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The Center Court

sea-3.jpgWe played on da center court at the Sea Pines! The only bummmer was there wasn’t a single spectator or linesmen, :). For whatever the reason, the girl (who’s from Kings Park, LI) at the club house decided to indulge us the center court to play.
Very cool.
sea-1.jpgWe played with a couple from Atlanta, the hubby was a former college player.  They watched us play the day before, hence the doubles.  The wife is typical southern belle, a little uptight but good looking, with tanned long legs and good manner on court.  I was taken aback when the hubby started inviting us moving down to Atlanta for the warmer weather.  Looking at his wife who said she plays year around, I got the picture that she’s probably running around with all those charity balls too, :). 

sea-2.jpgRalph the hubby even went out of his way to say the living standard in Atlanta isn’t as high as in NY, so that after selling our house (how on earth does he know where we live in New York or even we live in a house or own/rent?) we could buy in cash in an upscale community .. I was amused.

I’ve been lucky in terms of not getting tennis elbow.. .. till now.  For the past few weeks, my right arm felt funny, sore, hurtful but I managed to continue play without missing a beat.  But today as I served out the match, I felt the pain is screaming loud and clear at me.  Is this the all too common tennis elbow???

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Van Der Meer

cimg1066.JPG his Shipyard courts

cimg0984.JPGPumpkin’s mini session with Walker Sahag and Andy Sklarin at the VDM was pretty good, claiming that they got her serve on track.  Ok cool. The intensity is pretty heavy, Walker with a weathered face yelled loud and clear at the beginning and at the end.  Pumpkin grouped with a little girl, they both worked with the young female coach most of the time while other bigger muscles were divided into two groups with Walker and Andy.  I played the round robin at the Shipyard: five matches, I lost four!  Couples of opponents suggested that I should check out the USTA league.

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Widowhood 孤儿寡母

pga.jpgX’mas day at the Hilton Head, played exhilarating tennis with Pumpkin, biked, early morning walk on the beach .. .. in the afternoon, I wanted to take kids for a hot chocolate while waiting for Golfer finishing up his golf. It turned out, nothing opened. How could the caddies work but not a single coffee or food har.jpg store operate? We sat in the rocking chairs looking out to the vast manicured lawn of Harbour Town Golf Course – PGA Tour Golf Courses – which is ranked #2 in the US and #5 in the world, not a single soul was around. Some Christmas, never experienced it before. Talking about dedication. Golf widow isn’t exaggerating and I’ve got two orphans on hand too, :).

This light house that you’ll came up to on the 18th hole is the famed symbol of the Harbour Town golf course, at the tip of the Sea Pines Plantation.

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Into thin air

Good video of Roger Federer and Andre Agassi playing at the top of the world .. Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the world’s highest tennis court (at times), stood 210 meters (about 690 feet) into thin air.

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Ending the year with a winning night.  Not too bad, :).  Li suddenly shows up for work because of his kids’ holiday schedules.  Shishe, I must be the most unfit mother on both continents, asserting my pleasure ahead of my kids’.  He takes his kids for painting, dancing, piano, tennis, go over their homeworks .. .. no wonder we don’t see him often at the game.  He’s one of better players around.  We were hitting for a good half an hour before Simon showed up, then followed by Michel. 

Anyway, Simon and I won the 2 sets rather decisively again him and Michael.  We wanted to play the third set, but he left early .. wanted to go over kids homework.

Li commented that badminton is an easy game to learn, than tennis.  Actually he has a point.  We all played badminton in China, without a net, just hitting back and forth.  He had nice form and his shots are lethal, but he never took lesson, ‘just by watching and figured out myself .. but tennis is impossible to master without a proper coaching.’

Last night only the four of us showed up for work.  When there’s too many players, we don’t get to play (this is often the case .. taking turns) but when too few show up we don’t get to play either: not enough warm bodies for a doubles :).

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Leap of faith

Did anyone see me leaping for that budwiser?  (And What This Obsession with the British accent?)  .. .. 8pm football in NY on a rainy/sleeting nasty Sunday evening in December, we’re nuts or what?  You can’t even tailgate yet the stadium is full.  Golfer declined two tickets to the Giants game tonight.  I wasn’t even mad.  Gawd, it’s more enjoyable to watch it from my coach than the bench there.  What’s this obsession with da Giants?  Jets isn’t the same.  Doubt Giants will win the Superbowl this year with that coach.  But hopefully Eli will win one soon for us New Yorkers.  Oppppps, first fumble ball fm Eli; he needs to holds it better if he decided to run .. ..  Lord, all kicking game thus far.

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An icy night here in NY .. Jen called asking if we have badminton tonight .. due to the forecasted snow storm.  Are you kidding?  Of 


course!  Life goes on with or without the storm, 🙂  We took Mike and his wife out last Wednesday at our year end dinner.  It’s great.  Sammy loves to drink too.  He matched well with Simon.  We are getting few enthusiastic families lately.  It’s really great.

Simon and I won three sets out of 4 against John and Mike.  The last set could have gone either way.  John further announced that his daughter’s high school just got notice .. three kids got into Brown (200 or so students of the graduating class).  That’s a lot!

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Eli golfs too

This issue of Golf has Eli Manning talkin about golf. .. apparently he likes karaoke too.  When asked if he’s better golfer or singer, he replied: “Well, I’m not very good at either.  But I guess that’s the great thing about singing and golf: you don’t have to be any good at either to have fun.”  :))) I left that page open for Golfer to read, 🙂

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LT .. identity theft?

LaDainian Tomlinson that is.  Ehmagawd, can’t believe the media allowed LT to be used for another footballer!

1. LT = Lawrence Julius Taylor only. 

2. Why 300 flat screen TVs for the fire displaced San Diego victims?  2,000 X’mas dinners for the poor I can understand. 

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An encounter with history

That hangs over the present.. The Giants isn’t going anywhere .. sight … Ok, some believed that Angela [Merkel] meeting the Dalai Lama is to hold the Chinese to respect human right.  It was the Swede Linnaeus (1707-1778) color-coded the people into 4 categories: white, red, yellow and black, and David Hume (1711-1776) placed premium on the white.  I’m wondering:

1. can we please leave the human right thing to that nation?

2. if the Chinese prevailed back then, would the world following Chinese value and tradition now?  Same goes with Africans, if they prevailed, maybe the hunting and sleeping next to a tiger is the thing nowadays rather than a 5-bathroom mansions?

3. if we believe that humans are truly created equal, can Chinese now view the humiliation we suffered a century ago was a lesson to be strong to defend herself?

4. who’s going to say that what the Europeans did to the Chinese back then were different than what Chinese is doing to the Africans nowadays?



5. when can Eli finally score a TD in the red zone?  They’re ahead by only 3 pts … could have had a TD !!!

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