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1-6, 4-6, 1-6

A lady with 9 grandkids (26-8) and I facing off a mixed doubles team. Not a winning day -:) but the clouds are beautiful.

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6-4, 4-6, 17-15

A great day for tennis after a rainy day yesterday. We have many long rallies and exciting plays.

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1-6, 6-1, 12-10

We played Canadian with a threesome group. 涨潮 rising tide: 4:29 and 5:47

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Swimming pools: bucket list

One of the items on my bucket list is to swim/soak in the gorgeous pools, and there are many of them on this planet. Below is the pools that I’d like to go:

  1. Havasu Falls @ Supai / Grand Canyon, AZ
  2. Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle @ San Simeone, CA
  3. Amangiri @ Canyon Point, Utah
  4. Icebergs pool @ Bondi Beach, Sydney, Aussie
  5. Marina Bay Sands @ Singapore
  6. Gellert Baths @ Budapest, Hungary
  7. Szechenyi Bath Budapest
  8. Pamukkale Thermal Pools @ Denizli Province, Turkey
  9. Grand Hotel Tremezzo @ Lake Como, Italy
  10. Belmond Hotel Caruso @ Ravello, Italy
  11. Blue Lagoon @ Grindavík, Iceland
  12. Ik Kil Cave Pool @ Chichén Itzá, Mexico
  13. Victoria Falls / Devil’s Pool @ Zambia (NG)
  14. largest pool @ San Alfonso Del Mar resort, Chile
  15. Merewether Ocean Bath, Australia

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Like an autumn day

A gorgeous day …

A soaking rain seemed to wash the ground clean: even the balls look fresh and new after nearly two hours of play.


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The tide

2020 tennis

The tide falls pretty quickly, within two hours, between 7:55 am and 9:59 am. It was a hard hitting hour and half on the court.

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6-4, 6-4

A very quiet corner to play, with a friend whom I haven’t played with over tens some years!

… and some shiny tomatoes, $1.49 a pound but can you eat them? The bagel, is the best in the whole wide New York!

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6-4, 6-3

A good workout

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