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Team tourney: the 4th

We played the second to the last team tournament. Due to the contractor’s change of schedule, I missed last week’s play when my mates won 5 out of 8 games: my team is better off without me -:).

Today’s games are flawless, everyone, us and opponents played well and no bad line calls at all.

My 3 games:

  1. w/ Bev, v. Matt / Bob: 1-11
  2. w/ Linda, v. Tia / Jeff, 11-9
  3. w/ Barb v. Matt / Tia, 1-11

Ultimately, we won 4 and lost 4 games from the #1 standing team the Kitchen Crew. Their cumulative total win is at 23 (us at 14). One more match to go, against the current #2 who had 18 wins.

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