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NYC Parks

cimg5713.JPGIrene L is the one who got me started to play in the city parks.  It’s more expensive than our home courts, $100 vs $35 annually, hard court vs har-tru.  Many times, the courts can be messy.  But I enjoy it, for the company, except only the ugly man.  There is a huge contingent of Filipino players at Cunningham.  Most of them play at arond 3.5 and 4 level.  They’re fun to play with and to be around.  I’ve heard from other players that there are few city courts on the USTA ground.  Today I got a chance to check it out.

Years ago when Dinkins was the mayor, I saw him playing at the USTA often, in the late mornings.  Watching him play was painful, his style was more of taiji quan, slow and measured; and the entire city was in disarray under his reign.  Supposedly, he rushed to negotiate the USTA contract before being beaten by Guiliani (Rudy probably could have beaten him on tennis court as well, won with his left hand, lol) which put NYC in disadvantage.  I’m not sure the city courts were there prior to the new contract.

cimg5714.JPGBurt is an elderly gentleman working at the park office.  He couldn’t stop talking. I only had couple of questions, but within 15 minutes, I learned about all his family, grand kids included.  6 courts in front of the office are newly done, with 5 layers of rubbers, used by Reebok urban youth league.  Reebok is still in existence?  The other five are re-surfaced, open to public.  I got to hit with Vicky, a college girl on the Stoney Brook’s team.  She has the build of Amanda Coetzer, bit looks like her too.  What strikes me the most was her lifeless demeanor.  Finding a player there is hard, Burt said everyone comes with their partners.  Oh well, I have 10 days to go, maybe I should put an ad on Craigs List, looking for temp partner.  I saw Paul and Xiao Lee when I went to pick up.  Should ask them to come early, :).
Contrary to Vicky, this busload kids screamed in joy when they saw the courts.

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