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My tricycle – a lesson learnt

Early last year, a neighbor on FB posting her red tricycle (Schwinn? couldn’t remember the brand) for sale, for $250, with very little mileage on it.

I haven’t bought a bike in a few decades. So I looked on Amazon and found a couple of good looking bikes for about $300.

My mistake #1 is not knowing anything about tricycle market and wanting to buy; #2 when would one buy thing from lower end?!?

I committed to all of the above lol

Many neighbors bought their bikes, especially tri on Craig’s List (still going strong, apparently!)

Unbeknown to me, the $300+ amazon bike came UNassembled – I was wondering how would amazon ship the tri.

The instruction is generic and very unhelpful. I got lost after step 2.

SO … little Irene called a bike shop to come to assemble. The cost? As much as the bike itself. Hey … I got to visit the mobile bike shop. It’s pretty cool.

… And, it goes very slow, no matter how hard I paddle.

Ok, the bottom line, or the only point I could praise my bike, is, it has two baskets (adding a basket is easy …), SO … it’s my SUV to travel cross country!!! Oh boy… self pacifying.

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Wild v Lightning 4-2 @ Amalie Arena

401 Channelside Dr.
Tampa, FL 33602

Tampa Bay Lightning beat Minnesota Wild 4 to 2, the last goal was empty net. The first period was bit boring, no goal, except a fight.

Leafs vs Lightning

We parked on the street, because the jam goes into the stadium parking. It might have been the most expensive street parking I’ve done: $12.85

When we dined at Watervue Grille @ Harbour Island in 2021, saw the Amalie Arena is across the Bay or Garrison Channel – here we come, finally -:)

The first fight 😂 0:0 after the first period.

Hoping for more actions 😊

The bathroom run: After the first period, I went to the bathroom. There were two lines, one was visibly shorter. So I investigated.

The reason? The shorter line was formed at the Exit.

So ballllsie – the Floridians go in both ways? Are you kidding me??? We kind of follow the rules back north, even in New York we don’t this shxt bec I don’t remember that I never ever went to the other side to remind the ladies that IS the exit!! lol…

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Three firsts


I made my own tennis game today because I’ve been passively waiting for the call for the game to come. In the past few months, I played two games a week: in the beginning it was Sundays and Fridays, lately on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Today I add the third time of the week -:) … many players do two or three games a day!  I meant to hit but three neighbors came, so we ended up played two sets – women vs men. We lost 3-6 and 2-6 but I’m happy for not being bageled – ha ha ha.


We’ve a beautiful sunset, as I finished up my swim.

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The blue moon

Once in a blue moon is a common phrase, that means rarely.

Once in a blue moon 🌝 I can play 🎾 well [偷笑]
6-1 with Dave
6-2 w/ Chris
and 4-6 with Alan

今天打的好好 👍 风骚一下 💃

等月亮弯时 就是春节了 [色]

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My new group

The first time riding my bicycle to tennis, I was 8 minutes late to the game and got an earful lectures -:).

Played with two partners, 6-2, 6-4, 2-2 … wife came calling. Home made dumplings, fried tofu and Sichuan jelly – all my faves and yummy.

Showing off time [呲牙]

炫耀🦚炫耀几下 饺子 凉粉 越南炸豆腐  太好吃😋

新年 🎾 新欢们
俺和二个不同的搭档 6-2, 6-4, 2-2 老婆来捞人了

俺的新车 怎么骑都跑不快的那种 本来还心思思的想着去什么环岛啦 横穿🇺🇸啦 … 梦不要醒哈

挺像逃难的 梦醒啦 [偷笑]


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Swim, pickleball and bridge

A busy day: watched pickleball, played bridge and did 20 laps in the pool.

CJ Jackson and Tony Roig came to teach and demonstrate some wonderful skills.

At bridge, when 4 cards left in the hand, I suddenly realize that I’ve 8 cards …

Long story short, I picked up a trick -:))) … stealing or what? Senior moment


大脑进水 还是什么的 – 顺手把trick 也拿了
偷鸡摸狗的 [捂脸]

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