Lance Armstrong

Why the French love to make themselve so hard to be loved? Lance Legstrong has decided to compete in 2009 of the tour he had won seven consecutive times.The new boss, Jean-Etienne Amaury who became president of the Amaury Sport Organization this week, replacing Patrice Clerc, told French sports newspaper L’Equipe on Saturday, "We can’t say that he has not embarrassed the Tour de France, as he has had a quite a complicated history with it.” And went on to say that “today’s tools in the fight against doping are different”

Why can’t the Frenchy get over with it and admit Lance is the greatest? If anyone who doesn’t know the history, when Lance was diagnosed with cancer, he was riding for a French team, who unceremoniously dropped him. After the cancer, Lance fraught his way not only back to riding, but won that country’s most prestigious title, seven times in seven years. I see sour grapes. Where is the human decency, and the so called old world, oppps .. I meant the Old Europe (that made popular again by Donald Rumsfeld in 2003 ..) charm, generosity and courtesy?

Lance said "The last time I checked I won the tour seven straight years and was never once found to be guilty of doping despite seven years of intense scrutiny,” Armstrong said. “Not to mention that my team of 25 riders over those seven years was also never found to be positive. We won clean and fair."

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