Ending the year with a winning night.  Not too bad, :).  Li suddenly shows up for work because of his kids’ holiday schedules.  Shishe, I must be the most unfit mother on both continents, asserting my pleasure ahead of my kids’.  He takes his kids for painting, dancing, piano, tennis, go over their homeworks .. .. no wonder we don’t see him often at the game.  He’s one of better players around.  We were hitting for a good half an hour before Simon showed up, then followed by Michel. 

Anyway, Simon and I won the 2 sets rather decisively again him and Michael.  We wanted to play the third set, but he left early .. wanted to go over kids homework.

Li commented that badminton is an easy game to learn, than tennis.  Actually he has a point.  We all played badminton in China, without a net, just hitting back and forth.  He had nice form and his shots are lethal, but he never took lesson, ‘just by watching and figured out myself .. but tennis is impossible to master without a proper coaching.’

Last night only the four of us showed up for work.  When there’s too many players, we don’t get to play (this is often the case .. taking turns) but when too few show up we don’t get to play either: not enough warm bodies for a doubles :).

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