Leap of faith

Did anyone see me leaping for that budwiser?  (And What This Obsession with the British accent?)  .. .. 8pm football in NY on a rainy/sleeting nasty Sunday evening in December, we’re nuts or what?  You can’t even tailgate yet the stadium is full.  Golfer declined two tickets to the Giants game tonight.  I wasn’t even mad.  Gawd, it’s more enjoyable to watch it from my coach than the bench there.  What’s this obsession with da Giants?  Jets isn’t the same.  Doubt Giants will win the Superbowl this year with that coach.  But hopefully Eli will win one soon for us New Yorkers.  Oppppps, first fumble ball fm Eli; he needs to holds it better if he decided to run .. ..  Lord, all kicking game thus far.

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