Sammy’s arsenal

cimg9082-2.JPGFrom China with love. 

Babolat (Nitro), a French brand but made in China: inconspicuous stylish and exquisitely made.  Sammy is a hot head in finding the thing, “You can’t find this one in Hong Kong.  I had to ask a friend of friend who got it for me in China.”  700 RMB, about US$100. 

cimg9085.JPGA pair of fake.

‘How can you tell?’  Easy, YY doesn’t even produce this model.  Oh, the Chinese just made this up and paste YY on it?  Sammy gave me the look, ‘dumb question.  They counterfeit everything ..’ 🙂  it’s dumb, I was just thinking out loud without going thou my brain. 🙂  Are there any counterfeit tennis racquets??

cimg9086.JPG A couple of real thing.

‘Paragon sells for about $250-$350.  I bought them in HK for half the price.’  His fat blue bag has tons of goodies. He likes to have us try his new toy.  Jordan loves to, even uses his during the competition.  He offered me the Babolat yesterday.  It felt good and I loved the look.  He gave me the usual dirt look: omg, she missed the point again.. 🙂 ..  I haven’t been to his club in Chinatown for a long time.  Now that summer is almost over, he told me that the club meets on Mondays and Fridays.  I’ll go, except the parking is bit hard.  One less incentive was he likes to drag us to the 港式西餐, the HK style of Western food eatery.  Sammy, can we pls have dinner at the real places, like either Chinese (since we’re in Chinatown) or Italian (little Italy is just around the corner) .. he’d gave me the dirt look, :).

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