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A fairytale Stanley Cup 2018

What a fairytale 🏒 Stanley Cup … The cave man [调皮] Alexander Ovechkin 是当代人喔 看似山洞人但是非常可爱,受欢迎. Stanley Cup 是最好看. DC 首都队赢得他们第一个🏆. 1⃣ 是联盟专员(长岛小律师)6⃣左是队主 (群照他站在最边上… 好懂事…) 拉斯维加斯赌城今天热闹但是没有首都热闹. 恭喜🍾
每次去DC 都会去看他们打 洞人8号可爱 [强] 高兴他终于赢了🏆
There’s a really good documentary Evgeny Kuznetsov (#92) was only a little boy in Russia 🇷🇺
T. J. Oshie is great too [强]


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The thunder

They grunt louder than auto racing [捂脸] 她们的声嘶力竭比赛车🏁还响…

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Emerald green

Emerald green French Open 祖母绿的法网[偷笑]. One semis is all Americans 准决赛 🇺🇸 [强] which means an American will be playing the final. Way to go girl

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