Got a watch?

Our June 15 match at Cunningham Park.

The league has a strict rule against using mobile device on the court – can be seen as coaching. I don’t wear/bring a watch when I play tennis. So if the court/club doesn’t have a clock, it’s kind of tricky: how do you determine the time?

Our 2S was late: the traffic, she’s coming from the city, and the park is new to her, etc. When she finally finds us, it’s 18 minutes passed the starting time. How do I know? I consult my cell phone. The opposing team captain and her partner rush to the bench and check at their cell phone too.

Players arriving onto the assigned court more than 15 minutes after the match start time may be defaulted at the discretion of the opposing captain (having been so advised before the start of match play on that court.)

They decide to default us. I don’t know what I’ll do if I’ve to face such decision. Winning by default never feels good. But do I have an argument here – that you are not allowed to use phone yet you default my player by using it?

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