An encounter with history

That hangs over the present.. The Giants isn’t going anywhere .. sight … Ok, some believed that Angela [Merkel] meeting the Dalai Lama is to hold the Chinese to respect human right.  It was the Swede Linnaeus (1707-1778) color-coded the people into 4 categories: white, red, yellow and black, and David Hume (1711-1776) placed premium on the white.  I’m wondering:

1. can we please leave the human right thing to that nation?

2. if the Chinese prevailed back then, would the world following Chinese value and tradition now?  Same goes with Africans, if they prevailed, maybe the hunting and sleeping next to a tiger is the thing nowadays rather than a 5-bathroom mansions?

3. if we believe that humans are truly created equal, can Chinese now view the humiliation we suffered a century ago was a lesson to be strong to defend herself?

4. who’s going to say that what the Europeans did to the Chinese back then were different than what Chinese is doing to the Africans nowadays?



5. when can Eli finally score a TD in the red zone?  They’re ahead by only 3 pts … could have had a TD !!!

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