The figure skater


The trophies at the rink ..

Weekly skating has just resumed.  The group is getting larger than the last season.  I’m happy: she’s doing something other than lingering at the Malls or on the street.  She loves to skate when she hardly knew how to walk.  The very first time I took them to ice skate, as soon as I laced her up, she got on her feet and ran toward the ring while King was whining hurt.  It’s a nerve rocking moment, two toddlers on hand, being a lousy skater myself, with one gone who had never skated before and one hemming and hawing his heels, I was lost. .. Now all she needed is a ride there.  Soon enough that either King will drive her there or she drives herself there, or elsewhere. 


When I went to pick her up, she split from her group.  Handed me a bottle of drink in dark color, went to change.  I don’t drink soda and have never bought a bottle of soda.  They were only offered water, juice and milk since they were born.  During birthday parties, they were kind of odd balls who asked for water when coke or pepsi were available.  I don’t understand, why would parents allow their young kid drinking such thing!  If all parents stick together, the birthday party places would not dare to offer sodas, correct?  Of course I also understand one day they will drink it, if they so desire.  But so far they haven’t.  The first time they had the taste of the soda, they claimed, “yuke, it’s spicy!”  Without looking close at the label, I said ‘now your diet include soda.’  She looked at me with a smile, ‘no, I don’t drink soda,” then looked at the bottle, ‘oh, Mom, it’s ice tea!’  Whatever, they all looked alike, suspiciously dark, 🙂 – how about soy sauce???  She hugged me, ‘mom, you’re so obliviou to the world!’

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