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Wimbledon 2007

So few Americans left standing.  Handsome 28-year old defending champ Mauresmo lost to a pretty 18-year old blond.  They played out on the center court, worn the same dress with ponytails, sporting identical physiques.  I always rooted for Mauresmo, quiet with a gorgeous single hand backhand.  Today looked like just wasn’t her day, and wondering if there are many more to come.

I saw the brief interview with Richard Williams due to rain delay.  He still looked and sounded the same, and gently suggested that his girls, Venus and Serena should quit the doubles, concentrating on singles since the schedule is messed up.  Many years ago, before the giggling sisters took the women’s tour by storm, the Sport Illustrated (SI) done a length feature on the dad and his girls with a deride tone, especially when it mentioned that the Dad predicted Venus and Serena would soon be No. 1 and No. 2.  Which they did.  I’m no fan of Richard Williams, but he deserves the credit for raising two successful, normal and happy daughters.  Chris Evert who’s rather boring, was bit out of line to ridicule the girls for pursuing other interests in life.  A balanced person with depth is exciting, Chrissie. On the other hand, if Chrissie wanted to get her points over, she should have written to Serena privately.

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