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2,240 yd, 2,048 meter

A small record during the 15 mile challenge (in a long time): 2,240 yards = 1.2 miles = 2,048 meter, in the 20 yard pool:🏊‍♀️ 1:01 🏊‍♀️. (98% in breaststroke: the headphone goes on and off …) I haven’t swam this long in the pool for a long while. March 2nd 1.2m was open water. Time wise are similar.

Red Cross 15 mile challenge is pushing me, to exercise seven days a week – this is a first too.

2,240yd = 1.2miles [得意]
一小时一分钟 2,048 米, 98% 蛙泳

长度小记录 有几年没有游泳池2千米了. 三月初的2千米是海里 时间差不多
吃了半条黄油🧈二包饼干 😋

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