Sport watch/tracker – mi band

What I need: is a simple watch that keep track of the laps I swum and the time. I swim between 40 to 52 laps each time, and often forget or mess up the number.

~ 2023.5.14: FitBit

My option is wide: from Apple ($400+), to FitBit ($150+) to the two below, about $50 or less each. My choice is obvious.

Moov, $34.99: it looks different and quite pretty but, I need to operate it from my phone – it allows 8 seconds to start tracking, which is ok but every time I need my phone to start, is rather inconvenient. And I never could stop it easily.

Here are some problems with Mi Band 6 (Amazon $42.38)

  1. count swimming in steps
  2. custom face keeps disappearing
  3. how to stop

I’ve XiaoMi 2 from China when it was first released. I was in Beijing and purchased three, at ¥100 or ¥300 a piece. I recently opened the last one and it still works (right). Regardless where I purchase, it seems no customer service whatsoever.

All the companies I’ve contacted on Facebook (in different industry) have replied, except Mi band and Moov. I can’t find user’s guide online.

* By Jan 2022, my Mi band stops counting the laps. Kaput *

 Mi band: pros and cons

小米⌚️ 1⃣️ 左 6 右 2

需要: 一个🏊‍♀️计趟表… 买了小米6

好处: 便宜 $40. 记趟正确
不好: 距离好像不太准确. 40趟3⃣️应该是1000 (1,093); 10 趟 2⃣️应该是 250 (273). 🏊‍♀️时间不能用: 停止时 需要一大堆手续(左滑右划 上下划…崩溃)[捂脸]. 而且记布程序把游泳加到步伐里. 有没有搞错呀 大佬
还有很多其它功能 都没用.

总结: 可有可无. 俺的时间都是靠泳池墙上的数码时间器. 40趟20分钟容易记 – 所以 可有可无

米2 可以沾水(刚刚出产时国内买的; 最近刚刚打开)有人要 请出声. 功能挺多 俺没用 ([嘘]不会用[呲牙][闭嘴])

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