Five week pickleball tourney

Today starts the five-week long tournament, with six teams, each team has 7 players.

Bad line calls are prevalent. During our first game, there were two bad calls from my shot to the right side of the line. We lost to them 9-11.

The next game, there was a bad line call again. One of the spectators said it was good. One of the opponents said, it was their call. So the out stayed. A little moment later, my partner called their shot out, the same opponent said that we were event. It didn’t sit with me well. I let go the close calls, always thinking that 99% out is still 100% in. Oh well.

The standings

  Teams Nov 07 Nov 14 Nov 28 Dec 05 Dec 12 Total
 Day Dinkers Nov 7   6  1
 Fireballs  2  3
 Del Sol Blue Nov 28   0  2
 Mid Court Crisis Dec 12   4  6
 Crushers Nov 14   4  5
 Kitchen Crew Dec 5   8  7

Pickleball five weeks tourney

这次是分几个队赛 双打
俺打了三场 只赢了最后一场. 太多好球被对方叫出界 [吐][抓狂]
11-13: 二次
9-11: 一次

俺修养不够 会不高兴一阵儿[偷笑]
教练常说 好球被对方叫出界 是不可避免的. 完全知道 所以俺通常不叫近线球
… 游泳就不会有这种情况 [偷笑]

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