Equinox, the troubled water

Oct 29, 2012, the first night of a long black out

Oct 29, 2012, the first night of a long black out

I take up the week long trial membership at Equinox, the second time, due to Sandy’s black out.

I can’t speak for the classes but nothing really has changed since the day they opened. I took their week long trial membership when they first opened door in 2006, at the time I did nothing except swimming. The first few days the water was great, cool and empty. I was in heaven and about to join. Then suddenly the water temperature jumped up, feeling like in a Jacuzzi (ok, a little over board .. ). I went to the reception desk asking why.  The girl said with relief,
“Oh the water heater finally worked today.”
“Oh …. ” I was very disappointed. Thought the cold temperature in the pool WAS their normal ..
“You can always leave a comment if it’s too cold.”
NO NO NO, it’s way too hot.

Nov 4, 2012

Nov 4, 2012

I didn’t leave any comment because I knew I could not fight the tide: this is a club, swimming isn’t really their main course. The pool is most likely be used by classes / weekend hackers who prefer (I’m sure on this) hotter water.
I was right.
I didn’t join, continued my swim elsewhere, in the real pools where the water temperature is appropriate for lap swimming.

The pool at the club, oddly, it’s on the second floor, and often leaked. I asked their skipper why. He said, the design was intended to accommodate the yoga studio – the main floor down is used for more physical activities – which, produces more noise – we can hear it clearly during our yoga class.

IMG_2217 2013.12.26 IMG_2216 IMG_2253 equi pool 2013.12.31

A few years has passed since. The cleaning crew is still very diligently at sweeping off customers’ sweat the moment it lands on the floor. The water in the pool is still hot.
Now without electricity, the club has becoming a refugee center – we need a shower? Go to the club. Phone needed to be charged? Go to the club. Need warmth?
Well, you can figure that out, without a hint -:)

IMG_2256 yoga IMG_2254

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