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Queens College courts

65-30 Kissena Blvd,
Flushing, NY 11367
(718) 997-2771

QC‘s courts are fairly new, rebuilt after the 2009 storm that ravaged the bubble, reopened in 2013. The lighting is better than before but the nets are short both at middle and bottom. Balls 🎾🎾 roam rather freely.

image image image 

大肚队长极力拉俺入伍. 一年多没有打队的了 实在是矛盾. 一浪接一浪就是这样[偷笑] 打到不想再打 自然有新人跃跃欲试. 大肚队去年还晋升国家赛[强] 刮目相看😉

My new partner and I won 2:1. Dave has the spinnest serve I’d seen so far but the Bill and I switched side (me taking the left side) and we won the second set.

image image image   image image image

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