Why does anyone want to captain a USTA tennis team?

The captains meetings

The short answer is because we are all bums and nuts, so when it comes to tennis, our brains become fuzzier than the yellow-green balls – we are irrational.

I did not know what it would encompass to be a captain. In my worldly view back then in 2009, all I could imagine was
I get to play tennis ..
.. and, play a lot of tennis
Now looking back, the reality is not only adverse but I find out that being a captain, one needs to be, includes but not limited to, a

  1. leader
  2. cheerleader
  3. administrator
  4. secretary
  5. babysitter
  6. organizer
  7. debt collector
  8. counselor
  9. detective
  10. arbitrator — [the rain and played in door]
  11. lawyer
  12. beggar
  13. financier
  14. substitute

Of course I knew nothing about these subtleties when I was asked. Hobnobbing with my troops who are all so much better a player than I could ever be, it was not only flattering but an honor. How could I refuse a dream job? Tennis players would over come mountains and oceans to be part of this sport.

Plus I have my ulterior motive.

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