How our girlie team is formed

Not sure what to name our team:
“Cinderella” – we almost didn’t have enough players for the first match
“Pretty Women” – really they’re all so beautiful, especially the few babes.
Early in the year one of my last year 3.5 mates contacted me to join their new team. I asked Yao about it and she said I could join hers. Then Jenn wanted to join. Then two more 7.0 mixed girls wanted in. Yao considered and eventually agreed to take four of us. Then a fifth girl fm the mixed wanted in. And Kristina said ok too. I totally understand Yao’s dilemma: there are simply too many of us. She has her own base players and could take only a few. So I decided to form a girls team for the first time. Yao was very nice about it and even sent one of her girls to us.

Initially, we took a vote as to stay or go. The result was 2:2.

When we decided to form a team, it’s relatively late and most girls have found team. We were hard at recurring and our first match looked like defaulting due to lack of players. Captain Fun Erwin referred his girls, so did league. Now we’re 15 player strong.

And doing just fine. And having fun too.

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