stay with family there when he’s allowed to leave.
Once the quarantine is over, the CDC has offered to shuttle evacuees to Los Angeles International Airport so they can get on a flight and get back to their lives.
Until then, evacuees at the hotel are able to talk to their families as often as they’d like. Evans says his family isn’ necessarily worried, just waiting it out. “As long as I am in good spirits when I talk to [my family], they’re in good spirits too,” Evans says.
“We stay to ourselves in the evenings,” Evans says. “We usually eat and then go back to our rooms and do our own thing. People just want to get out of here and get to their families. Everyone is respecting one another.”
“No group hugs or shaking hands though,” he adds.
Leaving behind a ghost town
A two-week quarantine may seem excessive for a disease that is still heavily localized in mainland China, but the Wuhan coronavirus has gotten exponentially more prevalent since it was first recorded in early December 2019. The virus has been confirmed in more than 25 countries and territories, and governments across the world have taken similar evacuation measures to get their citizens home and make sure the virus doesn’t catch hold on their shores.
Evans says when he left Wuhan, there was no panic. There were no cars on the road. No people outside.
There was nothing.
“It’s still a ghost town,” he says.
He’s talked to friends who are still in Wuhan, and they say people are just trying to stay civilized while they endure the quarantine. At first, Evans says, the scene in Wuhan was chaotic. But now, most people stay inside their homes, hoping their stockpiles of food and supplies will get them through the worst of it.
In comparison, a few days holed up in a Southern California hotel seems like a small price to pay for health and safety.

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American football in China

I’ve long heard that China has a football league and see it today, on tv. (Wiki: Chinese Super League 中超联赛 or CSL) The arena looks like a kid’s playpen -:), no insult intended. The players are mixed bag of people.

img_2741 img_2743 img_2744

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Footballers Fled Crash but Got Only Traffic Tickets

Long and petty thorough, Florida State Player Fled Crash but Got Only Traffic Tickets. Two things popped up:

  • 有钱能使鬼推磨
  • 打江山易保江山难

Money can motivate ghost to pull the millstone is a Chinese idiom, meaning money talks, in short. Good governance and legal system makes this country great. No one is above the law seems a distance memory.

Another Chinese idiom says it’s easier to create an empire than to maintain it. This country, USA, used to be great ..

One less come back/second chance story to enjoy.

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Where is the who’s who in tennis?

Can’t believe that Giants is 0-3!
Anyway, the former NHL player, goaltender Garth Snow who finished his career with the Islanders is on Golfer’s ice hockey team. No, he is NOT playing the goaltender, that would not be fair. Former Jets QB Boomer Esiason is also on Golfer’s ice hockey league. Now I’m looking around my little tennis league, where is who’s whos???

Giants (0-3) is playing at Kansa City Missouri. OMG, I can’t believe that the entire stadium becomes a red sea – everyone dressed in their team color. Sounds like a totalitarian regime -:) … shows how crazy/serious they’re about football. Thank god I’m in New York

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The W Factor

An eventful day.
Sending the kids back to their paradises. They hugged me at parting,
“Mom, it’s only three weeks, we’ll be back.”
Still, it’s a sad moment for me, happy for them. The result of bad mothering.

Giants got annihilated last week by the Cincinnati Bengals (31-13). So, to show my moral support, with home made dip. As it turned out, they destroyed the Green Bay Packers to a 38-10 win (Eli Manning passed 249 yards). Oh well. It’s not nearly as exciting as my SNT.

Peacock Wai whose ring is frequently kissed by the previous organizers (yes, they even asked for his autograph .. !!), had a huge night:

Wai/Tony vs Ral/Dan: 6-0, 6-3
Wai/Gis vs Dan/Sachi: 6-1
Wai/Sachi vs Dan/Gis: 6-0

Ral is a former teaching pro who’s in shape and extremely competitive. Extracting a bagel out of him is no small feat. Reportedly the Pro got upset again by a questionable line call made by the girl, surrendered the set at 3 after the 3-1 lead. Actually the same girl has made a line call that was reversed by her partner. So, it seems she isn’t the cheating type but not as sharp as many 4.0 guys.

Later I spoke with the girl who couldn’t even remember the incidents.
“I really had good time playing, perhaps didn’t even notice.” She felt that her opponents had no chance of winning and went on to say, “when the ball is on my side of the court, I hope my opponents respect my line call because I have a closer view.”

It’s better to air the dispute right away, so all involved could solve it immediately. Especially on the har tru surface, the mark might still be traceable.

Another bad news is, one of my mates popped his Achilles about 40 minutes into the two-hour long play. Aouch .. Speedy recovery J!

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The New York Giants

Giants hasn’t played playoff game at home for a long time: because their regular season records hadn’t been great (so they ended up playing at their opponent’s turf). Two weeks ago, Jan 8’s match was really something to be treasured: it’s my first time to a football game. First time tailgate for my group. This little video is done to remember (with WLMM – windows Live movie maker), and it’s been nominated at the First Midlandic Film Festival in D.C.

Some play 1; play 2, scene 3, scene 4, scene 5, scene 6, scene 7

Our second to last match result:
1D: 6-0, 6-1
2D: 6-3, 6-0
3D: 6-2, 6-4

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I never doubt that Giants won’t win over Jets.
A close game but they made it look easily, in the end.

How many fans are like me regretting over the fact that Plaxico Burress chose to play for the Jets instead his old team after he came out of the jail?

I’m surprised that Giants even considered to take him back, well, sort of. I thought Giants is kind of the team seems trying to avoid any controversy issue at any cost. Like pretty clean, principled. BUT Burress is a great player, so they bend a little, tried to get him back.

Burress said he was disappointed that during his rough time, the team, especially Eli Manning didn’t show any support.

My impression of Eli is, he’s a low key guy, trying to avoid any media attention.

I guess that Burress made an emotional decision to play for the Jets instead of the Giants. Reportedly coach Tom Coughlin talked to him after his prison time ended. A mistake? After today’s game, I’d say becasue Mark Sanchez just couldn’t get the little ball to Burress but Eli can.

Decision and decision: we all have to make it [often] and live with the consequences.

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Zhaojun Chusai 昭君出塞

chusaiWang Zhaojun Departs the Frontier. The title isn’t quite fit but for some reason it’s the first thing came to my mind. You get it, you got it.

My first match on the USTA league was last Sunday at World Gym at Setauket. 42 miles. As #2 Doubles my partner and I were routed 1 and 2. We were out played from the beginning. The opponents, the guy could tumble, scramble, double and can Michael Jordan too – like flying. The girl is a seasoned league player who wore a pretty top. That’s distracting too :). I wasn’t nervous but just don’t have the tools to handle them. I held only one game and had one double fault. On a first serve, the guy called it out then immediately revert it by telling me to take another first serve. He apologized at the change over too, which wasn’t necessary. (But later I learned that it should have been our point .. .. oh well, newbie ..)

As a team, we were 1:2. Our #1 Doubles lost too, the #3 Doubles won in third set. They played the captain of the team who’s little heavy. Ok, that’s a distortion, he should be here. On the way home – I car pooled with two teammates, one of them snapped ..
“They’re just better players .. ” when my partner and I were saying that we had too many unforced errors. Was I trying to discredit my opponents? Absolutely not.

It occurred to me that I’ve been taken care of on court all the time. So when it requires my fair share of contribution, I’m just not up to it. Shame shame shame.
More whimsical portrait of Zhaojun chusaiThis is the more whimsical portrait of Zhaojun chusai.

Out of nowhere, in the deep end of island (and in spite of its name – World Gym), I would think the courts are airy, spacious and the people are friendlier – there isn’t any worldliness. Wrong. The courts at the World Gym suck (cost us $20 each for 2 hours of doubles game) and the front desk isn’t exactly nice. One of my buddies in the morning (I played with them for early two sets – lost 1st set) gave me his version of direction for getting there after learning why I had to leave early. It differed from mine so for safety I called to verify. The girl haughtily replied:
“I only know our address.” and hung up.
Maybe she doesn’t like my accent -:) or GPS too prevalent ..
The home team provided beer, pizza and foot long hero. There wasn’t a bottle opener. Remember to bring one when we’re hosting.
Giants was playing that afternoon as we were driving home. The driver turned the radio to the game and began talking about da little giants. Without the moving images on the tube, I couldn’t follow the game. I promptly felt asleep, began drooling and snoring. Ms Manner indeed. Giants has a wonderful start then felt apart. They just don’t have the defense.
Irene sucks. Not feeling nervous doesn’t translate into winning a game or two.

World Gym
Ok, the funny part was .. As my partner pulling into a parking spot, I asked him about Giants ..
“Third inning?” Thinking I could catch the last quarter. Then felt … hmmm .. inning isn’t right .. that’s summer term ., for the baseball boys. But I just couldn’t get the quarter out.
“You mean quarter?” My partner supplied the right word.
“Oh yes ,,” My senior moment strikes often now .. 🙂
“It’s the third quarter.”
Another teammate turned around, incredulously asked
“You like football?”
“Yes I do.”
“Football?” He asked again in disbelieve.
“Ya.” I was dumbfounded. So Chinese chick can’t like football?

Monday I was summoned to court at 6:30am. I hardly could get up. Plus traffic I was 31 minutes late. Sorry guys.. .. The organizer just called to remind me, to be there tomorrow on time, 6:30am. I need a life. Real life.

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Deion Sanders’ fat pink tie

Deion SandersI caught a late Sunday night ESPN football recap, three-some talking heads with Deion Sanders sitting pretty in the middle. He’s one of my favored players who played mainly cornerback but also some wide receiver – most NFL plays play just one position. He played for New York Yankees too, that’s right, baseball. One thing I found bit tacky was he played for a few teams:

Atlanta Falcons (1989-1993)
San Francisco 49ers (1994)
Dallas Cowboys (1995-1999)
Washington Redskins (2000)
Baltimore Ravens (2004-2005)

Five NFL teams in total. Lord. That’s a lot.
Sanders in Cowboys uniformI always like Cowboys, especially their uniform, the hue is just very sleek. The New York Giants’ are nice but not striking, the bold blue which doesn’t exactly a fitting for New York.

Any way, back to his fat pink tie last Sunday night.
Mr. Sanders looks the same, sitting pretty in the middle with dark crispy tailored suit.
Talking smartly.
Then there was his tie.
A baby pink.
The color was ok so was the size.
But when the two appeared hand in hand, it looked just so unsophisticated.
Totally uncool.
What did Mary Joe Fernandez say on Safina’s outfit?
It has to go.

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Women are getting unhappier

Maureen Dowd told her friend Carl.

“How can you tell?” Carl deadpanned. .. “Because you care,” he replied with a mock sneer. “You have feelings.”

Which group of women Madam Dowd is talking about? And based on what criteria? And through her Americanized micro magnifier?
I found many American versions are often obscured and marginalized. The Muslim women are not unhappy, according to themselves. We Chinese or Asian women at large are relatively happy. We might have this stereotype image as being submissive, but deep down, what’s wrong with being submissive?

Through American point of view, there are many happy campers around, especially women. But keep in mind they are not Americans and don’t live in USA. They have their own culture and wisdom, own way to deal with life’s ups and downs.

Few years ago, Manon Rhéaume played in the NHL ice hockey team as a goalie. Aside from having the team added female locker room, and as publicity stunt to raise awareness of the expansion Lightning, she didn’t do anything to rise women’s standing in ice hockey. I would think she just publicly admitted the limitation women have [vs men].

Michelle Wie tried. And boy did she try. But came up empty handed.

Oh, how about sending girls into boys locker room, like NFL did or still does?  For what? Equal right? How would any one feel a media company sending a male reporter into girls’ locker room for that killer quotes? How about little consideration for the athletes, give them some privacy?

If a man and a woman are doing the same job, heck they should be paid same.

As in tennis: they do get paid equally. But the problem is, women work less, 3 sets are required vs men’s 5 sets. Why? We women are weaker? Which is true. .. but we should be paid the same with less work. Fair?

Women and men are made differently, so they could take on different assignments in life, complimenting to each other, rather than competing against each other?

Why can’t most people accept this simple fact?

When women stepped into male- dominated realms, they put more demands — and stress — on themselves. If they once judged themselves on looks, kids, hubbies, gardens and dinner parties, now they judge themselves on looks, kids, hubbies, gardens, dinner parties — and grad school, work, office deadlines and meshing a two-career marriage.

If a sister has ambition to accomplish all of the above, all the power to her. BUT do not complain. Do it like a man. Take it like a man.

A 50 year old man can choose his mate starting 20, all the way past his own age.  And a 50 years old woman could probably only has 50+ men to consider.
Don’t complain.
It’s a fact.
Don’t like the conversation? Change it.
Not happy? Date 20 years old men if you so desire.  No law said you couldn’t.

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